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Guilt, sorrow, longing, pain, emptiness these are just a few of the emotions that Adriana Manroe is dealing with after the death of her husband Alex, the love of her life, I miss you so much Alex I wish I could kiss you one time Touch you in any way I don t know how to do this without you How can she ever bring herself to move on Tucker Stavros the movie star, the man everyone want to be or be with He seems to have it all But when he is betrayed by his girlfriend of two years, he can t take it any and takes off.Tucker, on his quest to just getting away from it all, finds himself taking the advice of his Grams and ends up on the doorstep of Adriana Unbeknownst to him, this angel of beauty is a broken soul.They end up on a journey of self discovery both broken and not knowing how to move on, they seem to help each other They both seem to have a way to break down each others walls in a way no one else has been able to before They both find themselves wanting something but just not knowing how to get there and make it possible.This a beautiful story Yes, it has heartache and sorrow, but it also is a story of finding a way to move on in life and allow yourself to feel for another person again This story is about love lost and love gained, passion in a way of sorrow and passion in a way of love and lust This book will grip you and hold you hostage, daring you to put it down You will go though a range of emotions, just like the characters in this book Oh, but don t get me wrong, this book is also a HOTT read Yes, this is a very steamy read as well and you wont be disappointed SHHH Tucker Don t ruin it I want this You Take me to my room please Adriana I ve wanted you, this since you turned around and smiled at me in your driveway I thought I thought well i thought I was looking at an angel All the times we ve started and stopped TuckerThe flow to this story and the connection you have to this book is perfect You can t help but feel what they feel and want.I highly recommend this book and give it a much deserved 5 star rating Thank you for such a great story with amazing characters (((EBOOK))) ↭ Waking Up ↴ For Adriana Monroe Life Couldn T Get Any Better She Has Great Friends, Her Photography Business Is Booming And She Married Alex, Her Childhood Best Friend Life Is Perfect It S A Fairy Tale ReallyBut One Night Changes Everything For HerSuddenly She S Alone She S Afraid To Trust And Afraid To Love Most Of All She S Afraid She S Broken Beyond Repair Nightmares Torment And Haunt Her Every Time She Closes Her EyesWill She Ever Be The Same For Tucker Stavros It Looks To The Outside World Like Things Come Easy For Him He S Gorgeous, Rich, Famous, Has A Hot Girlfriend Hell, He S A Movie Star If Women Aren T Trying To Get With Him Then Men Are Wishing They Are Him What They Don T See Is The Broken Child Hiding Behind The Smiles He Fakes For The Cameras They Don T See The Man Who Wakes Up Drenched In Sweat From His Nightmares From A Past He Can T EscapeBetrayal Sent Him RunningA Chance Encounter Throws Tucker And Adriana Together They Try To Fight Their Attraction For Each Other They Feel They Re Too Broken For The OtherWill They Continue To Suffer In The Hell Of Dreamland Separately Or Will They Find That Waking Up To Real Life Together Can Be So Much Sweeter Wow, the feels you get from reading this book, you go through so many emotions and often all at once you feel Adriana s pain over the death of her husband Alex She shuts everybody out not willing to hear his name or even touch her friends and keeping them from touching her without going into a panic anxiety attack that cripples her We meet movie star Tucker Stavros, who also knows pain, heartbreak, devastation His girlfriend of two years who is also a tv star betrayed him and he is over everything so he gets into his truck and takes off for no where in particular.Somehow he ends up in Adriana s driveway, where from the moment they meet they start changing without even releasing it, helping each other with there pain and demons breaking down each other, not sure what to do with these feelings they are getting especially Adriana.She feels guilty that she is betraying Alex and the love they had for each other, its absolutely heartbreaking the emotional turmoil she goes through on a daily basis and how it affects Tucker who finds himself feeling for her everyday The sex is pretty hot, but I think its about the emotions people grow through and the way they handle that grief, I loved that its a dual POV and also you get to hear Adriana s friends they have a chapter each, you get the experience there pain over losing there friend Alex but also Adriana You will fall in love with all the characters, the story the flow, the feels you get from it you won t regret it I need , I need to know how Tucker s and Adriana s story ends I need book 2.5 HIGHLY EMOTIONAL STARS 4.5 out of 5 Hollywood Heart throb stars Having not not read the synopsis of this book before I began reading and had no idea what I was in for It was a pleasant surprise While the dual POV from the main characters slowed my reading down at the beginning, once additional characters were introduced into the story, the book progressed at a nice pace.Adri and her friends are very likable characters They are a tight knit group with a long storied history and are bound by a strong love for one another Adri is struggling with a difficult life event and when a handsome stranger non stranger arrives out of nowhere Being the trusting individual she is, she invites Tucker, into her home after he helps her with her groceries She enjoys having someone to cook for and showcase her culinary talents for.Tucker has hit the road trying to distance himself from a very bad and public breakup Trying to stay under the radar is wearing on his nerves and he takes the advice of someone he loves and goes off the beaten path.Renee takes these two very vulnerable individuals, throws them together in what seeks like a completely plausible situation and makes you feel for them, fall in love with them and has you wanting them to fall in love with each other The baggage that each carries creates so much conflicted tension that the tears welled up for me time after time.This