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SPOILER ALERT I love the history in the Morland Dynasty series This book disappoints simply because of the way Annunciata is drawn She s depicted as being extremely self centred ,masterful ambitious even by the standards of that particularly difficult period.And a truly atrocious mother Every time she thinks she s found true love every time finds some ridiculous reason to fall out of love in this book.How does one fall in love with a man you helped raise as a child One admires a charismatic heroine here I felt no empathy for Annunciata s character kept hoping she d finally receive her just deserts.Sadly this did not happen. Do not read this review if you have not already read the previous book in this series view spoiler After several years of marriage to her cousin Ralph, Annunciata becomes disillusioned with life at Morland Court, and longs for the excitement of London and her friendships with the royal family Both Annunciata and Ralph are saddened by the deaths of several of their young children In addition, Annunciata tends to play favorites among the children from her previous marriages, preferring her second son to her first, who resents this treatment Meanwhile momentous happenings are afoot politically as the Puritans seek to eliminate Catholic influence, even though the royal family is Catholic, as are the Morlands This leads first to the Monmouth Rebellion, followed several years later by the Glorious Revolution Both of these seriously affect the Morland family.I had trouble liking Annunciata in this book which is why I haven t rated it higher Otherwise it is a fascinating view on an often neglected period of British history hide spoiler @Download Book ⚞ The Long Shadow ó Charles II And James IIMorland Place Has Flourished Under Ralph S Stewardship, While Annunciata Is A Great Lady Of The Court Splendid Futures Seem To Be Promised For Her Children But The Religious Rift Opened By Henry VIII Has Never Been Fully Healed, And Conflict Resurfaces At The Accession Of The Catholic James II Frightening Times Ensue, When It Is Impossible To Know Who To Trust Annunciata Herself Is Put On Trial, While Jealousy, Betrayal And Sudden Death Threaten Her Family And In The Shadow Of Revolution Comes A New Love To Annunciata, One That Can Only Lead To Tragedy So glad there are 29 to go. Very well written, but I despised the main character pretty sure I was meant to Regarding the Kindle version The story is good, butBut the editing is atrocious So distracting And sometimes the reader has to stop and guess at what the mis typed words are even supposed to mean I ve been reading the series, and the editing is progressively worse with each book. This 6th book in the Morland Dynasty series is the reason I abandoned the series back in the 80 s after enjoying the first 200 years or so of the Morland family I honestly wanted to slap Annunciata because she became so shallow and stupid in the book, and her children weren t much better Over 20 years later, I found books 7 20 as a lot in an estate sale and bought them to give the series another try I hated The Chevalier too the story did not improve until book 8 The Maiden, but then it really got better and the ensuing French Revolution Napoleonic War era books are excellent I m glad I hung in there, but The Long Shadow and The Chevalier are pretty awful Unfortunately, you have to read them to understand what comes later, but brace yourself. The blurb for The Long Shadow is rather misleading It talks about the reign of James II as though that forms the bulk of the book, when it s probably less than the final hundred pages Which in a way is nice, as life for all the Morlands and their connections is better under Charles II than under his brother s four year reign.I will say this book killed any liking I had left for Annunciata Yet again there are few really likeable characters in this series Hugo got on my nerves, and even Elizabeth Hobart poor dear couldn t grab me Annunciata is fascinating, and a wonderful character, but I don t like her, or have much sympathy for her, I continue to find it fascinating that Harrod Eagles take on history is so far from my own Or should that be her take on the contemporary view as events were unfolding Still, I ve always felt quite sorry for both Mary and Anne, and H E her characters seem quite the opposite. 6 in the Moreland Dynasty series This one, like the last and apparently the next , revolves around Annunciata, a beautiful selfish bitch I guess one of the things I like about this series is that the characters are realistically flawed, but still I wish there was not so much focus on such an unlikeable character I m still looking forward to the next in the series. This is the 6th book in the Morland Dynasty, and my favourite since the first The political intrigue was simple enough for me to understand, and it is now moving into a period I ve never previously studied Keeps an interesting balance between the lives and loves of the Morlands themselves, the social history of the period, and the historical and political events of the time.