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Undercover with the Hottie is surprisingly refreshing How wonderful to read a clever book for teens that is virtually free of alchohol use, cigarette smoking, and drug use The tale is also inventive in that its protagonists, a boy and girl, are highly trained spy operatives for a US spy agency Being teens, though, they almost bungle their assignment because they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend, yet for the assignment, they must pretend to be twin brother and sister The other teens in the book, sons and daughters of UN personnel, are clean cut and clear thinking One boy smokes cigarettes, but his girlfriend makes it clear there will be no kisses from her if he lights up As for alcohol, there are some parties where alcohol is not served at all It is said that secret booze was brought to an earlier party, and they all learned their lesson This is the kind of book I would want teens to read One with great role models, rather than some I ve read that are heavy on sex, smoking, and drug and alchohol abuse A serious work, skewed to teen readers or not, should explore such topics, but a light hearted romp like this should not have the topics thrown in just to sell books Author Juli Alexander wisely knows her audience and writes to them without talking down to them I highly recommend this book I enjoyed this second book as well as the first The teens make silly mistakes as teens do The adults however, make a few irresponsible decisions as adults do.Teenage spies may seem like a stretch but it s so well done it doesn t detract from the story I would recommend this book to any YA readers and adults who enjoy YA novels Very fun EBOOK ⚓ Undercover with the Hottie ♟ Amanda And Will Are Back This Time, They Re Heading To New York City The Day After Christmas The Mission Stop An Assassination Plot Against The UN Secretary General Aunt Christie And Her Partner Nic, Are Back As Well, And Playing The Role Of The Parents On The Undercover OperationAs For Amanda And Will, They Re Still Adjusting To The Boyfriend Girlfriend Thing, But While In The Big Apple, They Are Pretending To Be Brother And Sister Oh, And Don T Forget Grandma She S On The Team As Well Can Will And Amanda Convince The New York Teens That They Re Twins Can They Track Down The Bad Guys Before The Ball Drops In Times Square Because If They Fail, Lives Will Be Lost And The UN And The US May Never Be The Same Fall break saw Amanda gain a boyfriend A long distance, secret boyfriend So when she gets s a chance to pair up with him for a mission over the Christmas holidays, she s over the moon Till her aunt tells her that she s going to pretend to be Will s sister.Will has trouble treating her like a sibling, Amanda has trouble stopping mooning over him Can the two of them keep the secret and prove themselves spy material Or is the mission going to be a disaster It s fun to have Grandma in on the team and needless to say Nic and Christie are still in denial about having feelings for each other I really want Amanda and Will to catch them in a tender moment Maybe Nic will ease up on them then Can t wait to read the next book in the series. Cute continuation of the series. This was an okay story but juvenile in its emotionality, so I had to bring my meter down a bit and enjoy it for what it was B Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookThis book was a lot of fun I am so glad I found Juli Alexander because she is just awesome So, Undercover with the Hottie takes place a couple months afterInvestigating the Hottieduring winter vacation Amanda meets up with her aunt Christie in New York to stop an assassination attempt on a very important um, guy Heh, I don t actually remember who he is, but I do know that he is very important in The Politics and stuff lol Anyway, on this Super Secret Mission, things actually get funny because Amanda and Will must pose as SIBLINGS Ha This is the first time they ve seen each other since Amanda went to Will s school, and now this Yeah, it sucked, but boy were things amusing Lol Speaking of Amanda and Will, they are just so sweet Will is just one of those guy you cant help but to love, and Amanda is very sassy and easy to relate to.And then there s Christie and Nic I loved them Christie is just as quirky and fun as she was in the last book Nic was great, too As Amanda said in the book,Nic s protective side was endearingYES This I love how protective he is of the girls He and Christie need to get together, like, now Lol Speaking of, I really loved their bantering and them denying their feelings for each other, it s cute, really One thing I really liked about this book was that it was so fast paced Right from the start we are hooked with Amanda s great narrative The voice of the book was just great, keeping me hooked all the way till the end I really love being inside Amanda s head However, I know I said I liked that it was fast paced, but toward the end, the Big Big Fight, well, it was maybe a little too fast Too fast and too easy It almost felt anti climatic, really But besides that