is the first book in the series and I look forward to seeing where it takes these characters whom I have grown to love. This sounds SO good. Adriana Monroe has been living the last sixteen months of her life in Hell If you could even call it living Her husband and best friend, Alex, was killed in a car accident They had known each other since they met in Kindergarten In her attempts to deal with what has happened, Adriana has been pretending to be fine when she is around their close knit group of friends But she is secretly dying inside and is thinking she needs to move away from them and all of her memories of Alex.Tucker Stavros is a movie star that is haunted by his past and running from his present devastation He has no plan and is driving aimlessly to get away from it all, with the only contact he has being his grandmother and best friend, Eddie And then he stumbles across Adriana.Neither one of them are prepared for the reactions they have to one another Adriana, for the first time since Alex died, feels alive for the first time Tucker has always felt lost and abandoned But Adriana makes him feel at home And he wants to keep that feeling.My heart breaks for both of them Adriana has such a hard time dealing with Alex s death that she just can t decide anything And that both breaks my heart and makes me mad at her Tucker wants to help and protect her but realizes she hasn t let go of Alex yet Tucker struggles with his own demons, and his view of the whole situation breaks my heart I just want to comfort him all by myself The book s first few chapters are told in dual points of view, however they are merely re tellings of the same scenes That did bother me at first because it seemed to drag things out too long for my liking But, as the book progresses the story moves along quickly.I can say that I really did like this book a lot The story intrigued me and made me want Especially with the way the book ends I could not believe I was left hanging like that You must read this book so you can understand what I am talking about After such a great story, I certainly hope there is a resolution in a future book that I don t have to wait for forever As for whether or not Adriana and Tucker ever admit their feelings to one another I ll never tell. This was Renee Dyer s debut novel and holy hell it was HOT She did an outstanding job writing this She brought in everyone s point of view and made it work amazingly.Adriana Monroe had everything she could ever want, an amazing job, the best friends anyone could ask for and the love of her life , Alex One horrible night her world came crashing down hard A year later she is still grieving the death of Alex All she is is an empty shell that can t feel any Her friends try to help her but she wont let anyone in All she wants to do is drown in her pity.Tucker freakin Stavro s is a hot movie star who has had a horrible childhood All he wants to do is be normal Be treated normal Not have the paparazzi all over him 24 7 When he walks in on his girlfriend of two years cheating on him he knows he needs to get away for a while Clear his head In the craziest way ever he runs into Adriana and for both of them there is an instant attraction Tucker brings out the Adriana that no one has seen in a year Friendly, playful Adriana She makes Tucker feel normal She treats him like a human being instead of some big shot actor They both know that being around the other is changing them for the better but also scares the crap out of them They never thought they could feel again they only thought that their lives were meant to be miserable Can they get over their pain and start to let one another in or are they to broken to try I absolutely LOVED this book Like HARDCORE loved it Adriana, is still dealing with the death of her husband, Alex, that happened a year ago She still talks to him as if he is there Moving on is hard for her.Tucker, is a movie star yet hates it at the moment He is close to his grandmother and takes her advice He is funny, sexy and steamy.There is a lot of emotions in this book Love, hurt, guilt, sorrow, romance and laughter You can t help but fall in love with the characters They have a real feel to them My heart broke that she couldn t let Alex go Any kind of grieving is hard, but she has to learn to let him go I loved that Adri s group of friends are considered her family and they are all close knit The book t shirts between her and her friend had me cracking up I can relate to that subject so it was awesome to read about it The sex scenes were hot No, scratch that, they were MAJORLY HOT I literally cried at the end of the book bc I couldn t believe what was happening As a debut novel, I think the author did a FANTASTIC job I was drawn in from the very first page and from there I couldn t put it down Renee will go very far with her amazing writing talent I am honored that I was able to read it I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone My only question now is When can I get my hands on book 2 I loved this book I couldn t put it down I sat for hours reading it.The book is packed full of emotions And trust me you will feel everyone right along with the characters.The entire book is very personal and heartfelt The book is based over a couple week period of time We come to know Adriana a widow who is living her life as an otherwise empty shell, and Tucker the famous movie star trying to get away from the publicity and cheating girlfriend.Along with them we have a group of supportive and protecting set of friends to Adriana.Adriana lost her husband a year ago in a car wreck She lost then a husband but no one in her world knows of this until she shares the information with Tucker of all people.Tucker is a very understanding man, he understands she misses her dead husband but we still see his pain as he suffers through watching her talk to Alex and miss him so much.How will it all play out Will they end up together I can t wait for book two Seriously like I need it right now. Oh boy oh boy are you all in for a treat when this book is published Hot, funny, and some great storytelling UNBELIEVABLE that this story is from a first time author I can so see this being a movie Cannot tell you anything about it specifically but I found it amazing.