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Similar Books None that I can think of this series is something very different than what else is out there in the market.Real Rating 3 1 2 starsThis is a hard review for me to write, y all I LOVED the first two books in this series They were like nothing else I d read, and I couldn t get enough I loved that Colleen Houck was writing about something you don t see much in YA Eastern mythology but even the wicked mythology couldn t save this one for me, unfortunately.First, let s talk about the awesome things in this book 1 The pacing of this novel was so much better than the other 3 I remember buying Tiger s Voyage and gaping at the size of it I mean, it could kill someone if you threw it at them And the pacing of the first 3 books was laborious at times although I ll be honest and say that it didn t bug me to read about all their meals and Kelsey s clothes wasn t so good for my diet, though , but this one starts with a bang, keeps up the intensity, and ends with one too I think people who found the first 3 slow will prefer this book s pacing.2 THE COVER It s so pretty that it almost hurts my eyes Splinter design team, I am very impressed.3 I thought Houck handled the chosen one plot very well Usually, I m not into that kinda thing It s actually what kept me from loving Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo But I think the fact that Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey all have a specific destiny was what made me prefer that plot device the destiny, chosen one ness was sort of shared all around, and that felt natural.4 To everyone that thought Kelsey was TSTL in book s 1 and maybe 2 , I give you kickbutt Kelsey who most certainly can take care of herself I meanwow She turned into Zena, Warrior Princess in this book This is another thing that sorta irks me average girls turning into these warriors, but I actually totally bought it in this bookprobably because of the supernatural assistance she got.5 A lot of times in paranormal books, we get frustrated with characters who are in mortal danger but they talk about their feelings and get all romantic instead of worrying about how they re going to defend themselves But this book wasn t like that AT ALL There s not talking about feelings or any smooshiness when battle approaches I liked that a lot Okaynos for what I didn t care for as much.OMG THE ROMANCE I like love triangles I do No, really Edward Jacob Loved it Peeta Gale Loved it But Ren Kishan At first, I was really into it But at this point, I m over it.Because there was so much quick pacing in this book, I felt like the character development really suffered Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan really stay the same throughout this book nothing changes in any of their relationships, no growth, no nothing I wanted Ren and Kishan to FINALLY just come to the point where they can t stand each other any or they realize that Kelsey isn t worth fighting over I wanted Kelsey to MAKE UP HER MIND I wanted Kishan to see Kelsey mooning over Ren and be like, Eff this I m done with you Unfortunately, none of this happened It was just lots of angst and stolen glances between Kelsey and Reneven after view spoiler Kishan PROPOSES and Kelsey SAYS YES hide spoiler [Read Ebook] ☼ Tiger's Destiny ☩ With Three Of The Goddess Durga S Quests Behind Them, Only One Prophecy Now Stands In The Way Of Kelsey, Ren, And Kishan Breaking The Tiger S Curse But The Trio S Greatest Challenge Awaits Them A Life Endangering Pursuit In Search Of Durga S Final Gift, The Rope Of Fire, On The Andaman Islands In The Bay Of Bengal It S A Race Against Time, And The Evil Sorcerer Lokesh, In This Eagerly Anticipated Fourth Volume In The Bestselling Tiger S Curse Series, Which Pits Good Against Evil, Tests The Bonds Of Love And Loyalty, And Finally Reveals The Tigers True Destinies Once And For AllA Smart Phone Tag Code On The Back Cover Links Readers To The Series Website EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN T READ THIS BOOK I KNOW I WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN MRS HOUCK Why couldn t they publish all the books at the same time, THERE IS AN IDEA Am I right, please someone say yes Teheheheeeeeeee. Sorry for all the profanity and spoilers you will read from now on That being saidI am sitting here wondering why the fuck did Colleen Houck do something like this to me and to all the fans of this series.Tiger Saga was one of my favourite series Ever And now the calamity that is this book happened and I know things will never be the same.I tell you, never in my life have I cursed so much as while I was reading Tiger s Destiny And why did I curse so much Because of several things, my dear friends, but especially because of the so