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Well I got this book because I am a BIG fan of Kim s Have been since the first day I saw How Clean Is Your House At first the book was kind of hard for me to get into But I wanted to push on because I do LOVE her I am so glad to say I did love the book after all I guess there was just a slow point for me She talks so openly about things I do not know if I could have She reafirmed my enving her I am so glad she made it through such distructive relationships This book is well worth the read in my eyes. Really amazing book I know why Kim is such a strong character now due to what she has been through Couldn t put this book down READ KINDLE ♿ Unbeaten: The Story of My Brutal Childhood ☨ Popular Book, Unbeaten The Story Of My Brutal Childhood By Kim Woodburn This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Unbeaten The Story Of My Brutal Childhood, Essay By Kim Woodburn Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A great read Kim really has been through so much in her life I have a lot of respect for her It s amazing seeing her being such an upfront, hard character on TV but to then read about what her life has actually been like.The language used made the book straightforward and easy to read but as expected it was a difficult and emotional subject to read about. This is the first time I pick up a biography and I ll be truly honest with you Unbeaten is a must read Believe me You really don t wanna miss Kim Woodburn s sad story.In her biography, Kim Woodburn tells us in details about her wretched childhood and dismal days with her abusive parents Everything in her life was unpleasant Kim would be beaten and punished severely just because of her mother is in a bad mood Sometimes her mother would hit her just because she wants to Which left me totally agape Her father is never at home, which made the situation worse because she is always left alone with the person with whom she is supposed to feel comfortable and protected, her own mother.Gezzie, Kim s sister, is invariably the one who never receives punishment She s loved by her mother, which makes Kim suffer internally and feel lonelier than ever as she never felt wanted or loved like her siblings.One of the things that left me aghast while reading this book is Kim s mother, Patricia She s just the vilest woman I ve ever read about I ve never imagined that a woman can be that cruel and harsh toward her own daughter, just because she looks like her father Funny, isn t it Another thing is when Kim and her sister were taken to the Nuns This book has made me view nuns in a very different way They were just as wicked and horrendous as Kim s mother Basically, the Nuns House is a terrifying space for Kim since she was treated very badly by the nunsWhen she finally manages to run away from her brutal mother, Kim steps into the outside world a cruel and unpleasant world that makes her experience very bad things First, she has to work in jobs she doesn t want just because she has to earn a living and a roof over her head Second, her first marriage was a big failure that rendered her depressed and hopeless.However, Kim still maintains hope and the world smiles at her again in the endI enjoyed this book so much and I wouldn t hesitate to pick up another biography next time I want to buy books Amazing what this woman has been through. Wow What a story Kim Woodburn s life story is well written, very moving and left me shocked How she has survived to be who she is today is astounding Her brutal upbringing and later achievements are testimony to the fact that humans can, with enough determination, overcome the almost impossible.This is an inspirational read I would recommend it to anyone feeling despondent about their own life Kim demonstrates how it is possible to triumph even during extreme adversity Her language is straightforward and her style matter of fact, making this book an easy read except for the emotional components They make you stop and think, and dab your eyes Don t miss it. The story of Queen of Clean Kim Woodburn growing up with an absent father and brutal evil mother in a truly scary childhood Kim is hated as she is a reminder of the failed marriage of her parents and her mother tales every opportunity to beat, humiliate and frighten her daughter Even as Kim leaves her childhood behind she falls into a relationship that ends in a tragic situation followed by a violent marriage You have to admire the way this woman came through all these horrors to be a much loved British TV star.Book Rating 2.5 5 I read this after seeing Kim mention her family problems and her dead baby in an interview I felt this book didn t know what it was meant to be first and foremost it s her autobiography, but the version I have is definitely designed to be an abuse genre book and the traditional black white photo of a sad little blonde girl on the front is not Kim I don t normally read abuse genre books this is my third as I have mixed feelings about them Perhaps those who would pick this up because they like abuse books would find it disappointing though, as I believe there are much worse ones out there Shattered by Sophie Andrews for instance That said, Kim s description of her childhood paints a grim picture to say the least I think she s aiming at an overall message of look how far I ve come from my crappy beginnings , but despite the violence at various stages of her life and awful premature delivery of a stillborn son, I couldn t help feeling like she did okay due to her looks and got than a few lucky breaks along the way It s an easy, quick read, but obviously not very cheery, and fans of her or her show might want to give it a read In some places I got irritated with the way it was written and a fair bit of repetition whether that s down to her or a ghostwriter, I don t know I could say about this book, but I m sure many people gain something from reading it, particularly if they ve been through similar things, so if any good comes from it I shouldn t criticise Diplomacy It takes some talent to take a relentless catalogue of abuse and misfortune and make it totally numbifying The ghost writer s fingers should be battered with this book so that they cannit inflict any horrific writing on the world In spite of the horrendous life she s lead, the tone of the book doesn t paint her in the best light, but i still like her and would like her to call me a filthy beggar and then purse her lips at me while she white gloves me dusty crevices Earlier From one raging queenie to another This is one of those books with paper that smells feintly of sick But I m working through the smell barrier