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KINDLE ☳ Who Killed the American Family? ⚇ American Families Are The Backbone Of This Nation The American Family Is The Fundamental Institution That Provided The Founding Fathers With The Emotional Support And Driving Courage To Face The Tyrannical Government That Threatened Their Very Existence The American Family Used To Be The Fundamental Institution Of Our Stable, Liberty Loving, And Very Successful Society It Is The Essential Building Block Of A Free Society With Limited Government In The Last Hundred Years, The American Family Has Been Attacked, Debased, Maligned, Slandered, And Vilified By Every Facet Of Society No Family Is Safe From The Official Busybodies At Issue Is A Rebellion Against Any Sort Of Moral Code Who Killed The American Family Reveals The Concerted Assault On The American Nuclear Family By Many Forces Feminists, Judges, Lawmakers, Psychologists, School Districts, College Professors, Politicians Offering Incentives And Seeking Votes, And Opposed To The Traditional American Nuclear Family, Each With Its Own Raison D Etre For Wanting To Abolish It The Wreckage Of The American Family Leaves Us With The Inability To Have Limited Government Because Government Steps In To Perform Tasks Formerly Done By The Nuclear Family Veteran Conservative Activist And Thought Leader Who Lead The Charge To Successfully Defeat The Equal Rights Amendment In The S Phyllis Schlafly Explains How Changes In The Law, In Court Decisions, In The Culture, In Education, And In Entertainment Have Eroded The Once Precious Institution Any One Of These Factors Would Not Have Been Enough To Impact Our Families, But Together They Added Up To A Mighty Force Schlafly Not Only Exposes The Tactical Charge The Left Has Implemented, But She Offers Hope And A Plan For Stopping Anti Marriage Incentives And How To Restore In Our Culture The Sacred Nature Of The Family Unit BOOK REVIEW OF Who Killed The American Family by Phyllis Schlafly, WND Books, Washington, D.C 2014 by copyright c Samuel A Nigro, MD February 2015 This is an astonishing comprehensive well documented describing of the demise and misery of any culture without the traditional father mother family and virtuous men Schlafly begins describing the American family we once knew and then proceeds with its destruction First, selfish feminists disavowed the family Then, it was outlawed and family courts with fatherphobia rendered fathers unneeded, irrelevant, obsolete, replaced and discriminated against by government programs and government money Next education, psychological, and medical experts began repeating the liberal art is any indecency we can think of nonsense of the press and media which fundamentally demean virtuous boys and men Then fraudulent science became commonplace completing the mockery of moms and dads trying to live trinity like as the two or persons in the ONE creature of the home Finally, medicine refuses to identify the gay cult s body dysmorphic disorders with the long standing definition of disease the continuous abnormal functioning of a body part Naively deferring, sort of women first , men mostly made nice passively to the new sub rosa bigoted community pressures and let selfish feminists get away with their two wrongs make a right as they do over and over what they claim was done to them slick anti virtuous male sexism Basically, virtuous men have been discriminated against and replaced by the government so much so that men as virtuous men are deprived from home, women, and children Schlafly removes any doubts about respect for the law, as anti male and anti family totalitarianisms are confirmed So called respect for law must be replaced by FEAR long known as a sign of tyranny , carefully hidden by the ritual obsequiousness so loved and demanded by judges and other government Iagos ever since they learned well the pseudo judicial emperor state how great the law is propaganda from all law school classes The laws involvement in the destruction of the family were never so clear as in this book Power corrupts especially without morality, philosophy, virtue, tradition and transcendence It seems as though the law sanctions art to reign by so called free speech just as long as the art is not against feminists, the law, judges, the press, editors, atheists, violence, scatology, and unnatural sex Schlafly approaches but does not conclude, as I have for some time, that the most fundamental cause of family deterioration is mankind s removal of itself from nature by the change of human sexuality into an excretory act rather than consistent with reproduction The Church does not know how right it is about contraception and sexuality Shlafly confirms the unnatural sexualization of females what I have called the turning of American women into the world s first community harem by masturbation education as from Planned Parenthood No other creature has females seeking ejaculation as such, which is therefore another totally human contribution to planetary pollution With jaculasis 1 , ejaculation as culture, sex is for relief sexcretion rather than for reproduction as in the rest of the animal kingdom and nature Subhuman animals copulate unless biochemical abnormality at a time consistent with reproduction by two opposite sexed adult members of the same species because of pheromones Get a cat if in doubt Nature obviously knows best because without pheromones, animals would likely do nothing except try to ejaculate all the time as do humans in today s masturbatory culture For humans, marriage has been the psychosocial pheromone helping mankind remain sexually in reproductive concert with nature and the planet If humans had biochemical pheromones controlling them, there could be no love But with contraception and abortion, non reproductive ejaculation has taken over with anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere with marital love discarded as natural sex for humans Still, meaningless not consistent with reproduction sex is pollution sexcretion rather than nature defined reproduction consistent sex Without traditional family and virtuous men and with unnatural selfish feminists and gay cult genital maniacs , mankind cannot be out of touch with the planet All pollution has its adverse consequences, readily confirmed by the obvious social problems due to loss of traditional family and virtuous men because sex is not based on factors of natural humanbeingness The book stimulated my definition of family The family is the head of a male female household, living with one or related individuals, in a process of mutual growth, reciprocal commitment, shared responsibility, persistent desirablity, and self sacrificing performance on transcendental behalf of themselves, extended family, neighborhood, and community in the pursuit of Life first, gentle Liberty second, and then the peaceful Pursuit of Happiness 2 What is obvious from Schlafly is that a society is basically miserable if it does not contain a minimum of Catholicism, overt or covertly, something I concluded long ago The family traditional family, that is is the basis for civilization and decent living and the Church is the only major organization continuously committed to genuine sexual nature and nature s God At Sam, I offer my thoughts on the death of virtuous men and several book reviews which give glimpses of what Schlafly s book is all about But BEST TO GET Who Killed the American FamilyAND A COPY FOR ANY SCHOOL NEARBY.References 1 Nigro, Samuel A Family definition from several of my books Everybody for Everybody and Soul of the Earth.2 Nigro, Samuel A Jaculasis Behavioral Pollution and Sex Abuse by Priests , Social Justice Review, September October 2002, pp 133 138.Readers may email Sam me for attachments Thoughts on American Anti virtuous Male Sexism and of book reviews of It Takes a Village Domestic Tranquility Victim s Revolution and of articles on males and feminism.