called heroine, Kelsey fucking Hayes She really pissed me the fuck off I swear I tried to understand what the fuck was going on in that little head of hers but I couldn t.I couldn t understand why, if you love someone, would you be with someone else I couldn t understand why, if your love is so strong, wouldn t you be able to choose between the person you love and the other one I couldn t understand why would you subject your beloved to so much misery.Kelsey s behavior was despicable Outrageous She kept denying Ren and his feelings, railed his love and said that she didn t want to be with him and that she loved Kishan So, why the fuck didn t she gave him a little rest Why the fuck did she seek him when he wanted to be alone Did she want him to sit there and watch all day the sad circus that was Kishan and her cuddling and all lovey lovey and shit o.ORen suffered terribly He came to the point of saying that he almost preferred to be tortured again by Lokesh, rather than continue like that So, if she was so set on being with Kishan, the least she could do was leave Ren alone.But no The bitch had to be all over Kishan and then when everybody bailed on her and she didn t want to be alone, she would go see where Ren was.The fucking bitch was torturing the one and only person that loves her the most in the fucking planet She was hurting him, in every way possible, even physically, but she didn t care She just left him there, hurting, begging Further, who the fuck did she think she was to have some right to feel angry, annoyed, betrayed, whatever, when Ren just wanted to be alone and, eventually, go on with his life When she caught him with Anamika she was pissed off and thought that she wanted to plunge a knife into his unfaithful heart What the fucking fuck o.OExcuse the hell out of me, so it is right for you to want both brothers, be with one and terribly hurt the other, but he can t try to keep living without you o.OEven when he had already said that he couldn t do it Who has the unfaithful heart Who is the selfish, narcisist slut But it wasn t just Kelsey that pissed me the fuck off in this book Let s see the entire Saachi situation I thought that Ren was Saachi but it was Kishan after all What the fuck Unless Kishan used the scarf to impersonate Saachi and then Ren.But Colleen tells us that when Kelsey finally admited to Saachi that Ren was the one she really loved, Saachi smiled or whatever in a way that said I knew it or I told you so.So, it would be a little weird if it was Kishan acting like that Ren s death Damnit Ren didn t have to die I was truly devastated Also, I was too fucking enraged when Kishan brought him back, not because he was his brother but because he wanted to please his bitch fianc e Anamika s Durga s demeanor I must say that Durga as a mortal was a little too bitchy and sarcastic to my liking and as a goddess was worthless because she didn t do shit She was not the one defeating Lokesh Fucking Kelsey defeated the sucker with Ren s help, of course Kishan s end Why the hell did he have to make a second sacrifice when everybody else just made one Fuck this It should be Durga making this sacrifice, since she didn t do shit out of the goodness of her goddess heart cough Now, Kishan had to stay in the fucking past to be her sex slave tiger pet.This was so fucked up that I actually cried for him the actual end of the book Things happened too fucking quickly One moment Kelsey was Kishan s bitch and saying that a part of her would always be Ren s and the other she was with Ren saying that a part of her would always be Kishan s.Bipolar bitch SAnd then they were happy and all lovey lovey and married and shit.I was left wondering why the fuck do we need a fifth book if there is not much to say.I guess Tiger s Dream will be about Anik but we ll see.However, I had to give 3 stars to this book for my Ren s sake or otherwise I would feel bad But I didn t really want toAnyway, Ren, I love you so much You re perfetc Leave Kelsey and we can be happy together. Rating Actually it should be a negative 20 stars, but Goodread wouldn t allow this rating so I made do with one star It s easily one of the worst books I ve ever read in my life.Warning F words flying from all directions, don t like don t read.To Dear Colleen HouckFrom MizukiHello, Colleen Houck.I d decided to skip those dear this and dear that because to be frank, I have no respect toward you as an author and I don t really think you deserve to be called one. Still for the sake of both literature and humanity, I would like to suggest you to do a couple of things 1 Next time, when you write books about foreign cultures and societies, DO YOUR FXXKING RESEARCH DO YOUR HOMEWORK 2 Next time, when you include Eastern mythologies in your books, DO NOT insert an ignorant White