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I absolutely love the essays in this book This was assigned as one of the three books in my Intro to WS class and I thought this was a very informative read This touches on just about every topic you can think of when it comes to feminism, racism, classism, and just about any other ism you can think of. [[ Free Epub ]] ☞ We Don't Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists ☞ We Don T Need Another Wave Is A Critique Of The Ways In Which Feminism Is Discussed In The Mainstream Media Today S Young Feminists Are Wary Of Being Labeled They Are Media Savvy, Hyper Aware Of Being Categorized And Marginalized, And Are Here To Tell The World That Feminists Are Feminists Diverse In Age And Experience And That It S Time To Drop The Labels In Favor Of Proactive Agendas And United GoalsTopics That Matter To Young Feminists Range From Lighter Issues, Such As DIY Culture And Craftivism, To Heavy Hitting Issues That Feminists Have Struggled With For Generations, Including Abuse, Rape, Shame, And Self Hatred The Young Writers In This Collection Band Together Under The Banner Of Feminism To Share The Message That The F Word Is A Good Thing, And That Feminists Are Breaking New Ground While Still Valuing The Traditions And Achievements Of Their Sisters And Foremothers We Don T Need Another Wave Brings A Message Of Unity And A Message To Get Beyond Subcategorizing A Movement That Needs Cohesiveness And Strives On Strength In Numbers i was fairly psyched to read this book, being that i am of the generation of feminists that the book dispatches, as it were i recognized several contributers names as either writers i like or people i actually know the author even once sent me her zine for distro consideration but i didn t pick it up it wasn t really covering any new ground i guess the not covering any new ground criticism could also apply to this book i mean, it would be an excellent gift to a new feminist, a great read for someone who has only gotten into feminism in the last years or two the contributers come from a lot of different angles cover a lot of different aspects of feminist thought, from movement building to reproductive justice to anti oppression work to becoming the media, this is just a small sampler platter of the contents but for me, i mean, i can t remember a time when i haven t identified as a feminist not just passively, like, yeah, girls rule i have been reading feminist theory since i was like twelve so this book mostly served to reinforce a lot of ideas i ve already had, or in places where i disagreed with an author, it made me dislike the author haha i will say, the most annoying part of this book was josh russell s piece about the importance of including men in the feminist movement SHUT THE FUCK UP, dude i found it really disasteful that a dude would write something for a feminist book about how the feminist movement should make space for men seriously it boggles the mind i m not of the opinion that dudes can t be feminists, or that there is no place for guys in a feminist movement i actually think it s really important for men to educate themselves about feminist issues take pro active steps to make feminist choices this could involve, say, taking a bigger role in birth control maybe even paying for half the cost of your female partner s birth control pills just to name one tiny example but instead, most of the most vocally feminist men i have met worked with interacted with whatever have been super invested in the importance of men having a role in the feminist movement they haven t really taken steps to define what this role might be they just want to be included the fact that they are so focused on centering themselves within a movement that actually isn t all about them being special snowflakes kind of makes me ill josh s piece was a lot of, i didn t really understand feminism until i had this incredibly epiphany women are oppressed DUH, dude get the fuck over yourself it was just a bunch of self congratulatory privilege flaunting i don t think it should have been included, especially because it was a transparent attempt at resume bulding than anything else publishing credits include that is why i knocked the rating down to three stars the end. My first major disappointment from Seal Press I think the editor picked the authors for identity politics reasons than quality of writing for this anthology Too many of these essays felt like a report for a women s studies class ex I went to the March for Women s Lives and this is what happened Yikes Not to mention too many of the essays really blurred together in terms of the authors experiences For a book that so blatantly tries to demonstrate diversity, it sure lacked in the subject matter. Holy Crap this is the best book ever If you haven t read it yet, your life is shallow and incomplete Buy it now and be sure to read it cover to cover and read my essay like 3 or 4 times or at least until you have committed it to memory You ll thank me. B While a lot of these are quite interesting, I didn t find the book life affirming or life changing in any way Not too many new things have been said we don t need another anthology. Way interesting that the average young women s feminist anthology and there are so many I reviewed this for Shamelss magazine. I have a piece in this anthology Read it While I appreciate the authors were quite diverse, not many of the stories really made me feel much, which considering this was a lot of personal essays, was disappointing It also felt like a lot of them were like I took a gender women s studies class and became a feminist activist, and you can too I m for activism, but something about it felt hollow to me Not sure I would recommend this as a go to feminist anthology. An uneven collection of essays some are incredibly thoughtful and others feel superficial