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When I finished this book about twenty minutes ago, the only thing I could think, and the point of that was To be frank, the first part of the book was pretty good And then midway through, everything started to suck It seemed like such a rush of a book I disliked Nina even than I did in the first book Instead of not caring ENOUGH about protecting herself and her sister like in the first book , in this sequel, she was too paranoid If ever there was some secret, the first thing she would say is, Oh No I can t tell Dee I have to protect her Blah blah The whole thing was pretty pointless to me.So we meet up with Nina again after a few months I think She s still with Sal and now she s sixteen And, like always, she doesn t want to be a sex teen or whatever Her friend, Sandy is dead and so is her Mom and her boyfriend She now lives with her grandparents and her little sister you know, the one she never tells anything to Nina is now best friends with this Wei girl whom initiates her into this all girl rebellion group even though they barely do anything And so, Nina navigates through her semi interesting life as a non sex teen and blardy blarh.I just didn t like Nina any Nina was way tolerable in the first book than in this one I also didn t like the fact that Sal was barely in this It was like this was a TV show and he was taking a month long break and the TV writers had to write him out I didn t understand the purpose of that And then this stupid Chris guy comes ineww Basically, everything felt rushed The last two pages were separated into small paragraphs that explained what the book failed to go through in the last 200 pages or so It was just ridiculous However, I can t say that I was disappointed I kind of knew that the second book in this trilogy it IS a trilogy, right would suck I can only hope that the next, and hopefully, final book improves upon its successors.Ohand one thing Is speeded a word Isn t it sped Julia Karr should have stopped after the first book XVI The sequel was long and unnecessary I would have liked the book to focus on Nina s situation transforming her into a strong woman who makes an impact on the social issues she faced like she seemed to want to do instead of all of her girl lost in love woes. OK so I really liked XVI and was really looking forward to Truth and I was not disappointed I shudder to think there is even a remote possibility that there would be a society where it s government would oppress it s citizens by using sex To think that just because you re a low tier using the class system was genius like in the victorian era , you were nothing and useless, but if you had money and bought the clothes that were ultrachic you were asking to be raped and nothing could be done about it I just hope when young girls read these books they would take into consideration the message that Julia Karr has addressed in her writing, that when that is what some men, boys, guys think when girls dress that way I m not saying it s right, no way am I saying that, just that it brings unwanted attention, because even girls like Nina that don t even dress that way can still get the unwanted attention not matter what they do Ok enough ranting, I really liked the story, I was glued to the pages Couldn t tear myself away, up all night reading to get to the end so I could find out what happened with ChrisI like Chris, sweet sweet Chrisor SalI liked Sal in the first book even though he kind of acted like a jerk but he admitted it so I forgave him that, but in Truth he was doing it again so I think I like Chris better And then the ending SIGH Huge cliffhanger there had better be another book Ms Julia Karr do you hear, cause I ll go crazy if there isn t I felt this book had a lot of potential, but I just really struggled to get through it The beginning was dragged down by the textbook like description of the political situation, and the whole book felt like a wordy build up of what happens at the end I liked the last quarter or so when I started to see some action, but I was so close to not getting that far several times I think the only thing that kept me going was I was really curious to see why Sal was gone for so much of the book or what Paulette s deal really was or if anything would come about with Chris But of course, neither mysteries were solved. Nina Oberon is back in this sequel to Karr s XVI Truth takes place immediately after XVI ends Nina and her sister are still attending school, and living with their grandparents When Child Protective Services issue a writ declaring Nina s grandparents unsuitable guardians, and Pops finds himself arrested by B.O.S.S Nina and her sister find themselves in a whole lot of trouble What will happen to them, how will they elude the government this time Something about Karr s writing style just draws me into her novels I don t know what it is about the way she writes, but it is so accessible and inviting even when I am tired after a day of work A couple of times I was so tired when I got home I didn t want to read until I picked up Truth then I became so engrossed that I didn t want to put it down.This novel is definitely a continuation of the first Which means, you really must read the first to understand the situations in this novel.That being said, I really enjoyed this sequel Although not as thoroughly terrifying as the first novel, this one definitely had you on the edge of your seat as you watched Nina try to navigate the system once.Karr s dystopia is very involved and heavily regulated It is a world where the media runs the nation, and because of their antifeminist tendencies, they have created a world where it is dangerous to be a woman Once again sex is a central topic in this novel, but it is only really talked about.Nina Oberon is becoming and of an adult as these novels progress, and it is refreshing to see a character change and grow She is a strong female character who wants to do the right thing, and seeks to make her world a better place.Overall this is a wonderful continuation of the series In many