Girl who knows nothing about said mythologies and let said White Girl become the savior of all creatures It s goddamn offensive 3 Take a goddamn writing lesson before you start writing anything else again Pretty, please 4 DO NOT mix different cultures and mythical creatures from different mythologies together like they re one great big fucking happy family, for no explanation and no good reason 5 DO NOT insert a White Skinned Mary Sue, who is even bigger a Mary Sue than Bella freaking Swan from Twilight, into your story 6 Myths and history ARE NOT THE SAME THING Get it 7 For God s sake, BE RESPECTFUL to other people s cultures and traditions DON T MAKE THINGS UP, JUST DON T Okay 8 If you really, really need to make things up, CREATE YOUR OWN MYTH, BUILD YOUR OWN FANTASY WORLD instead of inserting your make believe bullshit into someone else s myths and cultures No one needs to have their cultures shitted all over like what you had done with Hindus Chinese myths and history.None of the above is so very difficult to do, right Right now, all I can say about Tiger s Destiny is The only thing which is worse than the first 300 pages of this book, is the last 100 pages of this book.When I was in the middle of the book, I kept telling myselfColleen Houck had already done her worst in the previous books, I m NOT going to get angry because of this last book and its stupidity I m not going to throw a bitch fit over the stupidity, I m not going to throw a bitch fit over the FUCKING STUPIDITY But in the ending, I was very, very angry and I did throw my bitch fit, because the ending part of Tight s Destiny is just ridiculously, eye poppingly, outrageously BAD And here s my feeling to this so called Tiger Saga as a whole LINKPre Review In my Tiger s Voyage review , I made comments how Colleen Houck failed to mention realistic details about Indian s society, such as 1 Houck did not mention seeing any poor people, or one single beggar on the street Instead she made it sound like every single person who lived in India was rich or at the very least, middle class 2 It s barely noted that how hot the weather can be, with all the rain and stuff 3 Not once did she mention anything about the social cultural barriers between Indian men and women, nor did any of her characters seem to notice romantic relationship and marriage are being viewed in ways which are quite different from American Western societies Now I have something to add 4 Houck did not mention anything about cows, monkeys or other animals wandering on the streets Yes, since India is still partly an rural society, plus cows and a handful of other animals are being viewed as holy, so animals DO wandering on the streets, even in the largest cities Well, I think these are things that you would have paid your attention to 5 Not once did she mention the untidiness in some parts of the cities towns villages places her characters had visited Instead Houck made it sound like the environment in India doesn t have much difference with America Oh well, those Bollywood movies always want to have you believed that India is ALL MIDDLE CLASS, ALL WESTERNIZED, ALL CLEAN AND MODERN But, it really isn t the whole picture.Houck, I have to wonder how can you fail in so many ways.I won t keep my hope up.Update of reading progress First I want to talk about Houck s poems Yes, she added at least two poems of hers into the book.And here s my suggestion for all authors and wannabe authors out there If you were going to quote Lord Tennyson s and Edgar Allan Poe s poems in your book, then DO NOT add your own crappy poems in the same book It only makes your bad poems look even worse when we compare your crappy poems with Lord Tennyson s and Poe s Secondly, about 50 pages into the book, I am faced with Colleen Houck screwing up Chinese history again.We re told that supposedly, the villain was the bastard son of an emperor of the ancient Chinese Shu kingdom also known as Shu Han , and his mother was supposed to be an Indian slave girl The time of the villain s birth was probably somewhere between 221 AD to 263 AD.I will not even bother to tell you there s no historical record for that supposed bastard son between the Shu Emperor and an Indian slave a royal bastard went unnoticed how likely can it be I wouldn t even bother Still, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform you that at the time of the Three Kingdoms era, China was a much smaller country than its current self, and I would also like to show you a map of China from the Three Kingdoms era Note the map is taken from Wiki So you can see the Kingdom of Shu on the map, you can also see its two warring neighbors Kingdom of Wei and Kingdom of Wu, you can also see Korea and Taiwan on the map, but can you see India Well, of course you can t see India