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!PDF ⚖ This One Time ☨ Much Maligned Blogger Jacob Lynch Aka Brodie Lomax Has Been Called Many Things Professional Douchebag, The King Of Fratire, Tabloid Maverick, Mr Misogyny, Revenge Porn Romeo, That Sex Tape Guy And Assholepreneur And Now He Can Add Multi Millionaire To That ListWith The Renewal Of His Reality TV Show As Well As His Eight Figure Book Deal, Life Is Good For New York S Most Notorious Blogger But He S Suffering From A Serious Bout Of Writer S Block, And The Distractions Of Endless Parties, Drugs And Meaningless Sex Are Not Helping Trapped Within His Life Of Excess, He Is Teetering On The Edge, The Next Stop Rehab So Jacob Flees The City For An Isolated Hunting Lodge In Alaska Where He Can Focus On Getting His Manuscript Done, Once And For AllWhen The Mysterious Beautiful Alicia Unexpectedly Emerges From The Icy Landscape, He Knows He Shouldn T Invite Her In, But Pretty Young Things Have Always Been His Greatest Weakness The Next Day Jacob Wakes Up Chained To A Bed, And That S When Things Take A Turn For The Terrifying I found this book absorbing and its premise was lots of fun, but I think it would have packed much punch if it was only half as long The plot is just not complex or mysterious enough to keep a reader thrilled for nearly 400 pages As a result, what could be a biting, schadenfreude laden romp of a short novel feels drawn out and watered down, and this is a shame. Notorious revenge porn blogger Jacob Lynch, better known by his pseudonym Brodie Lomax, is in the midst of throwing the internet world on its head with the renewal of his reality TV show, seven figure book deal, and of course his revenge porn blog, when he suddenly vanishes out of range of any wi fi hotspot An escape to an isolated hunting lodge in the middle of Alaska seems to be the perfect cure for his writer s block until the mysterious Alicia shows up Of course, things don t go exactly as planned, and when he wakes up chained to a bed, revenge and grief stricken Alicia seems than happy to give him quite literally a dose of his own sick medicine.Alex van Tonder s debut novel is exciting, unexpected and undeniably crazy much like her psychotic bride to be on the loose, Alicia I experienced so many conflicting thoughts and emotions that by the time I finally closed the book I had to sit back for a little while and take about five or six deep, deep breaths Jacob is simultaneously infuriating I wanted to kill him for about 95% of the novel, or at least give him a serious lecture on basic human decency and how not to destroy other people s lives and frustratingly likeable I was startled that at some points, I actually didn t want Alicia to mutilate him, and hoped he d be able to find his way back home somehow I think that exposes some really good writing the way in which van Tonder was able to completely expose a Professional Douchebag to use her own words of a man, and yet still invoke sympathy for him in her readers is quite phenomenal.I had a little bit of a problem with the way in which men and women were portrayed, but I suppose that can be put down to the novel being from Jacob s perspective He is the textbook definition of a misogynist Still, all the women were portrayed as fame hungry, Instagram obsessed, sex crazed, desperate housewives that only needed a little money to be convinced that their leaked sex tape was not so bad after all And the men were just as bad drug addicted, noncommittal, self absorbed morons with nothing better to do than follow the instructions of the internet cool kids But then, in total, terrifying contrast, Alicia is totally bonkers She is one hundred percent, lock away in an asylum forever crazy, and for a little while I sat there half smiling at the book thinking, Nah, come on she would never really do tha OH WAIT NOPE, SHE DID OKAY I was so wrapped in shock at her inhumanity that when the plot twist finally crashed the party, I pretty much had an aneurism.Then, because it s a mysterious new genre of social media crime thriller fiction, about fifteen rapid, expertly timed and executed plot twits threw the whole story on its head again, leading up to an ending I can only explain as throw the book at the wall worthy I haven t stopped thinking about it since but that s the way you know it was a damn good book, right This One Time is witty, dark and somewhat brilliant Its bold originality and sharp, fast paced writing makes for an incredible novel, with enough twists and turns to make its readers feel almost as disoriented as Jacob himself Highly recommended.Read of my blogs and reviews at All Things Amy. I struggled with this book The author is a blogger and this is her first novel ironically the story is about a blogger I was disappointed that as a South African author, she chose New York as her setting The protagonist is a chauvinistic and misogynistic man which, I felt, was not very well developed as a character He seemed to embody all of the cliches without any depth Overall the story failed to really get deep Every time it was headed there, the story would twist off in another direction I also felt that the story drew on too many other story lines from famous novels and thus lacked originality in many places Hopefully, her next book will improve on some of these aspects. Finally finished this book It took me a while to get through it, partly because I have it in paperback format, and finding the time to actually sit down and read a book as opposed to listening to one while getting on with life has been very hard this year But also partly because the first 60% of this book has been a bit of a slog I won t lie there was a time when I really, REALLY wanted to hate this book and give it up At some point I just wanted to scream that yes, I get that Jacob is in pain, but can we please get this show on the road While the last third is fast paced and nail bitey, the first 2 thirds crawl by like a man who had his feet chopped off, bleeding reflection, inner monologue and descriptive prose as far as he goes The ending, however, than makes up for the faults of this book The pay off and then some is definitely worth the pain of the first part, and in some cases I was even forced to go back and revise my bad opinion, as Van Tonder had clearly been setting up certain cliches on purpose as a few well placed red herrings In the end I found that the twist had been well planned and expertly inserted, giving