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I really enjoyed the story of Jane and Matt I always find myself rooting for the good guy and I am glad to see that Matt is one of them ava tells a beautiful and heartfelt story of love can wait to read of her work I think the scenes with Henry are great too. I really like this series M y next read is going to be the next one in the series Perfect ingredient I wish I had found Ava Miles sooner, but then I would have had to wait for each next book in the series to come out. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK õ The Park of Sunset Dreams (Dare Valley, #6) à USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles Of The National Bestseller NORA ROBERTS LAND Presents A Fun, Emotional, Heartwarming Romance About Finding Happily Ever After In A Dog Park I Am Adding Ava Miles To My List Of Always Reads Like Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, And NORA ROBERTS Marjay S Reading BlogJane Wilcox Has A Secret She S Been The Incognito Poker Scout To A Rock Star Poker Player Dressed As A Smoking Hot Poker Babe Now That Role Is Over, And She S Living In Small Town Dare Valley, Working As A Dog Walker Or So Everyone Thinks Without Her Jimmy Choo Heels And Prada Gowns, She S Trying To Find Her New Sexy Inner Swan And A Fairytale Romance, But She S Afraid She Might Have Turned Back Into Plain Jane Until She Meets Matt Hale In The Dog ParkThe Sexy Lawyer Has A Rambunctious Dog That Needs Her Dog Whisperer Skills And Slowly They Move From Friends To Lovers Matt Is One Of The Good Guys, A Hero, Totally Boy Next Door Material He S Returned To His Hometown After Experiencing A Tragedy He Was Unable To Find Justice For The Woman In His Last Legal Case, And Now She S Passed Away And Given Him Her Dog He S Vowed To Give Henry A Good Home And Right The Wrongs In The System, So He S Running For Mayor Of Dare ValleyJane And Matt Fall In Love During Sunset Walks In The Dog Park, But Soon Jane S Secret Past Comes Back To Haunt Her And Harms Matt S Bid For Mayor Can Jane And Matt S Love Survive The Controversy Ava Miles once again has imagined a marvelous story of home, heart, family and romance She has taking is back to Dare Valley to follow the budding romance of Jane Wilcox, successful investor, and Matt Hale, attorney and political hopeful It all seems like a perfectly budding romance till Jane s past threatens Matt s political aspirations Matt must decide if Jane is worth the risk to his career while Jane struggles with past demons, she was raised as a part of a family that was purely a political machine.This story is about family, born and or found in those around us Even when life takes us in different directions, the bonds we create can become our deepest sanctuary in time of need Those are the people we can rely on the most.Miles has a way of bringing the everyday joys and sorrows of life into written words for us to enjoy Magically transporting us to a beautiful town called Dare Valley and giving us a heartwarming tale that will stick long after you ve finished reading.I received this ARC copy of The Park of Sunset Dreams from Aspendawn Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication May 20, 2014.Series Dare ValleySequence in Series 6Publication Date May 20, 2014Publisher Aspendawn BooksISBN 9781940565088Rating 5 StarsGenre Adult Contemporary RomanceRating 5 Stars Author Ava Miles book Park of Sunset Dreams is a book that I didn t want to set down and was the first book from her Dare Valley series that I have read With its picturesque writing of the small town of Dare Valley, the dog park, the characters and the town s people, it s certainly to keeps ones interest It s a window into a small town with a small town atmosphere I enjoy reading Ava Miles s latest book in the Dare Valley series It had me laughing at some of Henry s antics, hoping for a character to obtain or succeed with their dreams, reflecting of my own life that was similar to what the characters went through or was going through, rotting for certain characters to prevail, anticipating what was going to happen if X should happen or would happen, and felt the emotions of the key characters and what they were going through as I read the story If you like romance stories then this is a book for you I would recommend it to my friends and family I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own. It took awhile but I finally got around to reading this book My favorite story is still Rhett s Anyways I gave this book 2 stars because I was disappointed I felt like the story dragged on but yet there story was over so fast Like there wasn t even meat to the story I guess you can say Also, I felt like Elizabeth s parts in the story felt misplaced I understand why Miles put those scenes in the book, but at times I just felt like they did not belong and as though I was reading two books instead of one In addition, I felt like we knew a lot about Jane and her history but we don t know much about Matt I know this story is based so on Jane s perspective but like we still need some background details about Matt It just felt as though we got a brief summary of Matt s background and character and that might be why I like Jane.I was digging Matt s character until Jane went in to see if, telling him the only way she could tell him her secret if she pays him to be her lawyer He flips out not wanting the money claim he has a strong moral compass and his past experience However, he goes behind her back and has his family dig up her past Like what heck What makes you think that, that is okay She is obviously trying to protect people she loves and you think Oh well if I figure it out by myself then it s okay Get