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The Blood Vivicanti series manages to operate effectively as both a serialized greater story, as well as very smartly compartmentalized individual tales Each one has a very clear beginning and end, while smoothly transitioning into the next phase of the story.The break between parts 3 and 4 was beautifully timed The first three installments really set up Mary Paige s world, then left it hanging in the balance Part 4 marks the beginning of the very real trials she will now face, outside of the ones her new life inherently presents We get to uncover the mysteries of the Blood Vivicanti, just as she does.The tale of Lowen s arrest and trial made me actually laugh out loud, and, from that point on, I was entranced with the underlying humor and irony in every word Becket chose In fact, while sutble humor has always been a writing strength of Becket s, he takes it to a whole new level here but in a way that enhances the story, rather than taking you out of it He doesn t waste a single word here.Best of all, the reader gets most of the answers they ve been seeking about where the Red Man and thus, The Blood Vivicanti actually come from Despite my many theories, I was nowhere close The truth ends up being wholly unique and original, while keeping me completely engaged to the point of actually gasping when the story ended.Finally, I love the new covers Nice job to Becket and Ms Rice again, on this beautiful mythology Eagerly awaiting the 5th installment Strange.unique My favorite one so far Lowen and the Red Man are intriguing characters and Becket s brilliant storytelling makes it fun to learn about them I really hope they keep coming into the story with Mary Paige and Theo.The other thing I loved about part 4 is that you can see growth in Mary Paige She s living, breathing, healing, changing, coming out of an arrested state PS love the new book covers Really bizarre twist to this vampire series but the author s foreword gives yousome indication that this is not your normal vampire I liked the twist once I got past the initial shock and the story rocketed along to another cliffhanger.Can t wait for part 5 I don t think Part Four holds up to the prior parts Disappointing and boring in comparison. I m still good .FREE ⚇ The Origin Blood (The Blood Vivicanti #4) ⚔ Mary Paige S Photographic Memory Has Made Her A Powerful Blood Vivicanti Unlike The Others, Wyn And Theo, She Is The Only One Who Can Retain Her Blood Memories And The Talents Of Her Victims But Her Power Took Her Too Far And She Nearly Murdered A Whole Family In Their Sleep Drunk On Power And Blood, Mary Paige Then Drank The Black Blood Of A Sleeper Devil And Was Left For Dead At The Edge Of A Cliff Now She Awakens To Find That Wyn S Mansion Has Been Completely Destroyed By An Invasion Of Sleeper Devils Who Have Stolen The Only Way To Create The Blood Vivicanti Mary Paige Must Get Her Life Together If She Is Going To Help Wyn Retrieve The Origin Blood Whoa that ending. It started off really well, then it shows right down and I basically felt like I was being told about the past I think it could have been integrated into the story better throughout, rather than being dumped at the beginning of the fourth installment When that was over it picked up a little , but it wasn t great. what a crazy ending part 5 needs to be out now so i can find out what happens ahhh