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Lots of goodies for fantasy lovers in this story a medieval style world with a rich history, plenty of mythical critters, and intense battle scenes The story begins with a party and pretty much ends in Armageddon The Pact is a short read that definitely leaves you wanting I look forward to reading the rest of the saga Review forthcoming on received a copy of The Pact in exchange for my review.Will Lesterall is the youngest son of the House of Lesterall, the makers of the Pact with the Unborn 200 years ago, but at a dinner one night it is announced that the Pact has been broken, and the Unborn are on their way Though he refuses to accept it, Will and his brother are forced to flee in case the castle, and their father, fall But can Will find the courage to do what he must to stop the attack of the Unborn, or will they win the fight Firstly I want to point out that though I found it quite difficult to relate to Will, because of his youth, but I can recognise that for a younger audience the book and the story would be perfect, the tone and the protagonist would work really well in that case.The settings of The Pact were well described and vivid, really making the world stand out, this was coupled with strong secondary characters, most particularly the female characters, who actually seemed to be central to the plot than the male characters.The story was very past paced with the action happening all the time, with mysteries that got revealed slowly throughout the story, making it run smoothly Though again I did feel that the mysteries, and the action were suited to the younger audience than myself, but for that audience I think it would be brilliant. @KINDLE Ü The Pact µ Enter The World Of Will Lesterall, A Boy Who S Grown Up In The Safety Of His Father S Castle Tales Of The Outside World Ruled By Warring Kings And Creatures Of Nightmare Have Never Seemed A Threat, Yet On The Night Celebrating The Two Hundredth Year Of The Sacred Pact That Has Kept Fort Lesterall Safe, A Secret Intrigue Ripens, And In The Course Of A Few Hours Will Is Confronted With A Choice Greater Than He Can Comprehend Join An Unlikely Hero As Destiny Pulls Him Into The Middle Of An Ancient Conflict Between Fallen Gods And Ambitious Women, One That Demands Blood, Both Holy And Wicked, And The Power Of An Ancient Fire Bound In Steel As Swords Clash Below A Watching Wood, Hope And Betrayal War As Fiercely As Fear And Valour Whether He Lives Of Dies, Will Lesterall Will Never Be The Same An ancient pact agreed between the ancestor s of the Lesterall s and the dark creatures from cautionary tales told to children, has kept the Lesterall lands and people safe for centuries Whilst the Lestrall s and there friends gather to celebrate the anniversary of the Pact, goblins and creatures from nightmares gather outside their walls, for the Pact is broken.This is a short novella that starts with a brief interlude as the writer introduces the reader to Will Lesterall and his family, before quickly spinning out a short intrigue and the imminent destruction of the fort they live in The novella is barely longer than a short story and, although it spends some time early on to introduce the character of Will Lesterall, the writer doesn t give himself enough time to explore the relationships between Will and his family Will Lesterall is a ten year old boy that doesn t like big family gatherings and rather hang out with his friend, a sixteen year old stable hand We are told that Will has a bit of a crush on his nanny, but as it transpires, there is going on in Fort Lestrall than Will is aware of, and his nanny has something to do with it.The writing isn t bad, in fact the sentence structures and word play is very good Its just that there isn t much of a plot, and what little there is, isn t paced very well The end is dramatic and the twist is surprising, but it could have done with being drawn out , taking time to establish the various relationships, the intrigues and a better build up to the breaking of the Pact.This is already the second book this year that shows promise in the quality of the writing, but is let down by inexperience in the broader skills of the craft of writing Hopefully Brown is just testing the waters and will furnish readers with a protracted adventure as there isn t much point to The Pact. I found this short story novella by fellow Champagne Books author, Graeme Brown, to be a dense and dark read The tension begins right from the first sentence When you kill a man, look him in the eye and escalates from there The setting A dinner party The sense of doom Permeates everything.Though it is a celebratory function, the reader can tell that something is amiss, that dark forces are gathering The opening line, which is spoken by a character, is only one part of the gathering darkness Brown manages to pull it off through the whole dinner sequence, with how characters interact, with how the celebration has a muted tone Read the rest of my review on my blog I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I was instantly drawn into this book, as it sweeps the reader straight into the story Even so, it gives enough description that you understand what is going on and it was easy to keep up with it.My biggest issue was how short it was I understood it was about 50 pages when I started it, so I don t mean the length of it I mean I felt it was rushed Too much was done too quickly I didn t have time to find myself attached to any of the characters.Even without that, the story itself was great I found myself wishing there was to it, just so I could continue reading.It was a quick read, and I did enjoy it I give it 4 5 platypires.http www.platypire.com 3 post 2014 The Pact was a very short story, only 48 pages It told the story of a 10 year old boy called Will and The Pact that protected his home for many years The problem was that the pact had been broken and it was time to fight mythical beasts like goblins, dragons and the likes and save themselves.It was quite an intense storyline which flowed really well although some of it was pretty gruesome.It is a great book to read in your lunch hour and it stuck in my head.I think this would have made a great longer story where it didn t seem so rushed.It has been left open for a second book and I would love to see what happens to Will. I read this book in one sitting It was fast paced, contained a lot of adventure, and the characters were well developed The only problem was that it was over too soon I wanted to know about Will Lesteral and what becomes of him I look forward to reading the sequel Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. Brown understands medieval Fantasy, as well as the craft of great writing As you read this short story you will see immediately that this guy is a pro with a sure future as an author in the Fantasy genre. Hey there, epic fantasy fans All too often, the pages we read are filled with beauty and virtue, tainted by an enemy that expects to destroy all that is good The world of man is made out to be magical Unique races are, or may become, united The fall of the enemy was foretold by an ancient prophecy A hero is coming to save us all.The Pact, a high fantasy novella by Graeme Brown, tells a tale of angelic creatures Beautiful goblins frolic in the fields exotic ogres paint the daytime grasses with wondrous colors and the unborn bask in the sun, radiant and stunning But when the sun falls below the horizon, these creatures become fiends of the night, terrorizing men and women foolish enough to be in the vicinity.The book begins with a young boy of ten All humans including his family have been forced into small areas that they inhabit and protect with their lives Towns are spread to unfathable distances, thinning any human resistance yet further and children grow up behind walls Aside from the walls, the only thing keeping people safe is a flimsy 200 year old pact between humans and monsters It s a pact that people are beginning to suspect the enemy would like to break soon, given the creatures recent actions.During the king s festivities one night, the king s knights march in wishing to break this pact and wage war on the enemy So do other knights from afar But one of the great wartime knights, feared by all, brings in evidence that the pact has already been broken The time to wage war is upon us The story opens up, following the children as they escape death and learn a little something about the outside world they have been protected from for so long Will they become heroes, or won t they Either way, they can t stay hidden from the dark and evil forces of the unborn forever.This short novella was unique and fun It s nice to follow fleeing children for a change in an epic fantasy, rather than a seasoned hero, or even an unlikely hero It really changes things up So, The Pact was a good story and definitely worth a read Check it out and tell me what you think downstairs A review