over yourself Also, as I was ranting about Matt to my friend she told me that he could be disbarred for his actions because Jane can sue him for being unethical The reason why is because Jane went to him and told him basically I want to tell you this and the only way I can do it is if you become my lawyer Because he declined he cannot go and research information about why Jane needs a lawyer, what did she do. 5 stars This is the first book that I have read by Ava Miles and it was wonderful I loved how the relationship built between Matt and Jane and that they both knew immediately that they didn t want to lose each other Matt was trying to move forward in politics and Jane was to scared for her past to come out, because she knew that it would damage his campaign and that she could possibly lose him.Neither wanted to lose what they had together, so in the end they faced everything head on and their relationship came out that must stronger.Disclaimer I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles is not to my taste I did not like the way this book dwelt on the dogs so much, and also it was a huge deal in this book that both parties had money They seemed like regular folks until they started comparing the prices of wine in each other s houses or the price of the houses they owned I felt that it was not about building a relationship, but having sex with each other since they both found each other attractive I feel that this book is not for me, but someone else may love this book so please enjoy it.I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion. Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summaryUp until recently, Jane Wilcox was one of Rhett Blaylock s two poker babes who were disguised as sexy, flamboyant distractions As Raven, she was actually a Harvard MBA educated poker scout who, along with her partner Vixen, astutely measured the competition before and during tournaments Jane s now retired, bearing no resemblance to her secret alter ego Enter Matt Hale of the town s newspaper dynasty He s a successful lawyer who s returned home to escape the rat race of big city living He s also inherited dog Henry, an adorable but poorly behaved pooch that creates the opportunity for Jane and Matt to meet in the park The issuesJane has many reasons for keeping her poker babe past a secret and it s not just her involvement at risk She comes from a political family and vowed she d never go down that path again When Matt decides to run for town mayor, her resolve is tested on several fronts What I lovedJane s relationship with Matt began with their meetings in the park when he observed her well behaved pooch, Annie The romance develops so naturally with their pets an important part of the relationship, providing comic relief and precious moments I loved them as a couple and both were well developed characters individually Jane s secret past impacted many others so it wasn t a simple issue between the two of them It was a complicated and thorny issue that didn t have easy answers, which put meat on the bones of the conflict Family plays a strong role in the story, both those biological and those borne from long term relationships It s a theme of this series that is Miles signature and it resonates throughout The bottom lineTwo wonderfully crafted characters, a lovely adult romance, charming pooches and a small town with all the right dynamics make this another winning story in the series I ve yet to be disappointed and can t wait to devour the next one I love Dare Valley and Ava Miles stories She can t write them fast enough for me I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Is it something in the air around Dare Valley or is it the magic of Ava Miles pen and her love for creating beautiful, heartwarming tales that once again has me smiling, sighing, near tears and raging like a momma bear The Park of Sunset Dreams is romantic, contemporary and simply magnetic Pretty and petite Jane Wilcox has a past that she would like to keep private, but Matt Hale, of THE Hales, a successful attorney who has just come home after years away, wants to know everything about this adorable woman He knows she can tame even the rowdiest dog, but he s finding she has tamed him with her sense of humor, sense of adventure and that special something that calls to him Like two puzzle pieces meant to fit together, alone they are perfect, but when the world interferes Jane backs away It isn t that she doesn t have feelings for Matt, but his possible future represents almost everything she has run from But it s her last secret that could ruin him and possibly destroy not only what they have, but her relationship with two of the most important people in her life She will not allow it, no matter the cost to her.Along with the charm and warmth of a small town there is sometimes another, darker side that occasionally rears its ugly head Will Matt s bid for mayor become a mudslinging event for his opponent s overzealous mother What if she gets wind of Jane s secret Will the power of love be strong enough to reign triumphant Ava Miles writes from the heart about living, loving and the joys and pain each can sometimes cause Always blending humor, honor and a touch of small town gossip, Ms Miles brings each of her stories to life with characters one can admire, sigh over and never forget as they become like family.Three dogs, two people, one love, along with the magic of Dare Valley and Ava Miles equals warm romance that makes me smile and while craving.I received an ARC edition from Aspendawn Books in exchange for my honest review.Series Dare ValleyPublication Date may 20, 2014Publisher Aspendawn BooksISBN 9781940565088Genre Adult Contemporary Romance