anywhere near Kingdom of Shu, because geographically these two kingdoms were so far, far apart You can imagine how difficult it would be to transport Indian slaves all the way to the Shu realm.Then, would somebody tells me how did Shu Emperor import Indian slaves At around page 60, Kelsey needed to learn things about the birth of Goddess Durga, so she went to read some books not that I have any objection on her doing some research but then the next thing we know, Kelsey was lecturing the Durga myth to both Ren and Kishan I AM SORRY Shouldn t these two Indian princes know the Durga myth by heart For crying out loud, Durga is one of the most popular goddesses in India and her many myths are well known So why must two Indians learn about their own mythology from the White Girl Colleen Houck, you must be kidding.I need to tell you I have serious issues with the ending of Tiger s Destiny I was enraged when Houck basically tells us through out the centuries, all Indians have gotten the Durga Myths all wrong, view spoiler Goddess Durga actually didn t defeat the great bull demon by herself, instead the bull demon was taken down by a White Girl Who Has The Power Of A Goddess hide spoiler That can t be right, it says it only has 250 pages That s insane Tiger s Voyage had over 500, this one has HALF of that O UPDATE No Fucking Way They bumped up the release date to September September UPDATE Okay, now it says 400 Still pretty short compared to Tiger s Voyage but I ll take it ANOTHER UPDATE Cover reveal Okay, well, not really But it s gonna be green It tells us that much ONE MORE LAST UPDATE, I SWEAR Cover reveal Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.After I Finished Review to come. RATING 2.5 Out Of 5 Tiger s Destiny has the same flaws that Tiger s Voyage did Reading Destiny just made me feel like I was reading Voyage all over again and that really does suck When this series started with Curse, I was in love, the first novel was AMAZING I loved loved loved it and the second novel Quest was just as good, but from there everything went downhill.There is only so long that readers can read the same thing continuously, there is only so long before the same love triangle gets so repetitive and boring What s worse with every continuing book in this series I hate and despise Kelsey and She is not a very likeable character, especially after everyone knows she loves Ren but she s okay with stringing Kishan along continuously You re a bitch Kelsey it s all I can say The scene that secured that defection to her is one where she and Kishan are lying on the beach and while he is proposing to her, she s too busy perving at Rens half naked body And even know she never sleeps with any of the brother I can t help think of how much of a whore she is, she jumps back and forth between the two brothers, it s just Cruel.But aside from this, what really was the major disappointment with this novel was the plot It sucked, it was just again like Voyage over the top, silly and ridiculous Too much happened, 50 million things happen in the book that it just felt over packed with stuff and not even good stuff It just appears that Houck didn t know what to put into the story and just put a whole bunch of crap in there just to lengthen out then novel.What s even stranger about this novel in particular is that the series is properly ended in this novel, they finish the quests and she ends up with a brother, so why is there another novel What could is possibly be about On my Voyage review I stated that Voyage was the weakest book of the three, I can now correct this and say that Destiny is definitely the weakest of the four Not only this but I stated that hopefully the series will return to its former glory with Destiny I was wrong It all went severely down from Voyage and it deeply saddens me to think about where this series first started off being one of the best series I had read and it being amazing book 1 and 2 to having such crappy books to follow it and end with, it s just not right You see this quite alot with authors who have such great ideas and concepts with novels and their novels start off fantastically, but as the series progresses it appears obvious to readers that the author doesn t know where to take their story and struggles to come up with books to top its first novels in the series Hunger Games, Strange Angels Are just to name a few Sooo disappointed.But here is an awesome picture I found by Juhani of Ren Kelsey This review contains unmarked spoilers.If you didn t know before, I used to be very in love with this series before I started getting into other young adult novels I still enjoy the two first books in the Tiger s Curse series, but after that I started to hate them purses lips Let s face it everyone knew who Kelsey would