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@READ DOWNLOAD á Der Feldzug von 1812 in Russland Î Among The Enormous Oeuvre Of Clausewitz The Best Known Work, By Far, Is The Unfinished Magnum Opus On War His Works Include Many Excellent Writings On Military History, Of Which The Campaign Of In Russia Is, Assuredly, The Masterpiece This Book Is A Superb First Hand Account And Analysis Of The Military Disaster Of And The Characters Who Played A Significant Role In It An Eyewitness And Participant In The War, Clausewitz Writing Remains The Most Serious Source On That Campaign Napoleon S Campaign Of Against Russia Was A Crucial Event In The Napoleonic History At The Beginning Of , Napoleon Was At The Peak Of His Glory On The Eve Of The Russian Campaign The Majority Of European Diplomats Thought That Napoleon Would Emerge Victorious The Campaign, However, Proved To Be Disastrous For The French Grand Arme The Battle Of Borodino, With Heavy Causalities On Both Sides, Was Probably The Hardest Fought Battle Of The Napoleonic Era Victory At Borodino Gained Napoleon Entry To Moscow Only To End In Catastrophe And The Retreat Of The French Army In Fall Of The Same Year The Campaign Of Against Russia Marked The Beginning Of The End Of Napoleon S Rule In EuropeClausewitz Is Than A Military Historian In The Traditional Sense His Concrete And Objective Analysis Enables Him To Appreciate The Situation In All Its Political, Diplomatic And Military Ramifications The Russian Campaign Of Will Be Of Interest To Historians, Political Scientists, And Students Of Military History And Strategy If you re not a Clausewitz scholar, this one isn t going to blow your hair back The first third of the book is stultifyingly dull, just a catalog of troop movements through a verbal map of anachronistic spellings The middle portion is interesting, as Clausewitz gives commentary on strategic thinking and tactical actions of the opposing forces and reveals the outlines of what would later appear in On War The final bit of the book is especially interesting as an autobiographical account of Clausewitz s role in the defection of his countryman Yorck, commanding Napoleon s Prussian corps This act would help to define the part Prussia played in Napoleon s demise by permitting the Russian army to push all the way to Berlin Frederick Wilhelm III was free now to endorse Yorck s unilateral act, renounce his alliance with Napoleon, and lead a German liberation movement that would climax at Waterloo.Worth your time for perspective on the evolution of Clausewitz s thinking, but there are likely comprehensive and comprehensible historical accounts of Napoleon s Russia campaign if that s what you re looking for. Fuente para generaciones posteriores G nero Historia.Lo que nos cuenta Mezcla de detallado relato de los acontecimientos y breve valoraci n de los mismos relativa a la invasi n de Rusia por parte de Napole n y su Grande Arm e, con especial hincapi en el bando ruso en el que militaba el autor en ese momento Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite Highly recommended to readers familiar w 1812 French invasion An Elegant work penned by the Author himself shortly after his immersion in the Russian response to French expansion Prior acquaintance w the Napoleonic era is suggested