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Uncovering You is out now 0.99 deal.com,.co.uk or Barnes and Noble 3.5 Intriguing stars I am so tired I am so lonely I am breaking, and madness is taking hold. Uncovering You begins with Lilly waking up in a dark room, alone and confused, knowing nothing good could come of this, she realizes that she is being held captive without any clue as to why or by whom Without any chains or rope to bind her, she is trapped with a collar, teased with the freedom that is just a few steps away, unless she wants to feel the bite of pain there is no way out With nothing but my thoughts for company, I draw myself back to my memories, trying to summon the strength I once had. After receiving cryptic notes, a contract appears demanding her obedience Her Employer J.S., leaves her alone with her thoughts, starving and dirty how many days has gone by she is wilting away with barely enough food to live Lost in her memories of her past, she tries to find the strength that she knows she has deep down She has two choices, resist and die or submit, and sign her life away.This was a very interesting read I have to admit I was a bit lost at times especially in the beginning where were going back through her memories, trying to understand what it would mean to her future I felt like I was reading different stories, but one thing remains the same, she is a prisoner Things started to click when we were introduced to her memory of a man, who had the power to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted In my opinion he was an asshole, but at the same time I couldn t help but like that about him Lilly is a determined and stubborn, refusing help, wanting to do everything on her own, proving she is strong but at the same time naive It annoys me that I have to wait for , because it was just starting to get goodbut according to the author Uncovering You unfolds over multiple volumes of approximately 125 pages each Each volume is a fully contained story with a climax and conclusionI started off thinking it was going to be another captive story, but something tells me were gonna get that and oh so much Can t wait for the next one ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review. Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication Guest reviewing for Hell, YEAH I loved it too Thanks, sweetie, for the ARC I usually avoid ARCs, but this one just got into my bones hehehe Uncovering You Part 1 Book Uncovering You Uncovering You 1 Author Scarlett EdwardsPublication Date March 27, 2014Type Part of SeriesGenre Dark, CaptiveRating 4 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author in exchange for an honest review COVER REVEAL Feb 18th 2014 RELEASE Mar 27th, 2014 Click here to sign up for the cover reveal, book tour, or release day blitz ReviewI don t even know how to start this.after I went through a bit of confusion popping back and forth between time, I sucked this book up in less than 2 hours I was held captive in a good way not like our heroine is in the story.I loved how the book switched from the present to the far past to the near past.am I confusing you Well, the book doesn t at least not after about 10% in Was it dark Ehhhh.yes and no.not yet this first story I believe is setting up the plot for the rest of the book We meet our heroine and we get a glimpse of her relationship to come with the mysterious JS I would say this is of a mind fuck for the character waking up in a strange place and not having any memory of how she ended up there or why she is even there.I also enjoyed how the author threw some mysterious happenings in the mix.I just have to say pay attention to the hole and the bird that goes Caw Caw hmmm I m dying to know where that fits into the rest of the story.What did I not like about it The same complaint I have with every series that are so short.anticipation for the next book in the series.and wait..get this..the book doesn t come out till the end of March.and I ll have to wait a few weeks after that to get to the next book OH THE HORROR..there that is my MIND FUCK for the reader I can t give you a recap of this story since it s too far until the release but I will leave you with these parting thoughts.Captive CheckAbuse CheckPain CheckFucked up Childhood CheckA Twist CheckSex NopeTwisted Alpha Male CheckMystery CheckParty Pooper Author Check for making me wait till the next one Cliff Hanger Check check check check checkWrap UpNow off my little kiddies.and reserve this book closer to the release date so you don t have to be like Auntie Carol and end up bald before 2 comes out For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways AVAILABLE NOW FOR ONLY 0.99 is the story about Lilly Rider, growing up with an alcoholic mother proving to herself that she will never become like her, she focused on her education Now, on her third year in College blinded by an offer she couldn t refuse she never expected she would end up getting kidnapped I can t say how much I love Lilly s character she is tough She is definitely not going down without a fight Love her spirit and I rooted for her to never give up, to fight The story flashes back from the past to the present It ll give you the insight of everything about Lilly and to what lead her to getting kidnapped.I m curious and about J.S I wanna know about him This is just the beginning of Lilly s story and