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#Book ì Voices of the Dark (Volume III) ê Part III Of The Demons Of Dreams SagaDid You Sleep Well Last Night Did You Dream Have You Met Someone In Your Dream Are You Sure That You Are Still Yourself Come Dawn What Happens, If A Demon Of Dreams Runs Your Life What Happens, If A Human Tries To Make Their Existence Known To The Public What Happens, If A Demon Of Dreams Feels Threatened Demons Of Dreams Live By Their Own Rules Also In Our World And They Can Be Deadly Don T Get In Their WayBarely Escaping Death When Trapped In A Car On The Bottom Of The Bay, Leia Wakes Up And Cannot Remember What Happened During The Last Two Years Of Her Life Now, Searching For Her Memory She Hears All Kinds Of Gruesome Stories And The Police Are Trying To Connect Her To A Horrible Murder A Man Who Fell Off The New York Times Tower Who Can She Trust And Then There S This Strange Ominous Man Who Is Not Only Pursuing Her In Her Dreams Who Is He And What Does He Want From Her