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3 Trust Me Stars What happens when your world is completely shaken kidnapped for reasons unknown except for retaliation Your captor tells you to trust him he will not let anything happen to you he promises no harm will come to you as long as he is at your side Penny Santoro, 21 yrs old, is abducted for Roman Vitale, a drug cartel king pin Tag works for Roman and has been given then task of watching over Penny, to make sure she is safe and well cared for while in captivity The reasons for her abduction are not clear but Tag s job is to watch her When Tag meets Penny, Tag is drawn to her His job is to keep her safe, not feel anything for her But with days turning in to weeks, turning into months, how can they both not start to feel something for one another Especially when Penny senses that Tag is different He isn t evil he definitely wants her safe and does the extraordinary when Penny s life is at stake When Tag discovers that Penny is in real danger from Roman and other forces, Tag sets out to get Penny home, no matter what the cost are to him.This story has intrigue, suspense, romance, twist and turns, kidnapping, and love I will say that the story is well written I tend to like my stories a little on the gritty side when there is a kidnapping involved If you enjoy romantic fluff with a side of suspense, you will enjoy Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review for the GReat buddy read promo group FREE on US today 10 15 2016 Stand alone Thanks Jess BLURB She woke in the dark The sharp surge and sway of her world the only hints she has of her surroundings Penelope Santoro is alone, trapped in an empty room of what could only be a boat in the middle of a rough ocean With no recollection of how she got there, and no escape in sight, she s quickly losing hope that she will ever find her way home Tag Reynolds is detached His life depends upon it But when the beautiful daughter of one of his biggest rivals winds up in his care, his entire world shifts Drawn to her innocence, he desperately fights the feelings he can t havefeelings that could destroy everything he s worked for Penny is nothing than a pawn in a deadly game a game that Tag cannot afford to lose Can he save her without compromising his position, or will they become victims of their twisted desire FREE are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 600 books 2 Not Quite What It Promised Stars Penelope Santoro is kidnapped after a night out and wakes up on a yacht with no idea how she got there or why Her first interraction comes with Tag Reynolds, a crazy hot guy, who sadly happens to be an enforcer in a drug cartel and one of the people who kidnapped her It would be stupid to be attracted to the enemy, wouldn t it Tag Reynolds has worked hard to get where he is He has done many things that would give anyone nightmares for years, but now, after all this time there is something that threatens him and his position in the cartel Her name is Penny and she is an innocent caught in game she doesn t understand or know how to play But getting involved with her could mean both their deaths.With a premise like that you would expect a dark romance book Well, you would be disappointed This book was way light and fluffy than the BLURB suggests I have read YA romance that was much darker than this one Still for me that wouldn t have been a problem if it was well executed since Dark Romance isn t really my style Sadly the book failed to deliver in many aspects.The most glaringly obvious problem was Penny andTag at the beginning Penny latches onto Stockholm Syndrome so easily I was kind of embarassed on her behalf After a point she seems to almost forget she was abducted and go on to have a yacht vacation The guy is nice, compassionate, understanding and loving He was actually great, too great This guy is supposed to be a badass enforcer in a drug cartel but he read like a love struck teenager in a high school romance view spoiler That there was something fishy with him being in the cartel was apparent from the first 10 pages and completely predictable hide spoiler Book Twisted DesireAuthor Laura DunawayPublication Date October 23, 2014Genre Suspense Romance Type Stand Alone Cliffhanger NoRating 3.75 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the Author for The GReat Buddy Read in exchange for an honest review My Thoughts Story Going in, I knew this wasn t as dark as mentioned earlier, so putting that aside I did enjoy the story and OMG how I loved Tag It was suspenseful and held my attention while the author did a great job in attracting the reader, then holding the suspense while trying to figure out how the main characters were going to get out of their conundrum It was pretty much predictable but Tag made up for all of it Re Cap Penny is kidnapped and is told it s in retaliation against her father She is held captive on a yacht and Tag is put in charge of babysitting her Not only so she won t escape but to also make sure none of the other cartel members hurt her.Penny and Tag start to get feelings for each other and figure out that not everything is as it seems Reason for Reading Great Buddy ReadStory 4 out of 5 StarsSteam 4 out of 5 StarsAngst 3.5 out of 5 StarsWriting 4 out of 5 StarsContent Flow 4 out of 5 StarsTold In Dual POVHeroine Personality Penny kinda annoying clingyHero Personality Tag awesome hero in the bookHEA Spoiler view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This book is in no way dark I read a lot of dark reads and this is a sweet romantic suspense if I ever saw one The writing style kept me engaged but just not my type of book Tag was a swoon worthy MC but tough guy I don t think so Overall this was an ok read for me. Didn t Hate It, But Didn t Love It EitherI m somewhat disappointed in this story The blurb was promising and I read many other reviews that were promising So, I m probably in the minority here It just fell flat for me It wasn t horrible, but I probably won