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I gave up on this one.The author seemed to divide her time between showing off and being angry Even the stuff that was supposed to be funny fell into one of these two categories The book needed polish and, I think, less of an edge. [Download E-pub] ♿ Thirty Homes in Thirty Years ♠ When Addy Stevens Resident In Training Husband Walks Out One Day, Leaving Her Alone To Tend To Their Toddler And Unborn Child, Addy Begins To Create A Life She Feels She And Her Two Children Deserve Little Does She Does She Know Her Journey Will Open Doors To Worlds She Could Only Imagine, As She Peels Away The Facades And Delves Into The Interiors Of The People She Encounters Her Only Escape Is The Refuge She Finds Within The Walls Of The Thirty Homes She Creates Over Thirty Years Each One Mirroring The Different Stages Of Her Life, And Reflecting All The Pain, Growth, Success, And Joy She Experiences Along The WayKirkusReviews Describes It As, The Blunt Reality Of Human Nature In A Cheerful, Knowing Tone Available In Paperback At Various Online Retailers And As An Ebook For Kindle Only Cents Wow, can t imagine moving as many times as this author I ve lived in the same small home for 38 years This book contains a lot of detail about Ms Stevens decorating, furniture purchases and job changes I loved the section about her time in Washington, D.C as I have relatives who lived there and loved remembering things like Embassy Row and the Cathedral I did have a hard time relating to the author s critical remarks about so many people in her life from dates co workers boyfriends husband to gays and blacks She came across as a very prejudice and shallow individual Parts of the books are quite funny, however, and she is a good writer There is nothing that would have kept me from raising my children and I almost felt they were abandoned into the pits of hell with a drug addicted father Something I can t imagine ever doing. lovely book Glad I stopped to read this I really enjoyed the descriptions of each of Addy s homes I now feel totally inspired to decorate my place I felt like I could really connect with Addyher personality really comes across and the issues she faces are relatable Overall a great read. A man s home is his castle A woman s home is her refuge, her pride, and the expression of her creativity.We no longer believe that a woman s place is in the home, but for most of us our homes are intimate extensions of ourselves and our personalities Maybe we re wanna be interior decorators or architects, but we want need to transform even temporary accommodations into attractive, comfortable nests I can honestly say that I ve never been inside a home without thinking, What would I do with this place if I lived here Every woman who feels the same will enjoy this lively, humorous book about the author s up and down life, her many moves, and the joy and comfort she takes in turning each house or apartment into her own space Relationships are hard Parents and siblings demand than we can give husbands and lovers are unfaithful or disinterested children have problems which even the most loving mother can t solve for them And so we paint the walls and shop for new curtains and rearrange the furniture The sofa may be heavy to move, but it s comfortable and never criticizes or disappoints you.I d love to know about this author s family background and current relationships What she reveals is intriguing, but invites questions than it answers Perhaps at some time she will feel that she can be open on the subject I particularly appreciate her honesty about her son s addictions and the toll that it s taken on her family This is a heart breaking problem with which so many are struggling now, and every first person story is enlightening and encouraging I hope she ll keep writing I think she has to contribute and I look forward to reading it.