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It s entirely possible that I was just in the wrong mood to read this book The first one in the series was okay, I guess I thought of it as brain dead yahoo fair Bathtub reading, if you know what I mean Simplistic and derivitive but harmless I thought I saw where the author was going and was willing to follow her to the next book, should the opertunity land in my path Well, it did and I did and here we are Unimpressed.The simplicity continues all poor people noble and good all wealthy people closed minded and bad and the main character continues her journey toward becoming the worlds biggest Mary Sue ever She s not quite there yet The author still has a chance to save her Of course, I see by Goodreads that there are already several books in ther series after this, so the chances of the main character continuing to reveal that she s the Greatest Wizard E var are pretty high.Yeah I m probably taking this all the rong way At least I admit it.Where was I Oh Right So, this book has less of the charming character interaction that saved the first one, and a great deal of repetitive story telling intersperced with the shocking insertion of a homosexual character Bless Is that still shocking any Was this book written in 1987 Sorry, sorry, sorry I m all foul today I didn t hate this book Really, I didn t I just didn t much like it, apparently I felt that it was lazy in all the wrong ways.Not particularly recommended Unless you either REALLY liked the first book or are into stock and tade fantasy palaber. A surprisingly good fantasy title The plot reminds me quite of Harry Potter i.e protagonist in school of wizardry, unusual circumstances of birth, befriended by the school headmaster , but the plot is much suspenseful and interesting And none of that ANGST CRAWLING IN MY SKIN rubbish that one usually sees in this genre of stories.Mature plot, snappy writing, interesting characters What could one ask for How PATHETIC did Sonea turn out to be in this book Again, the author drags part of the story, aka where Sonea gets bullied by some of the rich, spoilt novices, out for pretty much 2 3 of the book, needlessly I may add.I only gave this two stars because throughout the whole book, whilst the style of writing is still appreciable, I found myself completely aghast at the pathetic, lacking in backbone and self doubting creature that she turned Sonea into We are talking about a young, determined individual with a lot of potential for success, the HEROINE for goodness sake, who defiantly evaded the entire Guild of the best magicians in the world, during the first book.to be turned into this pathetic thing Pretty much the whole book was filled with passages followed by passages of self doubting but if I did this then.on the other hand, why would it matter if they thought.what if I questions and it just drove me nuts Cut out all this self thought passages for the characters crap please This read was okay I m literally on a fence as to what I m actually feeling about itI like the characters in the book but found that the author drag out the storyline unnecessarily I found myself getting bored frequently and that is a big No No when I read a bookThe heroine in this read also played the victim role way to long I seriously reached a point that I didn t even care what happen to her as it was pointlessMy official rating is 3 Stars and I ll eventually finished the trilogy if only to see how it all ends Segundas partes nunca fueron buenas, dicen, pero aunque en este casoLa aprendizno destaque especialmente, os confirmo que estoy viciada a esta saga de fantas a como hac a tiempo que no lo estaba por otras sagas Es cierto que la historia no avanza mucho A mi parecer, se ha sido uno de sus puntos flojos si bien el primer libro era introductorio, dejando pistas de futuras tramas, en esta ocasi n no he visto un gran desarrollo de ninguna La historia se desarrolla de forma pausada, m s centrada en la evoluci n y el trasfondo de los personajes, que de los oscuros secretos y los asesinatos que se est n produciendo Sin embargo, no os voy a enga ar me ha gustado mucho Como comentaba al principio, me he encontrado muy enganchada a la historia desde el primer libro, y no me he desenganchado en su segunda parte M s bien al contrario Y es que Trudi Canavan tiene el peculiar don de narrar lo m s cotidiano, de una forma m gica En todo el libro apenas acompa amos a Sonea en sus estudios, as como en las escenas de bullying que sufre a manos de sus compa eros, especial y esencialmente de Regin Creo que ese toque m s realista aporta una nueva dimensi n a la novela Es decir, tendemos a pensar que un libro de este g nero se va a centrar en esos lugares imaginarios, en esos sistemas nuevos de magia y personajes incre bles, cuestiones tan alejadas de la realidad, que nos llegamos a preguntar si acaso la literatura fant stica sirve para otra cosa que no sea entretener Hasta que llegan novelas como sta.No s lo el tema del bullying, sino la inclusi n de cuestiones LGTB en otra de las subtramas cuidado con spoilers , en concreto en la que tiene que ver con la investigaci n de Dannyl y Taylend Qu quer is que os diga, ten a mis dudas al principio sobre la relaci n de estos dos, y desconfiaba much simo de Taylend, pero a medida que avanzaba la novela e iba tomando consciencia de la buena combinaci n que eran, de c mo se iban desvelando los detalles del pasado de Dannyl y ste iba aceptando todo Me ha parecido que se ha llevado muy bien el tema, con una transici n bastante natural y que consigue mantener la tensi n y la incertidumbre, al tiempo que va calando en el lector.Por otro lado, me ha gustado tambi n el crecimiento de