this book was phenomenal Undercover with the Hottie was a very fun, light read with than enough action, lots of yummy romance, and humor that will probably make you laugh out loud and earn you weird looks from loved ones It s totally worth it This series must be read in order The first book is Investigating the Hottie This is the second book.This series is Awesome It is very realistic while being mildly SciFi I love the spying and the mysteries and the intrigue of the covert operations And all the humorous hijinks that ensue from untrained highschool kids trying to be covert operatives without any real training You would think the stories would be kiddieish but they totally aren t I love that they are always fun reads and they make me laugh enough that I have to keep saying it s the book I can t tell you what s so funny Amanda has been waiting and waiting to read her parents in on her big secret and it is already Winter Break Her Aunt Christine promised to come help her a week ago bit called off her trip at the last minute AGAIN How is she supposed to keep all these secrets Her best friend doesn t even know she has a boyfriend much less that her secret boyfriend is Will who she recruited on her first spying mission The secrets are eating her alive But that s the life of a spy right Then she gets a secret communication on her phone from GASI saying she has a new assignment Over Winter Break How will she possibly explain this to her parents To her best friend When will her aunt finally show up to help her read in her parents Who will she be paired with this time Read this awesomely fun sequel to find out the answers to these questions and many I will be impatiently waiting for the release of the next book This series is suitable for young adult through adult readers My copy was provided by Netgalley.This is the second book of the Investigating the Hottie series and Amanda and Will are back to get into even spy adventures They are travelling to New York City on a new mission along with Aunt Christie and Nic to stop a possible assassination of the UN Secretary General It s a mission that will help save lives and Amanda and Will are going undercover.They are going to be normal teenagers who will infiltrate the popular teens of New York to learn about this assassination to hopefully prevent The only problem is that the new couple has to pretend they re twins How can they stop themselves from doing couple ly things in front of their new friends This mission depends on them keeping up their disguises or else the US may never be the same.This is a very entertaining spy series and I m in love with it I like how this book isn t totally serious and it s all about the spy adventures This book takes you into the lives of Amanda and Will and helps you learn about them You get to learn about their relationship and how it strengthens throughout the book.The plot isn t all action The two have to go undercover which means some slow moments where they have to gather info and act like normal teenagers But these slow moments aren t boring They re packed with humor that makes you want to laugh out loud I love how lively Amanda is and she keeps this book going Amanda is the life of this story and she does an amazing job at keeping it light and not too serious You can actually relate to the characters They don t have any special powers or were born into the job They act just like any other teen and they re likable and enjoyable They re normal with their jokes and how Amanda and Will act together seems just like how a new couple would act.Even though the couple is on a dangerous assignment, the way they have to hide their romance makes the mission fun The way they act towards each other is fun and real, not at all fake or forced I can t wait to read the next book and see how Amanda and Will s relationship grows. Note I received a free e copy of this book for my honest review I was not paid to write this Additionally, this is the second book in a series The first book was Investigating the Hottie.Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander picks up a few months after the end of Investigating the Hottie Readers get to see Amanda, Will, Christie, Nic, and Will s grandma back on a case, investigating a New Year s Eve assassination attempt The stakes are higher, and Amanda and Will must pretend to be twins opposed to girlfriend and boyfriend.I expected the story to be fun and entertaining, which it definitely delivered However, the story was overly unrealistic, so than the first book in my opinion Amanda exhibited skills, which I can t logically figure out how she got them I don t even understand how Amanda could be on the case at all, if the organization was having difficulties using minors due to parental consent.Basically, don t let my frustration with the unrealistic plot keep you from reading Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander It was a fun, quick read and great if that s what you re looking for I liked it and would give Undercover with the Hottie 3 stars, but it was a bit too unrealistic for my satisfaction and for me to love it.