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4.51 D I really wanted to like this book than I did I loved his Sci Fi stuff, but this fell flat to me It felt like he was trying to break the cliches of fantasy novels but just doing the opposite of the cliche, rather than dig deep into the characters to make them real and believable I wanted to love this book, with a gay male protagonist, but I never believed him as a character Same for the other characters, they were missing heart and a sense of reality that could have take it from reverse cliche to awesome I would recommend Joe Abercrombie or Steven Erickson if you want hard fantasy that avoids the tropes of the genre. When a man you know to be of sound mind tells you his recently deceased mother has just tried to climb in his bedroom window and eat him, you only have two basic options You can smell his breath, take his pulse and check his pupils to see if he s ingested anything nasty, or you can believe him You need to admit that as far as epic opening sentences go, this one scores pretty high It promises you a rich world, a solid narrator with just the right touch of dry sarcasm, and a constant action Steel Remains will give you all of this, interspersed with pockets of darkness, sometimes grimly disturbing, other times, pityingly convenient Those who like Joe Abercrombie should be very satisfied The story features three main protagonists two males and one female, also two homosexual characters and one promiscuous lecher They are war heroes, and like all the war heroes, they are scarred, jaded and bitter For all of them the days of fighting for the cause of justice, truth and light are done they scavenge the remnants of their old lives, each in a very peculiar way Egar of the Majak tribe, also called the Dragonbane to underline the chief achievement of his life, comes back to his clan but never really returns which makes him a poor clanmaster He is one lazy slob unfit for being a leader, mainly lost in his own memories of what was, drinking, and carnal pleasures with milkmaids young enough to be his daughters view spoiler I really couldn t fault his brothers for wanting to get rid of him hide spoiler I wanted to like The Steel Remains so much than I actually did I was so looking forward to reading it I ve read two of Richard K Morgan s science fiction novels, Thirteen and Altered Carbon and thought they were unique and amazing Morgan takes sex and violence to a level I would never be able to tolerate in a movie and manages to glamorize neither He reveals the damage violence does to those who commit it, even the bad guys He really understands socio politics and is great at extrapolating the future based on today I really wanted to see how he would bring that ability to the fantasy genre.It seems to me that Morgan is not at all comfortable with writing fantasy The Steel Remains drags so much through the first 2 3 and never really achieves any kind of depth or meaning The main character, Ringil, is a gay war hero It really felt like Morgan was not comfortable with Ringil s sexuality and that he made him gay just for shock value After all, he is messing with fantasy tropes here and you can t mess with the romantic male fantasy hero than making him gay He also includes several gay sex scenes involving Ringil that were very graphic and seemed very, very awkward As a character, Ringil is at his best when he is flashing back to the memories of his first love who was tortuously executed for perversion His horror and regret did ring true.The Steel Remains is supposed to be the first installment of a trilogy Fortunately, it is a complete story and does have a real ending There s room for , but it s not necessary I, for one, will not be reading the next episode. When a man you know of sound mind tells you his recently deceased mother has just tried to climb in his bedroom window and eat him, you only have two basic options You can smell his breath, take his pulse, and check his pupils to see if he s ingested something nasty, or you can believe him.And thus begins The Steel Remains, a whirlwind of sex, violence and sorcery that sucked me in and left me wanting 390 pages later Where other men see only the rim of the world, you must look beyond You must look to the sky.It follows three main characters, Egar, Archeth and Ringil, all of whom I felt were very well developed I struggled with liking Egar and Ringil, so with Ringil, because of some of his actions, but despite that I did find myself liking him My favorite by far however was Archeth Pull on the cold, clinking mail of your professional detachment, Archeth Indamaninarmal, inhabit it until it starts to feel warm and accustomed, and in time you ll forget you re wearing it at all You ll only notice when it works, when it stops you feeling the steel edged bite of something that might otherwise have gotten through and done you some damage And then you ll grin and shiver and shake off the blow, like warriors do.The book is fairly dark There is a lot of sex, violence and swearing that some people may not appreciate For me, I thought the battle scenes were some of the best I ve experienced and although I normally do not like a lot of sex in my books, the rest of the book was so good that the frequent sex scenes did not bother me as much A large part of why this book was a winner is the world building It is superb, with unique creatures, detailed history and creative cultures.The star however was the writing Common men make a distinction between gods and demons, Poltar, but it s ignorance to talk that way When the powers do our will, we worship them as gods when they thwart and frustrate us, we hate and fear them as demons They are the same creatures, the same twisted unhuman things The shaman s path is negotiation, nothing We tend the relationship with the powers so they bring us benefit than ruin We can do no.Richard K Morgan has a way with words, and while occasionally his vivid descriptions made me shudder, it definitely left me with a lasting impression and a desire to see what else he can do.So if copious amounts of swearing and sex doesn t bother you, I highly recommend you pick this up Cross posted at Kaora s Corner. An engrossing read Sometimes fate just won t leave you alone Excellent. 