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This is a mysterious book It tells us that sometimes we are found by what we have been searching for.Heinrich Schl gel spends two weeks hiking on Baffin Island, searching himself When he returns, 30 years have passed He continues to search for his missing 30 years, and for his missing sister Inge The unnamed narrator is searching for Heinrich Schl gel, her his time fitting nicely into the 30 missing years Inge is tied to fire She unseals a significant letter to stop the scalding sensation emanating from the envelope Likewise, Heinrich is tied to water, he can hear ice melting Language permeates the book, in particular Inuktitut, with words like inuuqatigiitsiarniq that don t exist in other languages This book leaves you with the immensely satisfying feeling that you have not understood, but uncovered some of the inward order of things. Sustained meaning in an exquisitely realized and utterly original novel I say this as a reader, not Martha s publisher, though I m that, too. Talk about serendipity I ran across this book when it was given away as an ARC at BEA this year And although you are not supposed to judge a book for its cover, it was the cover that prompted me to put the book on top of my to read pile of ARCs.It has been one of the most pleasurable readings in a long time Is certainly the first book where I was able to admire the beauty of the English language.Baillie has crafted sentences, paragraphs and chapters where the reader is unable to detach him herself of the characters, not even their surroundings.It was not the story, but the way it was told , that I enjoyed the most Several examples come to mind, but I would like to cite this one The complete absence of trees in no way bothered him He felt disloyal, however, for not missing the presence of trees Surely it was ungrateful of him to forget about them so easily He tried to remember all that trees have given him shelter from the wet, the pleasurable sound of leaves rustling, the relief of shade, the beauty of dappled light His efforts met with resistance If he conjured a general idea of a tree, it felt unconvincing If he started to recall a particular tree, one he knew well, its presence became too real and intruded.From this, you can easily feel the anguish of Heinrich over such a trivial issue as missing trees in a hike.As always with books that I enjoyed reading, the ending fails to keep up with the rest of the book It even contradicts what was stated at the beginning of the book view spoiler There it is stated that Heinrich is always mistaken for someone else, but at the end it is a person being looked for by the police Additionally, I would have loved to know how the archivist came into contact with Heinrich s journal The journal, the reconstruction of Heinrich s journey has such a central place in the story that I was expecting some closure in the issue hide spoiler be sure and see the audio visual archive portrayal of heinrich schlogerhttp schlogel.ca it is a stunning effort and worth it in itself to read and view and listenbook is about a young german man who strives toward his dream of exploring the arctic with literary and literally strange results for readers who have it all. Freaking brilliant A slow start is flushed from memory by skillful writing and a sense of normalcy in stark contrast to the tale told Too much to say, mustn t give any away Read it. An experimental bit of surrealism, an unreliable narrator, a scatter of post modernist technique puzzles and scraps of information and footnotes, for example , some magical realism stirred into a pot of mythology and time travel The result A confused reader one open to, indeed hoping for, clarity.Anyone From Jade Colbert at the Globe Mail At the heart of Martha Baillie s fragmentary, highly original new novel is an inexplicable event In 1980, at age 20, Heinrich Schl gel escapes his West German birthplace to hike Baffin Island s interior The trip lasts two weeks, but when he returns the year is 2010 and he has not aged a day His biography, the one we read, comes to us via an amateur archivist also German, transplanted in Toronto who has compiled the Schl gel archive letters, photographs, books read, and other bits of ephemera related to the young man How much of the story is the archivist s invention The use of an unreliable narrator has a point here Baillie is turning the tables on the European, who has taken the place usually held by the native as specimen of study The result is a philosophic, absorbing read on photography, the North, colonialism, ethnography, and the nature of time From the back of the book The story of a young man who escapes the claustrophobia of small town Germany by travelling to Canada, where he sets out on a long solo hike into the interior of Baffin Island Soon time begins to play tricks on him Yanked from the twentieth century and deposited in the twenty first, Heinrich lands in a disorienting, digital Present where a computer nimble Pangnirtung teenager befriends him She lives with her grandmother who rents Heinrich a room Capacious, capricious, mischievous, The Search for Heinrich Schl gel moves like a quantum experiment, defying boundaries of time, place, chronology Fluid as light itself, animated by startling imagery, vivid and peculiar characters, The Search for Heinrich Schl gel is a hymn to brooding memory, the enduring need to inhabit story, and a haunting insistence upon endless possibilities within possibility That is to say, hope Gina Ochsner, author of The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight Well, somehow those reviewers got from the book than did I At a sentence level, beautifully written hence the three stars and many of the passages describing the actual solo hike are mesmerizing, however, I found the archivist s passages trick than literary nourishment and her obsession as inexplicable as the amount of material she s able to collect and the conclusions she draws are incredible Then there s that ending It s not an ending at all really The novel simply comes to an abrupt stop I was left full of unanswered questions and perplexed by symbols that appeared suddenly and without explanation on the last few pages I had the feeling throughout that I was supposed to be approaching a profound epiphany of the type Ochsner clearly experienced when she wrote her blurb of the book, and I admit I fear I have failed somehow I would be delighted if someone would explain to me what I ve missed here I m usually quite good at deciphering meaning, but I m blank on this one. I entered this contest precisely because this is the type of book I might not pick out for myselfI am really glad I won, though, because I enjoyed the book a lot Until I got to the end, which really left too much open for me But the book kept me engaged the whole way through. This dreamlike tale within a tale is a story of the nature of obsession and its displacement.Within this fantasy is jarring reality, the crushing lonliness and the cold, and a community that has the power to restore life. It s hard to find a way to articulate what I liked so much about this novel, and why it was so powerful, beyond saying it just sounds at a pitch that resonates with me It s a novel that provokes questions about loneliness and isolation, and about the desire to leave home or explore or pursue or dreams whatever they may be, and how those single minded pursuits even when successful might untether us forever from who we were and the world we belonged to Putting it that sounds very metaphysical and vague, but what makes this novel so good is that it isn t vague, it s specific without getting trapped in a sense of being allegory and it s literal without being bland realism Which again doesn t really say much, I guess, so just read the book, please. `Download Pdf ↡ The Search for Heinrich Schlögel ⇬ Martha Baillie S Hypnotic Novel Follows Heinrich Schl Gel From Germany To Canada, Where He Sets Out On A Two Week Hike Into The Isolated Interior Of Baffin Island His Journey Quickly Becomes Surreal He Experiences Strange Encounters And Inexplicable Visions As Shards Of Arctic History Emerge From The Shifting Landscape When He Returns From His Hike, He Discovers That, Though He Has Not Aged, Thirty Years Have PassedNarrated By An Unnamed Archivist Who Is Attempting To Piece Together The Truth Of Heinrich S Life, The Search For Heinrich Schl Gel Dances Between Reality And Dream, Asking Us To Consider Not Only Our Role In Imagining The Future Into Existence But Also The Consequences Of Our Past Choices