ways, this book was even better than the first Karr knows how to build tension and keep the reader engaged Her writing just keeps getting better I love these novels and can t wait to read.Cautions for sensitive readers While there is no explicit sex in this novel there is discussion of sex slavery and an attempted rape There is definitely some violence in this novel. Even better than Timely Truth ARC read via Around The World ARC Tours Book will be released January 19, 20124 gnomes out of 5 gnomesThis was a great sequel, I liked it even then the first book The characters grow a lot and there are dire choices made.Nina has some hard decisions to make and to learn about the world She knows that the government is corrupt and full of lies but in this book she finds out how far the corruption goes.Nina is trying to become proactive and self reliant, which is great to see She s moving forward and wants to make a difference It s hard to do this though being only sixteen and the known daughter of the person who was probably the biggest threat that the government has known.I like her sister Dee in this book She becomes a much capable and strong character Her bad decisions are made mostly due to the fact that no one lets her know the whole truth That s the part that really drove me crazy, it feels like she could handle the truth but nobody will tell it to her In this way she s kind of like Nina was in the first book I don t like how in the end she s still the character who s the most in the dark about their situation Since the title of the book is Truth, I wish characters had learned the truth.This story does have a love triangle but it actually works very well I don t think I ve ever been so happy to have a love triangle in a book Having one lets Nina explore her feelings and lets her see all her options I personally hope she ends up with the new love interest, he just seems well rounded and better suited to what she s looking for.There are even problems for Nina to overcome as she tries to keep what s left of her family together I figured out one of the mysteries early but it was still a strong twist The final twist is crazy though, I didn t think it would end like it does The ending sets up what should be a very promising finale because you re left wondering if this society can truly change for the better. 4.5 5 stars.There are spoilers from the first book XVI.Truth is the sequel to XVI In the first book, we got to meet Nina Oberon, her family and friends She went through a lot, including losing two very important people in her life But she also discovered something about her father Nina thought he was dead But in fact he had been alive and in charge of a resistance movement Book 2 picks up where XVI left off Nina is now 16 and has her sex teen tattoo In this world that means that you are fair game for anybody to have sex with you.I enjoyed XVI and really enjoyed the sequel Truth It was a nice and quick continuation of the first book I love dystopia and I really enjoy Julia Karr s world.In this world there are tiers And people treat the lower tiers quite poorly Nina and her family became tier 2 when her father left Her friend Wei and her family are tier 5 Loved Nina in book 2 She is forced to become an adult And she really grew up quickly I enjoyed her very much And her sister Dee She was a little kid in book 1 But in book 2 she also had to grow up She is strong and sweet And I loved that we really got to know her in book 2.Also really love Nina s friend Wei and her brother Chris And I really enjoyed the Sisterhood.There was a love triangle, which I wasn t really expecting And it was definitely not clearcut At least not for me I liked both guys.Loved some new characters that were developed Paulette Gold rich girl who was part of the sisterhood Kasimir Lessig media personality who influenced people to do whatever he wanted Dr Silverman who was Nina s Gran s doctor And Miss Maldovar Dee s new teacher.Definitely lots of very interesting characters.There were lots of twists and turns Some were a bit predictable to me But I was not expecting the ending I really look forward to book 3. (DOWNLOAD) Ü Truth ò An Exciting Dystopian Thriller, And Sequel To XVI Nina Oberon S Life Has Changed Enormously In The Last Few Months When Her Mother Was Killed, Nina Discovered The Truth About Her Father, The Leader Of The Resistance And Now She Sports The Same Governing Council Ordered Tattoo Of XVI On Her Wrist That All Sixteen Year Old Girls Have The One That Announces To The World That She Is Easy Prey To Predators But Nina Won T Be Anyone S Stereotype And When She Joins An Organization Of Girls Working Within The Resistance, She Knows That They Can Put An End To One Of The Most Terrifying Secret Programs The GC Has Ever Conceived Because The Truth Always Comes Out And The Consequences Can Be Deadly The Truth will set you freeNina has had great changes since her appearance in XVI where we unraveled her past and she found her future In this second installment of this amazing new dystopian series, Julia Karr asks us, how far will we go for the truth For not only within our owns truths that we hold, but in the truths that others hold for us and the truths that society itself is hiding from Nina has so much thrown at her in Truth and she wades through it and triumphs New beginnings arise as Nina finds her inner strength and back bone as she begins to loose so much and have it taken away What I love so much about this character especially in this book is that not only does she question a lot about herself and her world, but she is questioning those around her and coming to some sudden truths of her own As Nina is finding her pillar of strength in her world and becoming a stronger part of the Resistance and finding her voice, we really see Nina take a stand for herself and everyone I love that in a female character when they really see their own value and present it.We hide the Truth, we hide behind the Truth, and we refuse to see the Truth, but Julia Karr tells us to question the Truth, to be sure before we choose which side to stand behind.