5.5 stars Richard Morgan is one of my favorite authors so needless to say I am a big fan of his writing style, his characters and his very gritty, violent stories I thought this was a brilliant fantasy noir novel that was never boring I thought Morgan took some real chances in this book most notably the graphic sexual descriptions involving the main character but Morgan has never been one to shy away from telling a story his way HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION Voted to SFSite Reader s Poll Top 10 2009 This is going to sound like a total cop out and the worst description ever, but if I had to explain this book it would simply be a modern fantasy It s full of the world building tropes maps magical swords creepy demons that keep us coming back to the genre, but written in a style that hasn t impressed me this much since I first read Abercrombie s First Law trilogy.There is swearing Lots of it There is blood Lots of it There is fucking Lots of it See where I m going with this I know this has sort of fallen out of fashion lately, but I m still a big fan of grimdark fantasy, and this novel easily fits into that camp You get that bleak feeling of old soldiers who are good at their jobs, but are jaded and fed up with the killing It reminds me of Erikson in how it explores the true nature and brutality of war.Yes, there is violence, but it doesn t revel in it It is graphically explicit to make a point for the opposing view.And speaking ofthe fight scenes are fairly accurate, if my swordplay training has taught me anything Richard K Morgan has handled a few feet of steel in his time, and it wonderfully informs the writing.These are the battle scenes I want to read about Messy Brutal Unfair Realistic But always always fucking awesome.Also, the protagonist is gay and it s a big feature of the story, but I haven t made up my mind if I like how the author treated this aspect of the book though I m leaning towards yes I ll let you read it and come to your own conclusions.If you re not squeamish, and you can appreciate epic badassery, I encourage you to give this book a shot.My only complaints are that there are a few too many in scene flashbacks, and that sometimes The Steel Remains toes the line of dudebro fantasy, threatening to cross over without quite managing it.But if bloody and sweary Fantasy is what you re looking for, try this you re in for a treat. I have too much to write about The Steel Remains to put it all into a coherent paragraph by paragraph review, so I am just going to ramble around a bit and write what I need to write.Mind Blowing That s my instant reaction after finishing this book But the mind blowingness began in the midst of the first chapter I intentionally slowed down my reading so that I could savour every word, but by the time Ringil came out of the grey mists with his dwenda lover, Seethlaw, and his lover s gang of futuristically ard time slippers, I threw aside the savouring and rushed to the end I didn t have a choice any.Man Blowing I love Ringil He may be one of my favourite characters ever written in any fantasy novel I love his personal struggle with idealism in the face of war and the nastiness of humanity I love that he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder although it was never officially named that right from the off I love his guilt over the execution of his true lover, Jelim, who died a torturous death for their perverted love And come to that, I love that he was unrepentantly homosexual Ringil starts as a good but scarred man, battles with time induced madness, and ends the story as a man sized suppurating wound with all the goodness festered out of him.Reader Response At the time of writing, I have only read a couple of reviews of The Steel Remains, and those are from friends who share most of my sensibilities What I ve read about this book, therefore, has been positive, but I imagine there is a wealth of negativity out there, and I get that even if I humbly disagree It is a tough book to take It is violent, sexual, politically charged, and than a little angry It s not a classic style fantasy, and I am sure that won t sit too well with fantasy fans who come to this book without warning.Ultra Speaking of the violence and sexualityThe Steel Remains is not just packed with violence and sexuality it is packed with ultra violence and ultra sexuality Sometimes the violence is sexuality and sometimes the sexuality is violence And in some cases the violence and sexuality are as disturbing as anything in American Psycho The difference, of course, is that The Steel Remains is in a fantasy world of swords and darkness, so Richard K Morgan gets some slack that Bret Easton Ellis isn t allowed But the world of The Steel Remains is intentionally horrible much like our own , and we are forced to deal with the horror in a way that constantly connects to the erotic This whole book is erotically charged, and often than not it is homoerotically charged which I know will present a further problem for many who read this tale but somehow, even with all the violence, Morgan offers some extremely convincing erotic scenes.Fantasy or Sci Fi Another bit of The Steel Remains that I love is that it is probably only a Fantasy series for now There are some serious Sci Fi elements in this story including some killer Steampunk allusions that promise to take this series well beyond the confines of swords and sorcery I Hate Prequels Why do I hate them Because they always go back and tell us how the characters we love or hate came to be who they are The trouble is that we have our own ideas of how they became who they are, and since our ideas rarely match the author s we are invariably disappointed This time, though, an author actually gives us the prequel story first, so that the big action story is still to come A dark lord will arise we re told by the old marsh woman at the gates, and we get to watch this lord s creation That, than all the other things that make this novel great, is Richard K Morgan s true feat with The Steel Remains He actually wrote the prequel precisely when and how he should have Damn I love this book I hope Morgan s Sci Fi is even half as good And I hope I don t regret my gushing review when the sequel to The Steel Remains comes out next month As it stands, however, five stars isn t enough. ^DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇻ The Steel Remains ☠ A Dark Lord Will Rise Such Is The Prophecy That Dogs Ringil Eskiath Gil, For Short A Washed Up Mercenary And Onetime War Hero Whose Cynicism Is Surpassed Only By The Speed Of His Sword Gil Is Estranged From His Aristocratic Family, But When His Mother Enlists His Help In Freeing A Cousin Sold Into Slavery, Gil Sets Out To Track Her Down But It Soon Becomes Apparent That Is At Stake Than The Fate Of One Young Woman Grim Sorceries Are Awakening In The Land Some Speak In Whispers Of The Return Of The Aldrain, A Race Of Widely Feared, Cruel Yet Beautiful Demons Now Gil And Two Old Comrades Are All That Stand In The Way Of A Prophecy Whose Fulfillment Will Drown An Entire World In Blood But With Heroes Like These, The Cure Is Likely To Be Worse Than The Disease