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dude, i LOVED it cant wait for the next one. watch out sparkly vampires and topless werewolves, there s a new monster in town really enjoyed this book, from the gutwrenching beginning to the twisting middle and end, though i think it could do to be abit descriptive, apart from afew butterflies, i didn t get a good sense of the love between the 2 main characters cannot wait for the next installment in the trilogy Epub ♫ Yoke (Bound, #1) ☾ As Far As Sophie Morgan Is Concerned, Nothing Sets Her Apart From Other People Her Age, Except Maybe Her Quick Temper But When A Car Accident Claims The Life Of Her Mother On Christmas Night, Sophie Comes Face To Face With Her Angelic Father And Learns Her Existence Is Anything But Ordinary As Sophie Adjusts To Her New Life In California With Her Aunt Celeste, She Is Thrust Into A World Of Music, Angels, And Unearthly Vengeance And She Is Not Alone Misunderstood Classmate And Local Musician Joseph McCafferty Is Tortured By His Own Demons Sophie And Joseph Begin A Strained Friendship That Develops Into An Unshakable, Possibly Forbidden Love That Marks The First Step Along A Pre Destined Journey In Which Sophie Must Choose Between Her Love For Joseph, Her Place In Heaven Or Hell, And The Fate Of Humanity I got this book in the giveaway and I am so glad that I did I have always love books about the supernaturals and this book is a terrific read The protagonist Sophie is a likeable heroine and you can t help but like her The plot is interesting and stands out among the numerous series about supernaturals One terrific read and looking foward to E.M Ragland s debut novel is like a beautiful song you cannot get out of your head The characters, both human and angelic, are so real their images will imprint your soul and their words will echo over and over in your mind With one foot firmly planted in each of two totally opposing worlds, Ragland s protagonist, Sophie, struggles to solve the mystery of her life and the meaning of her existence Ragland s writing is well researched and wonderfully executed I highly recommend Yoke and anxiously await the next book in the trilogy. I couldn t put this book down and can t wait to see what happens next in the series Anyone who enjoys starcrossed lovers and historical reimaginings should read this book i really really want to read this book, but i cant find in anywhere local for me I can only order it over the internet I prefer reading online, or from the library and my library hasnt gotten it yet Does anyone know where i can order it and read it in the browser or maybe a Nook version I got the same empty feeling after reading that i did from my favorite book twilight Enough said It is rare when an author manages to take a popular topic and twist it into something new, original, and fresh E.M Ragland has accomplished just this in the novel YOKE This is a tale of many levels It transcends YA literature This allegory blends fiction and nonfiction into one, unforgettable story that will make you look at yourself and the world differently It is beautifully and delicately written The characters come alive in this novel of substance I am anxiously looking forward to the next book in the Bound Series Charlotte, Boston, MA I could not put this book down and when I did I could not wait to get back to it Finally a story that evokes emotion on many levels E.M Ragland s choice of words and detailed description made seeing the story in my mind s eye so clear that I could envision it on the big screen I cannot wait for the next book in the sequel.