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An OK read albeit a little darker than average for a YA book.a little slow moving in places and a very abrupt cliffhanger ending give this only 3 stars. I was pleasantly surprised by this young adult title.It is rare to discover a fantasy series by an indie author that I can really appreciate I read all four published novels in a row, and I m anxiously waiting for the next one The world created by Mr Hunter is very interesting While most of the creatures and setting aren t unique separately, the story gives us an original perspective It was definitely an enjoyable take on dark fantasy.The protagonist is a necromancer and his friends and allies would probably be the bad guys in traditional fantasy ghouls, zombies, vampires At some point, the mood of the story feels very much like an episode of The Addams Family, but with a serious tone All the characters are well developed and enjoyable I also appreciated the fact that the hero still acted very much like a kid without being whiny He s scared and not very confident at the start but still tries his best His various friends are also very interesting and grew up on me While there are a few villains clearly evil, most characters are morally gray which is a breath of fresh air in what I assume is a young adult read.My only gripe is how short each novel was But maybe I m biased after reading so many huge fantasy books.My rating 4 I can definitely recommend this one if you like dark fantasy and coming of age stories. I was searching for books to read and stumbled upon this, it had an interesting title and the synopsis also piqued my interest I didn t start reading it with the hope of finding my next fantasy favorite, which it didn t become, but still it is an ok story.The characters are ok The main character is the most fleshed out in this one but at the same time the others aren t plain but have a veil of mystery thrown over them I read through it quite fast and it maintained my interest throughout the story The world building is also good, meaning that I d like to know Overall though it has quite a simple feel to it, to me it was a refreshing read. I liked it at first, but it was really simple Almost didn t finish it Maybe it d be good to someone in elementary or middle school Too young for me. I have to say I read this book pretty quick, but in my journey through the pages I began to fall in love with the theme and the setting within the pages I also did enjoy the characters quit a bit as well, cant wait to pick up the next book in the series and see what happens to our dynamic trio of friends.I received this book from the author for this review. Interesting world, or like city I m enjoying the whole concept, it feels like there is a lot potential Though I m unsure where the story wants to go yet Still, I like the thought of your own zombie, a ghoul best friend and a vampire love interest It had to be a vampire, right Oh well at least these vampires seem to be a lot complicated and while civilised still horrifying not that by light anything in that city isn t horrifying. .DOWNLOAD EPUB ♶ The Necromancers Nephew (Songreavers Tale, #1) ☢ When The Dragon Lord S Army Destroys The City Of Brenhaven, Ten Year Old Garrett Is Badly Burned And Left For Dead In The Ashes Rescued By A Mysterious Sorcerer, Garrett Finds A New Life, And Learns A Grisly Trade In Wythr, The Tomb City Of Necromancers Now, With The Help Of A Ghoul, A Zombie, And A Girl Who Drinks Blood, Garrett Must Discover The Secrets Buried Beneath The Ancient City And Find A Way To End The Dragon Lord S Fiery Reign Good readOverall the book was an interesting read I like the world building and foreshadowing but it had some things to be desired in description of events and the story seemed a touch fast paced, but overall a good read.