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Probably my favorite book from David and Leigh Eddings It is a one book epic about a thief Althalus has been having a run of bad luck when he is hired to steal a book whatever that is from the House at the End of the World He thinks he has died or gone mad when he enters a room, hears a cat speak to him and notices the door no longer exists.I don t really know what to say other than I really love this book. Redemption of Althalus is all of Eddings worst tendencies condescend into one novel I wouldn t go so far as to say that the book is horrible, but there s no spark to the story, and no life to the characters One of the big problems with The Redemption of Althalus and with Eddings novels in general is how convenient everything is for the heroes The heroes just happen to stumble across the very person they need to recruit the heroes just happen to overhear the villains discussing vital military matters everything just happens Althalus tells the reader how cunning and violent the villains are, but in practice, they re inept morons There s no sense of urgency or desperation we know whose going to win from the get go The reader is also subjected to frequent exposition dumps having the same information repeated to a different character every several chapters isn t especially exciting While there are some clever lines of dialogue, the characters aren t as witty as they and the author believe them to be The banter feels forced and tired, and echoes the jokes from previous series.There s something subtly off putting about the way the female characters are written I dislike how they are frequently arch or sly the women come across as smugly superior when dealing with emotionally romantically inept men I dislike the idea that all men are morons when it comes to women, and that all women are schemers out to snare men I hate how the lone female villain s appearance is her main characteristic she is repeatedly referred to as a cow and a hag by the characters and within the narration itself. @Download Book × The Redemption of Althalus ⚦ The Redemption Of Althalus Is The First Stand Alone, Single Volume High Fantasy Saga Written By The Bestselling Husband And Wife Team Of David And Leigh Eddings Their Previous Beloved Series Include The Belgariad, The Malloreon, And The Elenium, And Although Althalus Is Bursting With All The Daring Escapades Their Multitude Of Fans Expect, It Is Also An Engaging Departure For The Authors Althalus Is A Grand Adventure That Is Bound To Enthrall Readers Of The Authors Previous, Multivolume Epics, But It Features A Precision Of Plot And Language That Can Be Achieved Only By Having An Actual Resolution Althalus Is A Young Thief And Occasional Killer Known For His Skill And Incredible Luck A Number Of Capers End Without Much Monetary Reward For Him, Until He Stumbles Into A Shrine Built To The Fertility Goddess Dweia Soon Afterward He Meets With The Wizard Ghend, Who Hires Him To Steal The Book, A Magical Tome That Can Be Found In The Bizarre House At The End Of The World There, Althalus Discovers Dweia In The Form Of A Black Cat And Learns That She Has Chosen Him To Aid Her In A War Against Ghend And Her Evil Brother, The Destroyer God Daeva Together Althalus And Dweia Use The Power Of The Book And Gather Together A Small Team Of Questionable Heroes Who Must Battle Ghend S Supernatural Forces And Armies The Thief Althalus Can Only Hope His Luck Holds Out For This One Last Task, Since The Very Fate Of Humanity Is At StakeA Stand Alone Epic Fantasy Is A Rarity In The Modern Day Publishing World And A Concept That Should Be Embraced Often The Redemption Of Althalus Gives Us All The Action, Sorcery, Humor, And Soaring Imagination Of A Grand Series But Doesn T Leave Any Loose Threads, Fractured Subplots, Or Loss Of Momentum A Great Deal Of Fun Action And Generally Good Natured Exploits Are Punctuated By The Authors Usual Satire On Religion And High Society In One Clever Turn, Althalus Enters A City Where The Wealthy Are Forced To Hide Their Riches And Live Even Worse Than The Poor In Order To Avoid Taxation Althalus Is Well Polished And Smoothly Constructed, With Real Storytelling Muscle And A Gratifying Finale The Eddingses Should Be Praised For Their Willingness To Put A Cap On This Particular Story In An Effort To Offer Other Wonderfully Developed Worlds To Their Readers I wasn t really that impressed with this book, which is a shame because I love the other series that I ve read by David and Leigh Eddings This is 800 pages of everybody congratulating each other on how clever they ve been They defeat the enemy at every turn with very little effort, almost like a kid killing ants with a magnifying glass The lack of real conflict in this book makes it feel sort of like a historical account rather than a fantasy novel The greatest tragedy to me are the characters There was absolutely no character progression, growth, anything They are completely flat I call this a tragedy because they had such potential A thief murderer turned father figure and savior, a mind reader who was nearly burned at the stake by people who accused her of being a witch, a priest struggling with his faith who falls for the witch , a boy genius, and a teenage queen who falls in love with the soldier who killed her father in war all gathered together to save the universe That to me sounds like a group of characters to get excited about But no Nothing They are each individually used for their abilities and then basically forgotten except to be clever or congratulate someone else on how clever they ve beenugh What s worse is that I know the Eddings know how to create compelling characters The Belgariad and The Malloreon are full of them I honestly don t know what went wrong with this one, but I m just going to chalk it up as a loss and try not to let it tarnish my opinion of these authors as I begin The Elenium. I love this book, I find it a refreshing read in which cinematic battles are not the method of fixing the problem.I do however acknowledge the complaints of those who have given this book one and two stars It is the same tropes Eddings used in all of his series, simply condensed down into one book.Personally I enjoy the characters, the setting and the reality of their situation I also enjoyed the fact that their conflict is one of many in the universe, and it would only be important for the time they were living it Once their conflict was done, it was no longer important, a refreshing take on the importance of a hero.Althalus is simply one of my all time favorite characters in existence and will continue to be so, his habit of looking at everything through the lens of humor is one that I find interesting, when many modern hero s are rather intense He is laid back and relaxed about things, though even he has his limits This may be my favorite book, but that doesn t mean that it is perfect, yes it does have it s flaws Still, for the unconventional read, the character growth and multitudes of likable characters, it is hard to trump I would have to say nearly all of it s flaws come