end up with If you actually thought that Colleen would try something different, you re wrong, and deep down you knew it You could hope all you want, but authors rarely take the surprising side out of a love triangle So ask yourself, and don t be bias Who would end up with Kelsey in the end Ren, duh.That was no surprise, but I wasn t expecting that ending. I m absolutely livid, and I m not very thrilled about it, mind you.PlotTIGER S CURSE was truly amazing It remains one of my favorite guilty pleasure books.TIGER S QUEST I adored even , because the plot was great and kISHAN IS SUCH A BABE.TIGER S VOYAGE left me raging Suddenly, Kelsey s become one of YA s worst heroines, and Ren and Kishan have have completely changed to adjust to her type.TIGER S DESTINY was undeniably better at least until the ending but it was still a train wreck TIGER S DESTINY begins with Kelsey, who s cruising on the damsel in distress ship She s been captured by Lokesh, and while Colleen tries to make Kelsey the ultimate kickass deceiver, it comes off as rather pathetic, since we see it from Kelsey s point of view Anyway, Kelsey is rescued by her slaves boyfriend and ex boyfriend who she s in love with before Lokesh marries and beds her.To break the curse, Kelsey has to retrieve the Rope of Fire, and complete a bunch of quests Along the way, there was a big surprise, Kishan and Durga started flirting with each other it made me sick , Kelsey bitched about wanting Ren, there were that sounded like a rip off of Lord of the Rings, and a whole bunch of time traveling crap that made my brain hurt The book is definitely action packed, containing a heart wrenching death that made me sniffle and a good plot that would ve been better if it wasn t all over the place RomanceOne of my biggest pet peeves in the series is that every single creature in every universe is in love with or wanting or lusting after Kelsey She s also dumb enough to still think no one likes her.And this girl This girl is not even slightly interesting The only word adequate to describe her is stupid STUPID You d think that almost three years after meeting Ren and Kishan, she d know that the brothers think she s the world s gift to mankind, and to shut the hell up with the I m a demented Cabbage Patch Doll and he deserves a Barbie shit.But, I m devastated to report Kelsey actually goes back to feeling bad for herself I mean, her parents died She doesn t deserve happiness, right , thinking that she s too dull for Ren she is, of course, but when she s been whining about it for four books straight, you just want to super glue her jaws , being annoying as hell, and a jealous, stupid bitch who makes about as much sense as Donald Trump s hair Now, there s something I noticed that didn t make a lot of sense She s not good enough for Ren, but Kishan is okay Eh Come again That s a slap in the face to poor Kishan, who s heart gets trampled so many times, I would ve gone mad Match Point style and murdered Kelsey.To any other girl, the answer to this love triangle would be obvious Kelsey should let go of poor Kishan, who s only going to get hurt by her stupidity Kelsey goes back to Ren, and Kishan has a shot with somebody who s not a total idiot Instead, Kishan proposes and Kelsey says yes.She Says Yes.I don t think that Kelsey understands what being engaged means Let me clarify 2 having formally agreed to marry. Being a fianc e means you should love them unconditionally, and only them because how are you supposed to live with someone, probably for the rest of your life, and have children and grow old with him, when you ve been in love with another since you accepted Being a fianc e is not as simple as being a girlfriend YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED I ll repeat it for you KELSEY, YOU ARE GOING TO BE HUSBAND AND WIFE, SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MARRYING SOMEONE YOU RE NOT IN LOVE WITH You should love them YOU SHOULD LOVE THE PERSON YOU ARE MARRYING IN A ROMANTIC WAY.Kelsey is too fucking immature to realize what this means Of course, Kelsey is actually in love with Ren, but she constantly says she can t be with him because he d sacrifice himself for her She continuously denies her love for Ren, because she s trying save him She uses Kishan so Ren won t kill himself saving her He s her rebound, her replacement for not being able to have Ren.USER.Oh, the tears of irony are leaking from my face Kishan has sacrificed himself for Kelsey in important ways, you stupid, stupid girl She spends most of the book shooting Ren longing looks and having steamy conversations with Ren that I swear were written to sound dirty on purpose here s twoTo properly ride a horse, you have to form a bond, feel his strength, the power in his muscles Pay attention to his gait, his