t remember the names of the characters tomorrow It just didn t make much of an impression on me, much to my disappointment.When I read that this was a story about a crazy drug lord that kidnaps a young woman he s been obsessed with for years, I thought it was sure to be a favorite After all, a story with all of those qualities has got to be a dark, mess with your head, suspenseful page turner Right Not quite.This story was tame, bordering on boring Most of the emotions and responses seemed almost force fed It was like somebody held up a cue card that said be scared now or now they re in love , and it just was, not because I actually felt scared, but because I was being told that was the reaction I should have A great story elicits the emotions, based upon the content of the story as it plays out I just didn t feel that with this story at all For example, the only thing that made Roman, the super scary drug lord, scary was the repeated comments about how dangerous he was This was largely unsupported by the actual events within the story Yes, he did a few dangerous, crazy things, but nothing that made him rise to the level of a villainous drug lord that would incite a great deal of fear in my mind Yet, the reader is constantly told in the dialogue how wicked this man was.From the beginning, I struggled to connect with the characters Penelope seemed nice and so did Tag I just didn t feel particularly drawn to either of them.All in all, it was okay I didn t hate it or love it It wasn t a stand out for me either way. 3 this is not what I expected stars This book was mentioned as being a dark read, so to be fair I will say while the lady in our story is kidnapped and almost raped, this book to me is NOT a dark read There is a lot fluff to this story and while there is a constant suspense factor that keeps you on the hook and wanting to know what the kidnappers motives are, there is also a lot of repetitive scenes.Penny finds herself kidnapped after heading outside from a club that she was dancing at with a guy she just met, she finds herself taken from there and wakes in a locked room with a small window We find Penny on a yacht with only one person to watch her, the bald and sexy Tag Tag is not what you would expect from a kidnapper, he is sweet and promises not to hurt Penny and cares for her throughout There are a lot of unanswered questions that slowly get pieced together but it doesn t happen until the end I wish it would have been tied up sooner with some hints of things along the way Penny is very childish and I found myself not drawn to her at all, but Tag is very likeable and makes up for it The book does have some predictable parts to it, but its a quick read that I liked I didn t love it but I didn t hate it I think that if this book with the dark romance is was made out to be this could have been something really sinfully sweet I would like to have seen Tag s character in another context or a little gritty But the author still gets you on the hook with the opening scene and makes you want to see it through to the end This book was provided generously by the author for the GReat buddy read promo group Thanks Laura Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review THANK YOU MY RATING Twisted Desire by Laura Dunaway 4 SICK AND TWISTED STARSRETALIATIONThis was nothing like what I expected it to be, a few twists and turns that I did not see coming..Definitely kept me entertained right up to the last page LINES CROSSEDPenelope Santoro has been raised in cotton wool knows next to nothing about what dark and twisted people are out there until the night of her kidnapping where she wakes up on a yacht under the care of Tag.KIDNAPPEDMy name is Tag You are not allowed to leave this cabin without me, I m not going to sugarcoat things, there s a lot you don t know, and it s better that way, you were drugged, you might as well get comfortable You re going to be here for a while BRUTALIZED Nothing was what it seemed Everything I knew was a complete liePenny (EBOOK) ⚢ Twisted Desire î She Woke In The Dark The Sharp Surge And Sway Of Her World The Only Hints She Has Of Her Surroundings Penelope Santoro Is Alone, Trapped In An Empty Room Of What Could Only Be A Boat In The Middle Of A Rough Ocean With No Recollection Of How She Got There, And No Escape In Sight, She S Quickly Losing Hope That She Will Ever Find Her Way Home Tag Reynolds Is Detached His Life Depends Upon It But When The Beautiful Daughter Of One Of His Biggest Rivals Winds Up In His Care, His Entire World Shifts Drawn To Her Innocence, He Desperately Fights The Feelings He Can T Havefeelings That Could Destroy Everything He S Worked For Penny Is Nothing Than A Pawn In A Deadly Game A Game That Tag Cannot Afford To Lose Can He Save Her Without Compromising His Position, Or Will They Become Victims Of Their Twisted Desire 5 AMAZINGLY AMAZING STARSI ve loved you from the moment I saw you in that cold, dark room I ve loved you since you told me to go to hell I ve loved you since I first held you in my arms I have no idea what I did to deserve you, but I m never taking you for granted You re an angel from heaven sent just for me, and I m never letting you go, no matter what You re mine, alwaysswoon Oh man, I loved this book Especially Tag Oh Tag You devilishly sexy man Loved him from the beginning to end.oh yes every interaction between Penny and Tag had me feeling like I was having early onset hot flashes The story itself had a dark tone kidnapping stories tend to be like thatobviously but the chemistry between Tag and Penny was CRAZY And let me tell you, the sex scenes did NOT disappoint I reccommend this book to anyone who enjoys kidnapping romances dark romances sexy heroes and strong heroines amazinly detailed sex scenes noticed I mentioned it twice yepdef bookmarked a few scenes to go back to later on some intense action scenes that leave you holding your breath and of course love stories that leave you SWOONING and yes, I swooned A lot TEAM TAG FOR BOOK BOYFRIEND OF 2014