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Firstly, and as usual, I didn t pay anything for this book but instead received it free from the author in exchange for a review To thicken the plot a bit, the author also offered a chance to win a gift card to those who review the book within the first week of its release Despite both these kind considerations I give my candid opinions below.On the positive side, the book is coherent and sufficiently written It goes through the paces of a fairly standard plot line for a mystery novel and its characters are fairly unusual in that they re engineers Not the railroad sort of engineers but rather those that go around building things That alone is worth a raised eyebrow.To the negative side, the book doesn t read like something a poet would put to paper The author labels himself a poet yet his writing is structured like a computer program than a novel His approach is rigorous but not especially literary as it resorts to trite dialog and mundane repeated phrases Further, the plot is formulaic and predictable and at times plodding It was difficult to remain upright and alert in my chair during its perusal Lastly, the author s portrayal of engineers was surprisingly unreal As a software engineer, I know full well that if you tell your QA person that they re just there to test then they re likely to smack you Since the author is an engineer I m sure there s some thread of truth to his depiction but it does strike me as overly romanticized.In summary, this is a weak three star novel I don t give out any less than three stars unless a novel is unreadable or socially irresponsible in some way so it remains at three stars out of five The easiest sum up ance I can give is that it s a novel written by an engineer Generally they earn great points for structure and theory but just fall short of the Dickensian standard for weaving together a narrative Doubtless this take on the work won t win me anything in the drawing, but that s my honest look at the book Approach it with caution and perhaps take a look at some of the author s short fiction instead. I was given an advanced e book copy of The Reckless Engineer by the author and asked to honestly post a review Before I do that, I have a small rant.What the feck is up with people posting negative reviews of books they haven t read, because they don t like the subject matter, characters, and or the author Are you twelve Did the mean girls in high school pee in your cornflakes Did your parent forget to teach you common decency Seriously people, it s embarrassing Okay, I feel better Now on to my review The Reckless Engineer is the story of Jack Conner, the cheating husband of Caitlin McAllen, the only daughter of a very wealthy Scottish oilman The story opens with Jack s phone call to Jeremy Stone because Jack has been arrested for murdering his current mistress, Michelle, and Jack needs a solicitor Jeremy is not an attorney, but he shares a suite of offices and receptionist with Harry Stavers, solicitor for the rich and famous and Jeremy s best friend from collegeAs Harry works on Jack s defense, Jeremy investigates what happened and tries to untangle the mess Jack has put himself and his family in by having multiple affairs with women at work The action follows Jeremy to the McAllen English estate and Scotland where Caitlin s family still lives and works.The premise of the book is very interesting and the mystery is solid Jeremy who is an engineer by trade, attempts to find the murderer before Jack is convicted and sent to prison Jeremy is also trying to keep his engineering firm solvent, reconcile with his ex wife, be loyal to Jack s ex wife and his current wife, and keep a good working relationship with the McAllens, who have hired him to run the company in Jack s absence.The mystery is good, but the engineering stuff was over my head and not as interesting to me as a good murder mystery I could do without Jeremy s attempts to reconcile with the ex wife, in fact, I could have done without that part of the book, because I thought it didn t fit well with the whole premise of the book Of course, as this is the first installment in a series, I feel sure that the relationships will be fleshed out and the reader will learn much about Jeremy s relationship with his ex and why he is having such a hard time letting go In closing, I think The Reckless Engineer will be an engaging series and I look forward to learning about Jeremy and Harry and where they go from here. Check out reviews at Detailed Review review copy received from the author himself For me, this book was actually quite good but I found it quite relaxed as in the tone of the book It kinda gave of a boring feeling because this genre was not much of a YA Well, it isn t so it didn t really suit my taste in story But the quality of storyline was amazing and the characters were expectedly detailed and not too complex His style of writing is quite compelling if you re into psychological crime and murder stories Moreover the story had a style of quick witted characters and characters that I have come to love Putting aside my feelings of the book, I think The Reckless Engineer was written in really reality based and proved to be very realistic In other ways, the book was pretty good and I enjoyed it as well The author Jac Wright has an excessive knowledge and a clear understanding of the underworld and reality that has made me rethink and reread