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[[ Read Epub ]] Ð The Well-Favored Man: The Tale of the Sorcerer's Nephew (Well-Favored Man) ä Welcome To Argylle And Its Ruling Family, A Brilliant Flighty, Civilized, And Occasionally Dangerous Clan Of Nearly Immortal Warriors And Magicians Where Young Prince Gwydion, Stuck With Ruling The Dominion, Is Finding His Reigneventful Where Strange Things Keep Turning Up Plagues Of Monsters The Arrival Of A Ravenous Great Dragon And Where A Mysterious Young Woman Who Claims To Be Gwydion S Long Lost Indeed, Quite Unsuspected Sister It S Enough, Gwydion Thinks, To Make A Ruler Want To Find A Nice Long Errand That Ll Take Him Away From His Homeland For A Spell This is another well written fantasy that involves a complex urbane plot full of monsters, dragons, and sorcery.A very intricate plot and elegant prose highlight the book.I recommend it. An under appreciated fantasy novel that deserves to be better known.OK, OK, I ve head critics charge that this is derivative of Zelazny s Amber books To my mind, this is slightly ridiculous So you have an extended family of considerable longevity and the ability to do magic and pass between dimensions and or parallel universes One part of the family lives in an upstart dimension, of which the older, established families disapprove OK, so The similarities end there, and to say that the tone, the themes, or the plot of the book is similar to Amber is just plain mistaken A wonderful cast of characters, family members who actually love one another imagine , and one of the kick ass dragons around make for an interesting tale.Unfortunately, the sequels A Sorcerer and a Gentleman, and The Price of Blood and Honor go back in time to the origins of Argylle and the conflicts spawned by it I wish Elizabeth Willey had stayed in the present and explored that world , instead of indulging in sequels. Fantasy of manners Prince Gwydion, somewhat reluctantly now Lord of Argylle, must discover the cause of various magical disruptions in his land while dealing with his slightly crazy family, sneaky diplomats, and a dragon This was a nicely absorbing read there is just enough wit to cut through the sheer amount of detail, and the narrative voice as in most fantasy of manners is strong and engaging And I liked its portrayal of Gwydion s warm if strange family I was occasionally a bit thrown out of the world building by the choice of names and terms, and some characters occasionally slipped into a faux archaic speech that I found tiresome But these are fairly minor complaints and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy. Enjoyable and immersing, but I was disappointed at the ending Not that anything was wildly wrong with the ending, it just seemed a little too easy, and plot threads were resolved but not really tied together Maybe bc it s the first book in a trilogy Idk.Some things I liked The dragon, Gemnamnon, is really very scary, and I think one driving force in reading the book is that even when he s been driven off for a while you know he s coming back Creates a lot of background tension I like most members of the main character s family though Freia and Gaston a bit less than the others if only bc they get less page time Walter and Prospero and Dewar are my faves, but Alexander and Marfisa and Ulrike are also splendid One minor worldbuilding note is that in Argylle, sexuality is very loose and unregulated, which means queer sex and relationships are considered fine A few minor characters seem to be involved in queer relationships our main character, however, is too busy running a country to really have a relationship going at all This universe seems to have different branching but connected worlds, and there s an odd mix of time period elements Argylle is a place of horses but our MC knows of cars and bicycles, and the city s beginning to be paved language varies from pretty modern slang to thou and tis characters reference the medieval concept of the wheel of Fortuna our MC s grandfather is an immortal named Prospero who makes references to Sherlock Holmes Confusing sometimes, but fun once you decide to just go with it.So it s an interesting read, but at the end I was kind of nonplussed worldbuilding and characterization stronger than plot, I guess I will probably read the sequel at some point bc the world really is pretty enjoyable Edit Actually it appears the other two books in the series are prequels and therefore don t include the MC of this book, and have a lot to do with huge wars and the like not sure I m interested any.