it will leave you at the edge of your seat Reading the prologue at the start of the book has got me little confused but knowing after, that it was just a little taste of what s to come, it s a bit frustrating cause I want I wanna say but I don t wanna spoil the book for everyone being this is a short read consisting of or less 125 pages This is written in Lilly s POV.It does end in which left me feeling That said, I WANT THE NEXT BOOK ASAP Definitely well written ARC kindly provided by author for honest review Review also posted here [ Epub ] ♶ The Contract (Uncovering You #1) ☪ When I Wake Up In A Dark, Unfamiliar Room, I Have No Idea What S Waiting For Me In The Shadows My Imagination Conjures Up Demons Of The Worst KindReality Is Much Worse A Collar With No Leash A Prison With No Walls And A Life Stripped Of MeaningI Am Presented With A Vile Contract And Asked To Sign It Outlines The Terms Of My Servitude The Only Information I Have About My Captor Are The Two Small Letters Inked At The Bottom JSArmed With Only My Memories, I Must Do Everything I Can To Avoid Becoming Ensnared In His Twisted Mind Games But In The End, It All Comes Down To One Choice Resist And DieOr Submit, And Sign My Life Away Okay, so here s the deal, I LOVED this book Ernovella It s serial story and each book contains 125 pages each The author states that each story will have a climax and a conclusion The next book will be out on April 20 of this year For methe girl who just couldn t put the story downwell let s just say that s a LONG time to wait.Lilly wakes up to a dark, unfamiliar room with no thoughts on how she got there in the first place She has a collar around her neck that has two electrodes and a chip inside That only means one thingif she gets too far from where she is supposed to be, she ll get electrocuted Dare I say that Lilly is one tough girl She did t have the easiest upbringing but that never stopped her from going to college She was determined to get a degree and nothing or no one would stop her.She gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she submits an essay where she is nominated to win the prestitious Barker Prize An award that students get nominated for by the professors in the pyschology field She wins.Her life will never be the same.The story switches back between present and past, with the beginning containing bits and pieces in the future It is all told from Lilly s pov.Now remember this is part of a series of volumesso the story might have ended but there will be If that makes sense I know some people don t like this but I m surpringly okay with it.My stop for the blog tour will be on March 25 I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have had the pleasure of reading it Review copy given to me by author in exchange for an honest review.Update Read this again not realizing that I read the story on this exact day two years ago Wicked. It s live get it NOW UK and Noble What a great way you start a series It definitely got me hooked from start to finishThe story is well written since I imagine the place of captivity somewhat like the movie Saw, only this is not as gruesome as the movie So you can imagine how tense I am for Lilly The story is not written in sequence since it jumps from the past and the present, last month, last week and as far as eleven years ago which actually kinda confusing at first, but eventually I got the hang of it And even though I really want to dwell on what s happening in the present, reading about the past is also important, because I get to know about Lilly and how it all started.There s a bit of suspense here, since the story started off as Lilly being held as a captive already The question then is who is her captor and why.I like Lilly s strong character because she sure doesn t give up easily and she s also not a weakling.I was kinda sad when I reached the end of this book, because it s so short, and I really REALLY want to know what will happen next view spoiler I wonder if Lilly will get what she wants, which is to take revenge on j.s and if she ll be successful with it hide spoiler A vague longing grows deep inside me The need for submission A natural willingness ground into me by the madness taking hold of my mind I feel it rising The demonic form consumes me from the womb, sapping my strength, and breaking my resolve Lilly Ryder wakes alone and in a strange placehow did she get there When the lights go on she discovers she is tied to a marble pillar and has a collar around her neck A contract is left for her and as she reads it she feels absolute horror she s been kidnapped however she doesn t agree to the terms and only knows her captor by two letters, his initials J.S I ve been reading A LOT of dark reads lately and one thing I highly respect is when an author adds something new or an element that I haven t read before Lilly is held captive by a new and unique method to me there s no ropes and chains but she s just as confined.Although this is the first part of a bigger story it isn t too dark yet but is very suspenseful This novella shows rather than tells and the reader can fit the pieces together as we toggle through Lilly s present predicament and her most recent memories I am left almost as desperate as Lilly in wanting the next piece of the story I highly recommend starting this serial novel but don t expect to be able to put this down Review to come..