me enough reason to doubt from the very first few pages, but never enough to actually know what was going on I would definitely recommend this book simply so that the reader could laugh out loud in disbelief at the horror of the revelation on the very last page. This One Time by Alex van Tonder can be classified as a pseudo modern thriller that makes Jim Carey s The Truman Show look like kindergarten recess The story starts off excluding the prologue, obviously where Jacob Lynch aka Brodie Lomax is finally getting ahead in his career as New York s most successful blogger A beer brand is looking to collaborate with the star for his own reality TV show, where he can womanise and generally be a douche on cam, for money than he s ever dreamed off Add his signing bonus for a book he s not been able to write, and voila, he s a self made millionaire But being a misogynist as blatantly as him isn t everything he s dreamed of Alicia, one sick psycho, has a bone to pick with Brodie, and he might not be able to bullshit his way out of it this time.This One Time is written A chronologically in places, where Jacob Lynch is transported to and fro in his memories, which makes for intriguing reading What s , This One Time is very now as far as modern horror is concerned, preying on the reader s fears in regards to the social and moral problems associated with an online presence Social networking mixed with advertising commercialism blended with capitalist agendas these elements creates a relevant thriller horror novel that ll keep you turning the pages.Readers, who are in the mood for a proper mind fuck as far as psychological thrillers are concerned, will find solace in Alex van Tonder s This One Time The writing flows well, the pacing is good, and the plot is downright terrifying.Review originally posted on This one time I irritated my husband reading till the wee hours of the morning and sneaked off to a coffee shop after a meeting to finish a book This one time I swear I m not posting anything on any blog, twitter or Instagram ever again. This book was emotionally exhausting.Jacob was the most awful guy but I somehow still felt sorry for him, especially after the final reveal. With words like Professional douchebag, assholepreneur and revenge porn Romeo used to describe our protagonist Jacob Lynch A.K.A Brodie Lomax it should not come as a surprise that our bro Brodie is all of the above and so much Picture everything that is dark, twisted and terribly terribly wrong with social media and the fame that comes along with it Now picture a young good looking drugged up misogynistic man in control of it all That my friends is Brodie Lomax.At first I had a hard time getting into the story, mostly because it s being told through Jacob Lynch s perspective and man does his perspective suck He makes a living out of exploiting women for goodness sake However, Alex managed to keep me hooked through out the book despite my building hatred towards Brodie and it also helped a lot seeing a different side to him as the book progressed Glimpses into Jacob s past, before The Age of Brodie made him human and in a way tolerable.The relevance of the different characters need for fame and success however is what initially hooked me in the beginning of the novel Let me tell you some people would do just about anything to get their 15 minutes of fame and with social media making so many people s dreams come true it was fascinating reading a book that basically attacked that part of modern society It inadvertently made me question whether or not the end really does justify the means and I personally think that if people were to read this book they would ask themselves the same thing Hopefully, coming to the same conclusion I had, It damn well does not Although most of the characters seemed a little one dimensional, in the sense that the bad almost always outweighed the good Realistically it didn t make sense to me but within the fictional world it emphasized the grey morals, the blurred line between right and wrong that rears its head when ambition is involved and since the novel can be seen as a social commentary of modern society I was able to let this slide, because as we all very well know the views of the morally corrupt usually make for some very entertaining reading material The second part of the novel is what really got my motor running After Jacob landed in Alaska things started getting out of control really quickly and I found myself taking several moments after almost every chapter to compose myself I didn t think it was possible for me to dislike a character then Brodie, until I was introduced to Alicia that is Alicia arrives at the hunting lodge soon after Brodie does and even though he was told that he would be alone in the lodge the idiot still manages to invite her in.Sigh Men and their judgementOkay, so he was under the impression that she was there to keep the lodge in tip top shape for him but damn it If something seems too good to be true chances are it is This chick was the main reason why I ended up shouting at the words dancing around on my E reader for most of the novel The movie Gone Girl affected me in the same way so if you, like me was completely blown away by that movie then I strongly urge you to pick up this book right now Basically Alicia is bat shit crazy and Brodie managed to some how ruin her life Haha, if only the dude ran away when he had his chance.I loved hating Alicia and the way the whole Alaska trip turned out, I was literally as in the dark about everything as Brodie was until the very end so yes, that plot twist broke me I mean I hated Brodie but really did he deserve that No, no one deserves to have something like that happen to them Obviously I am not going to spoil anyone so just trust me when I say that this book will have you on the edge of your seat, bed, table wherever and whenever you choose to dive into this I personally haven t read Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins before but I know some people are calling it the next Gone Girl However, I m pretty sure This One Time can give it a run for it s money.Who should read this If you loved Gone Girl and basically any other psychological thriller and if the you, like Alex is attracted to the dark side of the digital world then this book is definitely for you. Stephen King for the age of social media a twisted tour through the depths of modern desperation for fame and affirmation.