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I ve read the whole book several times and pieces of it ten or times Parks was an underrated writer of superb quality It s another classic to be that is often overlooked. (((READ EBOOK))) ⇖ The Learning Tree ⇧ Photographer, Writer, And Composer, Gordon Parks Has Written A Moving, True To Life Novel Of Growing Up As A Black Man In This Country In This Century Hailed By Critics And Readers Alike, THE LEARNING TREE Tells The Extraordinary Journey Of A Family As They Struggle To Understand The World Around Them And Leave Their Mark A World That Is Better For Their Having Been In It Great piece of work Gordon Parks does a great job winding through not just racial issues, but prohibition, class structures and coming of age.Much better than the movie The Learning Tree is a fictional study of a black family in a small Kansas town in the 1920s Newt, the protagonist, is an intelligent young man who faces many racial prejudices Like most characters who faces these issues, he dealt with them in pride However, he gets into a difficult situation when he witnesses a murder He has to choose between coming clean or hiding in the dark because a man is being framed for the crime Doing so will forever change his life It s either he live with the guilt or he frees himself from it I would recommend you to read this novel if you would like to find out what his decision was I guess everyone of us has in a way face a difficult situation and has two options Will he choose the right one Which is the right choice to make This felt so familiar and so tragic Though Newt s story takes place in the mid 1920s, there are some eery similarities in current racial divides Still I didn t realize that Gordon Parks wrote a book until I read about him after seeing his photography exhibit at the High Museum And Shaft, I remember seeing Shaft when it came on tv for the Saturday night movie special in the mid 70s which Parks directed So how does one person become so talented in so many areas I m in awe of Gordon Parks vision his heart his passion This book had to have truths about him as he grew up It felt so heartfelt and honest and I love the way Newt and his family understood and worked to accept the way things were are for black people living in a white world. i read this book over 25 years ago and remember it like it was yesterday definitely one of the best books that ive read in my life definitely impactful. First, this was a re read I absolutely love this book I ve read it a million times and have seen the movie just as many times In my opinion, it s a really brilliant book. This was an absolutely fantastic book to read This book is suppose to be semi autobiographical If you know a bit about Gordon Parks and his life then you will see some of his life written into the book How much of it was romanticized or fictionalized I don t know but that question did not deter me from enjoying this book The pace is very quick with action in every chapter You would think this is like diary with one chapter representing one day but the book really spans a couple of years of time The cover says that this books tells what it s like to be black in a white man s world Let me assure you that is exactly what Parks did He covered everything from the slang, to daily speech, to race tensions and bigotry, to simple daily living like making breakfast and he did it with authority and gravity Nothing was whitewashed or held back I had a hard time grasping what time period the book was set in It s not a spoiler if I tell you that it was set in the 1920s and that makes sense when I think about it Parks himself would have been around 8 12 years old during that time The characters he writes are slightly older than that Although the calendar years he writes about is long behind us many of the same issues remain This is a book that should be read by both young and old today as a reminder of just how far we have come but still how much farther we need to go Although it doesn t explain the roots of our racial tensions not intended to anyways it reminds us of their existence.This was Parks first book and for someone who never finished school he wrote a phenomenal book It shows that everyone who wants to can write if their belly burns hot enough to do it Yes, his editor, Genevieve Young who he later married , probably had some strong influence here and helped him shore up the text but the story belongs to Parks no matter what Go out and read this book TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2006The Learning Tree challengedA member of the Mobile county school board in Alabama is seeking to remove Gordon Parks book, The Learning Tree, from this summer s reading list for upcoming ninth graders at LeFlore High School in Mobile, reports the Alabama Press Register Fleet Belle, who says he has read sections of the book, wants it removed because of its inappropriate and unacceptable language. I read this book when I was in high school and did a paper on it Next to To Kill a Mockingbird, this was another coming of age story told beautifully by Gordon Parks There were many sections of the book that angered me, but I realize it was the sign of the times, for when this was written I recommend this book for all reading audiences Lots of life s lessons to be learned in this book