Sonea C mo al principio reniega de la magia y, en parte gracias a Rothen y el af n por poder plantar cara a Regin, va desarroll ndose en una verdadera devoci n No obstante, reconozco que me ha decepcionado un poco que la protagonista fuera tan calmada, permisiva y sumisa, especialmente al principio Entiendo que su situaci n est dentro de contexto realmente no quiere causar problemas y alimentar el odio y el rechazo que los magos y la clase alta, en general, declaran abiertamente contra las barriadas los barrios bajos de los que ella procede Pero, por otro lado, me hubiera gustado ver una versi n m s tipo Katniss en ella desde el principio, que le hubiesen dado igual los comentarios y que hubiese puesto los l mites a Regin antes Sin embargo, tambi n habr a afectado al desarrollo de su trama, a ese crecimiento lento y sutil que tiene, c mo va perfeccionando su magia s lo con el trabajo peque o, pero constante Y de c mo al final patea el trasero a Regin en el duelo, por supuesto que s.En definitiva,La aprendizes una novela de transici n que, a pesar de su ritmo pausado, me ha gustado Creo que ha planteado, adem s, muchos interrogantes en lo que respecta a la subtrama que, desde mi punto de vista, es la m s interesante realmente, qu papel est desempe ando Akkarin Es tan malo como parece, o es s lo un papel Qu intereses hay por ah Es el autor de los cr menes Desde luego, tengo mis teor as, pero esas me las guardo y esperar a leer la tercera parte A ver si la autora me las confirma, desmiente o las desmorona por completo Ya os contar After reading this book, I m really starting to love the series The first book didn t really get interesting until Sonea got to the Guild With this book, though, it remained interesting from beginning to end I can relate to Sonea s goal to be a Healer And I really approved of Trudi Canavan s view of homosexuality that she portrayed through two of her characters I won t mention the names here to prevent spoilers Seeing the progress of one of those characters, both in the journey and realization of his feelings, he quickly became one of my favorite characters And, of course, the plot thickens I can t wait to read the next book. Think of this book as what a Harry Potter novel would look like if it was only about Harry vs Draco struggle Except here it s Sonea vs Entire School all out war with the protagonist being 1 a total victim, 2 accepting everything they throw at her, 3 not fighting back, 4 barely protecting herself, 5 barely accepting help from third parties Antagonists consist of nearly all the students, most of the teachers, staff and a kitchen sink Rare people who are on Sonea s side try to help her a little, but it doesn t really work because she s the Ultimate Victim and not cooperating She doesn t even use all the resources available to her.It was all very funny I don t doubt it appeals a lot to young readers There s also a second thread, which contributes exactly nothing A mage magician is sent on a quest to find Important Stuff Instead, he finds himself a lover I was extremely curious as to how m m slash looks in young adult version, but was sorely disappointed That part of the book was insanely, mind numbingly boring and consisted of rambling and preaching about tolerance etc Yawn Primary school stuff.Ah, the mage magician found something Strange Don t get your hopes high though, it s irrelevant to the story and not explained at all, either in the trilogy or in its prequel. Do you know that feeling, when you backpacks weights 10 kg after going to a library And one single book contains 500 pages and you have to cycle uphill and all the way you re mad on yourself that you took so many books, when you have other things to do Your studies, your work, your crafts, etc And when you start reading a book at 11 pm and finish it after 3 am And you forget that it weighted tone, that you had something else to do, that it s already morning you re fascinated, charmed and totally out of this world.Oh, you do know that feeling Well, if you want to feel it again take this book.The story itself is not complicated and I could say that it s even a little bit predictable But something in it and it s so hard to say what exactly makes you want The magic world in the book is very real, so are main characters Sometimes it feels like some of them are only sketches, but they still feel real I have no idea how this is possible As I said, fascinating story. The second book in this series and not quite as good as the first I felt there was not enough content for the length of the book so it dragged a bit in places As in the first one I enjoyed the characters although I did get a bit tired of waiting for Sonea to use her powers and turn Regin into the rat that he was Sadly she never does Having said all that I read the whole book in record time so it must have had something going for it And I still want to read the next one ^Free Ebook ⇮ The Novice ↚ Alone Among All The Novices In The Magician S Guild, Only Sonea Comes From Lowly Beginnings Yet She Has Won Powerful Allies Including Lord Dannyl, Newly Promoted To Guild Ambassador But Dannyl Must Now Depart For The Elyne Court, Leaving Sonea At The Mercy Of The Lies And Malicious Rumors Her Enemies Are Busy Spreadinguntil The High Lord Akkarin Steps In The Price Of Akkarin S Support Is Dear, However, Because Sonea, In Turn, Must Protect His Mysteries And A Secret That Could Lead A Young Novice Mage Deep Into The DarknessMeanwhile, Dannyl S First Order To Resume High Lord Akkarin S Long Abandoned Research Into Ancient Magical Knowledge Is Setting Him On An Extraordinary Journey Fraught With Unanticipated Peril As He Moves Ever Closer To A Future Both Wondrousand Terrible