into play because it is one book, but with enough ideas to last for two or three Personally I think that would have ruined the pacing, but that is just me.I highly recommend this book, I highly recommend Eddings, and I personally feel that if one has never read Eddings material, this would make for a great entry piece if they do not want to manage a six or twelve book series respectively. This is easily my favorite book of all time I love David Eddings, because his characters are always so sarcastic and funny, but Althalus tops them all After all, what s not to love about an assassin and thief who spends his time arguing with goddesses Or a princess who just might be knife happy This book is clever, funny, complicated, and just plain fun to read This is the book I tell everyone to get for themselves, because even though I want the world to read it, I m much too possessive of my own copy to lend it out. Consider this a lesson in Not Revisiting The Problematic Faves Of Our Youth I hadn t read this since high school, and remembered it vaguely as falling in the heist con genre which, vaguely, it does It s about a thief who gets seduced into the service of a goddess and goes around collecting a ragtag bunch of misfits, you know the drill, so that they can defeat another inexplicable bunch of misfits who are SUPER EVIL and working for EVIL and they re all ugly and primitive and insane and sometimes coded as posh British and did I mention EVIL Fairly standard late 90s fantasy quest stuff.THINGS I HAD NOT, UNFORTUNATELY, REMEMBERED ABOUT EDDINGS heterocentrism and weird, coy gender essentialism to a truly risible degree epithets up the wazoo every single possible variant of the word said sometimes used all on the same page I have never felt so fond of said as after a chapter s worth of exclaiming, objecting, replying, asking, agreeing, chuckling, demanding, protesting, noting, hissing and explaining sometimes they even had MULTIPLE ADVERBS ATTACHED oh god so many adverbs so much unnecessary banter it s not even bad it s just repetitive and, not unlike a Joss Whedon show, every single character has the exact same Banter Voice.This is a 900 page book and a good editor could probably have shaved 1 3 of the word count off, easy.Anyway I reread it I felt fondly nostalgic, and I enjoyed many parts of the plot I will now be donating the book to a charity fair without much regret, and I will probably be even ruthless than usual with adverbs and dialogue tags in my own current projects, because OH MY GOD I think I now have an allergy. For a story by a fantasy master, this was incredibly disappointing Publisher s Weekly calls the main protagonist an engaging young reprobate hero I found him irritating, inconsistent, repetitious, full of himself with no good cause, and frequently stupid Face it, he couldn t have been very smart if it took him 2500 years to get his basic education from the mysterious Book of the god Deiwos That the goddess Dweia put up with his stupidity for so long makes me doubt her intelligence which leads us to the rest of the characters They were all remarkably alike, even down to quoting the same annoying phrases It didn t take long at all to tire of Dweia calling Althalus pet and him responding to everything she said with either a yes, dear, or if that s what you want I found it hard to care one way or the other about these cardboard characters Mostly, they were snippy and thought they were funny They weren t Watch and learn Everyone had a shot at that line at least once The book started slowly and took a long time to gain any real momentum And when it did, and things finally started to look like they might possibly get interesting, the way was immediately blocked with great, huge rambling conversations that didn t just repeat information in the conversation itself, but from previous parts of the story.The premise had some potential, but there was only one time that the heroes faced a real challenge and that was easily solved Everyone succeeded, all the time I lost track of the number of times a scene started with one of the characters reminding another of how they were going to do something they d gone over twenty times.The book seriously needs a content editor it could have been half as long and twice as good. I read fantasy stories because I like to see epic stories of love and evil played out I like to think that evil may win, and that good sometimes doesn t have a chance against overwhelming odds I like to read grand battles where thingsyou knowhappen I like the evil side to be just as intelligent as the good side an even match so you question the ending.If you like these things, don t read this book.It s predictable from start to finish The bad guys as they so often refer to them are, well, stupid They re incompetent bumbling fools held together by an evil god who never makes an appearance If they had some substance to them, if you knew their personal motives, if they had some kind of complexity to them that made them interesting or cool, then we would have something The conflict is boring, the battles are boring, the characters are boring I suffered through 726 pages of boredom in the hopes that the Eddings would pull something out that would at least salvage this train wreck.And the ENDLESS amount of exposition was incredibly tedious How bad of a writer do you need to be to spell out the story two or three times for your readers How stupid do you think we are I don t care to read the entire Althalas and the Wolf Tunic story all over again, dragging it out for a good five pages or so.Some have said that this was intended for a younger audience Can someone point out to me where it says that on the dust cover Did I miss something I didn t find it in the young adult section And even if I had, I d be disappointed.People remark on the characters falling in love, which I m fine with if there were reasons Just because two kids are teenagers won t make them fall in love And a sexy woman and a priestwell, they apparently fall in love because he has pent up lust and she has a challenge Wow.It could have been really cool had it not been so shallow No one grows Nothing changes No surprises Don t waste your time. Cheesy, but fantastic.The Redemption of Althalus is, to me, David Eddings summed up in a single book His characters are witty and lovable, the plot is engaging and epic in scale whilst still being simple and easygoing This book was one of a few that got me into fantasy when I was younger, and while it s probably not the greatest book of all time it s still a good story well told, if slightly lacking in depth.As a standalone novel, it s perfect for the job everything is all tidied up and resolved by the extremely cheesy finale and the decent length means you re not left with a gaping hole in your chest that begs for of the book My copy s been through a lot now, and has suffered the abuse of years of rereading and being carried about in bags that were far less waterproof than anticipated, but every time I pick it back up to read it s like spending time with an old friend whose company I can still enjoy years later.