his book Clearly, this book has made an impact to some readers who enjoy thriller and suspense genres But what made me enjoy the book the most was it s detailed storyline Wright has developed a clear understanding yet equally as confusing and thought bearing that made me think and question the likes and dislikes of the characters and plot But in the end I wish the book was bending to the YA genre I d give it 4.5 or 5 stars but my rating system is designed to give a fair rating but due to it s imaginative quality, it deserves to have a better rating The only down side to this book was it s slow development from the start but it definitely picked off later on Brief ReviewThe Reckless Engineer was interesting and fantastically developed Jac Wrightthe author has used such a provocative style of writing that had finally won me over to the very end of the book This book is definite lover to readers who enjoy a suspense and thriller story My Rating 4 5 Really Liked it This book sooooo brings to mind the old saying Oh what a tangled web we weaveWhen first we practice to deceive Walter Scott s MarmionJac Wright s poetic background comes through in this book This book truly weaves the story around you until you can t stop until you have all the answers It is easy for me to see that I will be a Jac Wright fan for life This book had so many twists and turns Just when you think you have the culprit figured out, something else comes to light that damns a different person The author gives you some background on each character, but just enough Jac Wright has a knack for dropping clues in your lap at just the right moment and really keeping you on the edge of your seat.Another thing I loved about this story was how believable it was It seemed like real people that ended up in some ugly situations I don t think we realize how suspicious every day things can be when taken in the wrong context Jeremy s dialogue to himself while some people were being interviewed was so entertaining and I really enjoyed his personality He is someone you would like to know in real life Also, yes we had the rich people that always have everything in order, but they worked for it They weren t lounging around all day spending money on anything and everything, they were working hard and putting in a lot of hours to keep the company s running smoothly.Overall, this was a GREAT mystery suspense that will keep those pages turning as fast as you can read Grab your copy today Read at ( Epub ) ☧ The Reckless Engineer ⚖ Coming Soon Love Is A Battlefield The Aftershocks Of An Affair Reverberate Out To Those In The Lives Of The Lovers, Who Will NOT Take It Lying DownJack Connor S Lives An Idyllic Life By The Portsmouth Seaside Married To Caitlin McAllen, A Stunning Billionaire Heiress, And Working At His Two Jobs As The Head Of Radar Engineering Of Marine Electronics And As The Director Of Engineering Of McAllen BlackGold, His Powerful Father In Law Douglas McAllen S Extreme Engineering Company In Oil Gas He Loves His Two Sons From His First Marriage And Is Amicably Divorced From His Beautiful First Wife Marianne Connor Their Delicately Balanced Lives Are Shattered When Sexy Michelle Williams, With Whom Jack Is Having A Secret Affair And Who Is Pregnant With His Child, Is Found Dead And Jack Is Arrested On Suspicion For The MurderJeremy Stone Brings London S Top Defence Attorney, John Stavers, To Handle His Best Friend S DefenceWho Is The Bald Man With The Tattoo Of A Skull Seen Entering The Victim S House Who Is KC Who Caitlin Makes Secret Calls To From A Untraceable Mobile Has Powerful Douglas McAllen Already Killed His Daughter S First Partner And Is He Capable Of Killing Again Is Caitlin S Brother Ronnie McAllen S Power Struggle With Jack For The Control Of McAllen Industries So Intense That He Is Prepared To Kill And Frame His Brother In Law Is The Divorce From Jack S First Wife As Amicable On Her Part As They Believe It To Be Are His Sons Prepared To Kill For Their Vast Inheritance Who Are The Ghosts From Caitlin S Past In Aberdeen, Scotland Haunting The Marriage What Is The Involvement Of Jack S Manager At Marine Electronics The Cast Of Characters Is Made Even Colorful By The Supporting Entourage The Big Scott And His Gang, Hos And Heineken, Who Carry Out Douglas McAllen S Troubleshooting McAllens Bumbling Solicitors McKinley And Magnus Laird Caitlin McAllen S Handymen, Cossack And Levent And Jeremy S Sidekick, The Gay Black Actor Working In The London West End While Jack Is Charged And His Murder Trial Proceeds In The Crown Court Under Barrister John Stavers Expert Care, Jeremy Runs A Race Against Time To Find The Real Killer And Save His Friend S Life, If He Is In Fact Innocent, In A Tense Saga Of Love, Desire, Power, And Ambition The second I have read by this author, his short The Closet was a clever and unique read and I appreciated the author s style and voice that was developed in his character In Reckless Engineer, the author uses similar characterization tools to bring the main characters of Jack and Jeremy to light Unfortunately, I found it difficult to like Jack married to one woman, cheating on her with another who is found pregnant and dead, and now leaning not so gently on a friend who he supported during a rough patch, Jack feels manipulative and duplicitous A perfect set up for the whodunit that follows, as Jeremy is scouring England and Scotland looking for information that will exonerate his friend