stride Close your eyes Can you feel how his body rises and falls He ll take you wherever you want to go All you need to do is learn to work with him and not against himand my personal favorite,I used the Rope to whip her the cat , Ren said. Kelsey also throws various tantrums, spewing with venom, all centered around Ren and his possible relationship with Anamika the Clan leader destined to stop Lokesh in the past , when she has absolutely no fucking right.If someone was in love with you, and you decided to marry someone else, would it make any sense for you to be furious with the person you left after you see them with someone else NO IT DOES NOT I really should have bet money on who d get Kelsey, though, because, damn I would ve made a lot It couldn t have been obvious, but it still stung like a bitch.The love triangle was no doubt the worst part of the book Kelsey has an easy life if the biggest problem she faces is having two yummy guys in love with her because let s face it If Kishan only thought of her as a friend, she wouldn t look twice at him.CharactersI think we ve already established Kelsey is one of the worst protagonists ever, no And that Ren and Kishan are unrecognizable, as they ve changed themselves for Kelsey Here, I mainly want to clap and thank DurgaAnamika Anamika, who reminds me so much of my dearest Asami, in personality and looks Anamika, who is actually Durga but doesn t really act like it Anamika, who constantly tortured Kelsey until she finally decided to like her Dammit.EndingFor the very last part of releasing the curse, a tiger must be given to Durga to become Damon, her lover and her co tiger person Guess who s noble enough to do it Kishan Kishan, because over and over he s proved himself to Kelsey, but she continues to run back to Ren when she has than she needs It was a rushed and horrible ending to a love triangle for an unlikable girl It felt like Colleen was out of ideas, so she just decided to grab a doll of Kishan and Anamika and do this It was much too forced Kishan even writes a letter saying how it took a lot of time for him to get over Kelsey I just hope he really loves Anamika But I still can t get over how fast Kelsey got over Kishan In a snap of my fingers one week, to be exact Kelsey was getting married to Ren with no regrets I literally felt nauseous In seven days I can t get over finishing Darkness Falls and this little harpy is getting married after her fianc e GAVE HIMSELF UP FOR HER.Just because your fianc e tells your lover to make sure you re happy doesn t mean you go marry him IN A WEEK.THERE IS MORE TO YOUR LIFE THAN GETTING MARRIED, KELSEY GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND THEN THINK OF BECOMING A WIFE, YOU MORON.WritingI suffer from second hand embarrassment when I read Houck s books The series uses so many similes and metaphors mostly during kissing scenes , it makes Cassandra Clare s writing look non descriptive In TIGER S DESTINY, the writing has calmed down, but I still headdesk whenever it gets out of control It s like the steamier the scene and trust me, it s no steam It s just way too much flowery writing , the descriptive the writing gets I doubt any girl would think the way Kelsey does.Wrap upIt was such a disappointing ending is it an end Because there s still TIGER S DREAM, but this sounds like the final book I think Kelsey s going to be pregnant in the last book, FML, just watch to the series, and just a plainly disappointing book in all The series started out amazing and shit hit the fan after Voyage I was so sad when I finished, because I expected the series to be so much better.It left me feeling like this, the most over used gif ever I leave with you with this brilliant quote from the Phoenix directed at KelseyAs it is, you life is rather pathetic What a waste UPDATE Nov 23, 2012 ALKDGJILDSKAJLAKDIS I DON T KNOW HOW I CAN LIVE ANYMORE MY EMOTIONS, THE FEELINGS, THE OMG WHAT DID I JUST READ COLLEEN HOUCK YOU HAVE UTTERLY RUINED MY LIFE WITH THE MOST AMAZING, HEART ACHING, EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER, AND BEAUTIFUL BOOK EVER.BUT WHY IS THERE A FIFTH BOOK THIS BOOK HAD A GREAT ENDING UPDATE Nov 22, 2012 YOU DON T KNOW HOW LONG I VE BEEN WAITING TO READ THIS BOOK MY COPY FINALLY ARRIVED FROM THE LIBRARY AND I MUST SAY, ALOT CAN HAPPEN IN THE FIRST 50 PAGES OF A BOOK this book particularly THE COVER LOOKS AMAZING NOW I REALLY CAN T WAIT UNTIL TO READ IT After reading Tiger s Voyage I was like And after finally getting over the trauma I ve experienced from the ending of Tiger s Voyage, I waited for the cover for Tiger s Destiny And after seeing the cover, I am now like thisTo be honest, I can t wait, I NEED THIS BOOK NOW I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS Please be released faster, please