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ADRI S REVIEW First of all I would like to thank Virginia Nelson for providing us with an ARC so we could bring you this review Ok first off I already told this to Virginia, but it needs repeating I think she picked my hubby s brain on the Radcliffe s feelings on what a good sexy woman should look like It was scary to think know that it is the exact same way that he thinks But I have to say even though he is cankerous, grumpy man, I really liked Radcliffe, he has his reasons for being the way he is and he also doesn t pretend I like his take me as I am attitude I also like that Sherri does just that Even though she started off trying to change him in her opinion help him she is quick to realize that because he is the way that he is he is being true to himself Sherri is a great character as well, but it saddens me that she doesn t see that she is trying to change others when she is the that doesn t feel whole She has let things that happened when she was younger determine how she lives the rest of her life It takes Radcliffe to point it out for her to really reflect and see how right he is Both these characters learn to grow and adjust to being themselves while letting their attraction bring them together Hope you enjoy this as much as I did Happy Reading Adri My Review I ll admit I m a sucker for a story that features a writer and I loved this one because Radcliffe McQueen is the writer that most of us have at heart Flat out, he s a reclusehe would be happy if no one ever bothered himEVER He has absolutely no use for people, but in an interesting twisthe writes romance I loved that about this character He may say that he doesn t like or want people, but his books are all about two people connecting at the deepest level LOVED THAT.Sheri is just the opposite She has a creative heart just like Radcliffe, but she s an artist She has her own mental scars which have made her who she is todaythe opposite of Radcliffe No, rather than avoid people, she seeks the wounded ones outlooking to find a way to fix them But that s all just a cover for a person who thinks she can t fix herself I loved this book for the fact that both of these characters are creative and so full of life within their art, but they are both so broken within their souls That comes through each of them in very different ways though Radcliffe internalizes all that turmoil, Sheri reflects and shifts that turmoil into a focus on others But as they work around each other, there becomes an internal shift for both of them I had to laugh as they truly began to each morph into the others bad habits before they found a stable ground together I loved the two of them especially when they are at odds which they are a lot of the time , but even through that conflict, they find a common ground where they both became better and healed through their relationship It s a beautiful story and one I m so happy that I read This is the second book in the series, but it s so separate from the first, I couldn t even tell you the characters from the first It absolutely works as a stand alone, but I loved it so much that I immediately bought book 1 and plan to read it too I recommend this one.I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Virginia Nelson is an outstanding author whom I aspire to read every single one of her novels You will not regret your decision to read this novel As a fellow writer I can most definitely compare to that of Radcliffe McQueen. A sweet and sassy small town romance I couldn t put it down A must read. I very much enjoyed this story There were times when I felt it moved too quickly and glossed over internal struggles the characters should have spent time reflecting on, but overall it was a great book Ms Nelson does a wonderful job of developing her characters I m looking forward to future installments in this series. My review for this delightful romance will be posted in the near future on a major review site Stay Tuned for details. Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewWell, the humor is back as we venture to Watkins Pond again This time, instead of a Runaway Groom, we are dealing with a cantankerous, surly author and a temperamental artist We couldn t have asked for a better match.The story starts off with Radcliffe McQueen in a supermarket shoplifting everything except the loaf of bread in his basket He s being spied on by Sheri Riddle who is absolutely enjoying the experience Her goal is to take Mr McQueen on as her project Make him into a decent human being, give him a personality other than grumpy She can t believe that the man that she googled is the same man in front of her now So, let the fun begin.Sheri s Game Plan First move in with him Second find out what makes him tick Third get him to change his ways Fourth follow his conditions Fifth follow his rules Sixth break all the conditions and rules Seventh get rid of the assistant Eighth fall in love with the petulant, crusty man.Radcliffe s Game Plan First laugh in her face Second set conditions Third set rules Fourth figure out what she is up to Fifth Google her Sixth push her out of her comfort zone Seventh hire an assistant that gets under both of their skins Eighth give in, seduce her, fall in love with her, make her his wife.Yea, I had fun with While You Were Writing It was so neat watching both of these wonderful characters come to life, look at themselves, see that what the other one was saying was exactly right Ms Nelson has a flair of writing characters that just come alive on the page and make you feel like you are living their lives The back and forth, the banter between the two of them is so realistic that you feel like you are eavesdropping on their conversation And, she takes the saying Grumpy Old Man to a new level with Radcliffe McQueen He was caustic and surly but funny as all hell when he went on his rants And, Sheri well, she could dish it out as good as Radcliffe which made me admire her and as the story went on So, yea, I m glad that I took the trip back to Watkins Pond Believe me, it was a lot different than Runaway Groom and I would have loved of the crazy people of Watkins Pond to have shown up, but, I am looking forward to going back in the future. ^Free E-pub ☛ While You Were Writing (Watkins Pond, #2) ✘ Only One Way To Tame Crankenstein S Monster Heart To Heart CombatWatkin S Pond, Book Bestselling Author And Infamous Town Hermit Radcliffe McQueen Knows What He Likes, What He Doesn T, And Refuses To Pretend Social Niceties Particularly With A Red Hot Mess Of A Woman Who S Taken It Upon Herself To Smooth His Rough EdgesShe Thinks She Can Change Him Bring It He S Than Willing To Teach Her The Wisdom Of Doing Things His Way Besides, It Ll Distract Him From The Horror Of Facing A Blank PageStodgy Stubborn Sanctimonious Sheri Riddle Can Think Of A Long List Of Adjectives To Describe Her Newest Project An Artist By Trade, A Personality Renovator By Calling, She S Sure She Can Transform The Blockheaded Author Into A Reasonably Personable Human BeingYet As They Lock Horns, Each Scrapes Away Layers Of The Other Until Something Happens That S Quite Outside Of Sheri S Plans Something That Ll Take Than One Taste Of Passion To Satisfy Warning Contains A Temperamental Author, A Moody Artist, A Sexy Assistant And A Hoarder House Did We Mention Rabid Squirrels Yeah, One Of Those Too