Funny that Jeremy, for all of his intelligence, feels manipulated through a large part of the story, his belief in Jack seemed to be less based in reality than in loyalty and debt owed Fortunately, as the tale unfolds, Jeremy starts to unravel the several tangled threads as he tries to discover just who killed Jack s longtime mistress and unborn child Twists and turns abound, with several dead ends thrown in for good measure, not to mention the likelihood of some disgruntled encounter in Jack s past or present coming to remove the source of conflict and difficulty from everyone s lives by having him jailed, the final aha moment was a complete surprise to me, and I am sure it will be to many readers A nice mix that blends a life gone pear shaped, a mystery and one man s search to find the truth for his friend as he negotiates a long list of what not to do based on Jack s choices, this was a fun read that holds great descriptions and scenes, moments that come alive with the author s facility with words and unusual combinations of twists that make this an engaging and thought provoking read I received an ARC copy from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility. This is the first book in the Reckless Engineer series by Jac Wright I was contacted by the author with an offer of an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review I had not hear of the author before, but after reading the blurb, I thought it sounded like something I would be interested in reading and I was correct.The story starts with main character, Jeremy sitting down with Harry, his best friend attorney at the end of the day They are getting ready to head out to a pub for a drink when Jeremy s old friend and fellow engineer calls asking for his help It seems Jack s long time mistress Michelle, who is now pregnant with his child, has been murdered Jack has been arrested for the crime and is looking for not only an attorney, but a friend to assist him Since Jack was such a good friend to Jeremy during a trying time in his life, Jeremy feels that he should return the favor As Jeremy begins to the process of finding evidence to exonerate his friend, Jeremy travels around England and Scotland, dons disguises and flirts with the boundaries of the law looking for clues to answer the questions Who killed Michelle and why did they frame Jack This was a cleverly written mystery I will admit that I never guessed who done it, right up to the reveal The author did a wonderful job of dropping enough red herrings and false trails that I simply didn t see the subtle clues for what they were until it was all over It was an entertaining story, made interesting by the all the bold and vivid characters throughout the story I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Stuart Woods novels, it had a very similar tone and intellectual level I gave the book 3 stars on Goodreads. This is a superbly written traditional mystery set in the charming British countryside.What a ride Jeremy, an electrical engineer, gets news of the murder in the very first paragraph His old time friend, Jack, who has gotten himself arrested for murder, calls him from the police station The clock starts ticking instantly as Jeremy takes his friend and top London criminal defense attorney Harry, and leaves for Guildford to defend his friend Harry takes charge of the legal defense, but Jeremy just wants to get to the truth.We meet the cast of varied and colorful characters with Jeremy They all have secrets and nothing is what it seems at first sight I got so engrossed in the story while reading, and then I went back and read parts again The charming countryside and the people are described with lovely phrases that you find yourself drawn in and emotionally involved in the story The story kept me captivated right through, wanting to know what happened next At the end all the clues are there and you think I should have seen that. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.The Reckless Engineer is a good whodunit with a colorful cast of characters Jac Wright has done a good job of bringing the characters to life and making them all realistically flawed There were many characters and many suspects, all described in detail My favorite character was the McAllen family lawyer, Magnus Laird Right in the middle of this murder drama was this strange man who had to make me laugh.I really liked the character and story development I quit trying to figure out who the murderer was and just let the story flow I did question, however, why Jeremy, an engineer, was able to figure things out before the police or Harry, his lawyer friend.This is one of the best murder mysteries I ve read in a while I definitely recommend The Reckless Engineer. This was recommended by someone on Goodreads It has a strong opening and was a good story line but the writing needs some work It starts off really well, but halfway through it got a little loose with one scene in particular making me scratch my head and say what , trying to figure out how we got from point A to point B with no lead in It s a mystery, and it did keep my interest with a surprise who in the whodunnit I had to laugh at some of the typos which I am now beginning to think are caused by the process of converting books to Kindle form i.e San Hose for San Jose, and using the Heinrich maneuver It was an ok read, but I d have been unhappy if I d purchased it It was an PRIME loan, so no worries