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Excellent read The best biography that I have yet to read Clearly a man who excelled in multiple fields.A very addictive read. An Autobiograpy of one of my favorite photographers and one of the most inspiring men I ve ever read about Born one of 13 children, homeless as a youth, self taught photographer after finding a camera left on a train First black photographer at Life and Vogue Magazine, Director of the film Shaft, composer etc Sadly Gordon Parks passed away in the last few years at the age of upper 90s still creating art I would have loved to have met him. Overlapping a bit from A Choice of Weapons, and continuing the story into his old age, Voices in the Mirror is the further adventures of one of America s great artists, Gordon Parks In this volume, Parks work as a Life photographer brings him into direct contact with the most important faces of the age, becoming a confidant of civil rights leaders and a journalist of world celebrities Again, Parks weaves tales of amazing courage and compassion for his subjects, all while establishing a deep sense of humility in the lessons learned along the way A fitting, perfect volume alongside A Choice of Weapons. Going to pass this along to my friend Jerry Jones a great photographer in his own right Hope you enjoy This was a compelling book to read A must read for anyone who has ever had an excuse for why they couldn t do something in their lives Gordon was a visionary, a creative and deep soul, a gifted artist and a complex and tortured human being His work stands alone and speaks for itself from the slums in Rio to the runways of Paris his art is as complicated as the man himself. ^FREE PDF ⇱ Voices in the Mirror: An Autobiography (Harlem Moon Classics) ↹ Alone After His Mother S Death, Homeless In A Minnesota Winter, Young Gordon Struggled To Stay In School, Working At Menial Jobs And Riding Streetcars All Night To Escape The Cold Refusing To Succumb To Despair, He Instead Transformed His Anger At Poverty And Racism Into A Creative Force And Went On To Break Down One Barrier After Another He Was The First Black Photographer At Vogue AndLife, And The First Black Screenwriter And Director In Hollywood, At The Helm Of Such Projects As The Award Winning Shaft And His Novel, The Learning Tree, Has Sold Than A Quarter Of A Million CopiesSpanning The Major Events Of Five Decades, Voices In The Mirror Takes Readers From Minnesota And Washington, DC To The Glamour Of Paris And The Ghettos Of Rio And Harlem His Intimate Portrayals Of Ingrid Bergman And Roberto Rossellini Of The Muslim And African American Icons Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad And Muhammad Ali Of The Young Militants Of The Civil Rights And Black Power Movements And Of The Tragic Experiences Of The Less Famous, Like The Brazilian Youngster Flavio, Combine To Form An Unforgettable StoryGordon Parks S Life Is A Metaphor For The Courageous Vision And Extraordinary Resilience Of The African American Community, While Also Serving As A Testament To The Spirit And Generosity That Are Its Hallmarks