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#FREE PDF · The Sacred Pool Ú A Thousand Years Ago, Little Pierrette Became Lost In The Wilderness Rescued By An Old Woodsman, Who May Be A Celtic God, Pierrette Grows To Become A Sorceress When The Black Time Threatens The Little Harbor Of Citharista With Its Dark, Evil Machines, Pierrette Must Journey Across The Ancient Landscape Where The Old Gods Are Said To Endure June baen ebook Super enjoyed this book, it was a refreshing diversion for me to read a fantasy book This book is an intelligent, adult, female themed, fairy tale The heroine is reconciling the evolution of pagan earth religions with Christianity during the Middle Ages I was inspired to look into some of the areas in Provence where the quest takes place and to do some of my own research into this time period This book was well written and fascinating to read. This book has a outlook that is realistic in the fact that a god is only as powerful as the belief behind it It also is a wonderful story with emotions I can identify with.