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Complete review to come after release date ARC provided by author in exchange of an honest review 4 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult with SuspenseNOTE A link to my review for Vol 1 is listed after my thoughts.First of all, Bentley can do no wrong ok, LOVE THIS GUYHer eyes jolt open and her body jumps from the sight of me I look down on her wondering who the girl I just fucked really is What are you doing she asks hurriedly, grabbing the sheet for comfort I look at her through glazed eyes, and I can see the fear on her face What s she thinking right now What is it she s really after Get up, I demand The room is pitch black, but the outside streetlights are beaming through the windows I can see her hesitation and fear immediately, but I m only a shadow to her What she croaks out I lean over the bed and hover over her body You heard me Get up I started this book after midnight thinking I would read a chapter before bed Ummm, no I read it straight through in one sitting and loved every second It was alluringly sexy as readers finally start to piece together something from the past only thing is..Ceci is not the only one being less than forthcoming As she finally gets the opportunity readers have been eagerly anticipating for..the answers surrounding her father s death other facts start to surface.My ThoughtsThe Intern Vol 2 was absolutely delicious I could not get enough It was a quickie but a goody Bentley finally starts to let down his shield Total 180 from Vol 1, the whole time I just wanted to scream NO STOP when his guard would slip but I couldn t Everything has to play out and there is nothing I can do about it Eventually I fell for the two as a couple Slowly Now I just need to know what happens next My Review for The Intern Vol 1 RatingsCharacters Clever, daring and inventiveWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline A high school senior fakes her older sisters identity in order to get an internship that may hold leads to her father s murdererSteam Factor High Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 8Entertainment Level From Lo Med Hi I say MediumOverall LOVED it So glad the next one comes out soon Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to www.realitybites letsgetlost.blogspot Like us on Facebook realitybitesletsgetlost Free Pdf ♲ The Intern, Volume 2 (The Intern, #2) ♵ My Cock Noticed Her Before I DidShe Came Out Of NowhereCompletely UnexpectedAnd I Let Her In UnwillinglyBut She Gave Me No ChoiceShe Sledgehammered My Thick Walls, Leaving Me Charmed By Her Knowledge, And Seduced By Her Beauty I Was CaptivatedAnd Now It Was About To Tumble Down In A Tsunami Of Lies Uncertainty Riveted My Core As My Anger Spread She Was Impossible To Forget After All, She Was Still My InternForbiddenLustBetrayalI Felt All Of Those Things For Her At Once But Only One Would Destroy Us Brooke Cumberland needs to be killed lol this is the second book with another cliffhanger f ck my life good thing the books aren t really that long and u can read the entire series if you are crazy nerd like me ARC provided by author in exchange of an honest review Review later ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review5 BENTLEY STARS When Brooke messaged asking me for a favor, I was wondering what it could be Little did I know, her favor was asking me if I could read and give her honest feedback on her upcoming book, The Intern Volume 2 before she sends out the ARCs Umm..Brooke you didn t have to ask if I wanted to read the book because my answer was a BIG FAT YES Literally, my reading plans changed and I had to read this book ASAP and thats what I did when The Intern Vol 2 appeared on my kindle Let s just say I may have squealed in delight when I got my hands on Bentley.Pardon my language but Holy Shit The Intern Vol 2 was FUCKING HOT If I thought the first volume was sexy, let me tell you Brooke went beyond my expectations in this installment Volume 2 was filled with so much suspense and lots of steamy drop your panty kind of hot sex If you were like me, I had to know what will happen to Ceci when Bentley discovered she was hiding under his desk How will Ceci manage to get out of her predicament Well lets just say Brooke Cumberland took her readers on to a whole ride of hotness The chemistry between Ceci and Bentley was like a blazing inferno It was hot, raw, primal and intense The strong connection between these two is so palpable that you were on the edge of your seats waiting for Ceci s secrets to be unraveled The time they spent with each other, Bentley warns Ceci that he doesn t give his heart so easily and constantly ask her for the truth With lingering suspicions of Ceci, will Bentley be able to fuck the truth out of her Or will Ceci s lies finally catch up to her Ahhh Brooke Cumberland does it again with another shocking ending Why must you torture your readers like that HAHA What can I say but I loved The Intern Volume 2 It was one hot, steamy suspenseful quick read I loved that we got to see a whole new side to Bentley He was the total alpha sexy domineering hero And I can t get enough of him I wanted Bentley I can t wait to see what Ms.Cumberland has in store for Bentley and Ceci in the third volume All I can ask of her, is to please hurry and finish it soon I am dying to know what happens next 3 Ms Brooke Cumberland I NEED VOLUME 3 LIKE NOW after that ending Pretty Please 3Brooke Cumberland First of all if you have not read The Intern Volume One run don t walk to your nearest e retailer and 1 click that bad boy NOW You don t want to read volume two without reading the first volume first or else you will be completely lost Not to mention you are missing plen 5 Suspenseful Stars ARC received from the author for an honest reviewAlso posted on Four Chicks Flipping PagesAfter getting to that scene, all that s been playing on my mind is the thought thatDamn Why did I not pursue gymnastics when I was youngerVolume 2 starts where Volume 1 ended You know, that cliffhanger at the end where we all probably wentOh shit She s going to get caughtYes, that one Bentley walked in on her hiding but didn t let on and pretended he didn t But now, he s starting to have doubts and I like how Brooke made him into someone who doesn t shake off his concerns, his questions He was not dumb and although his doubts are just doubts, he trust himself to go with his feelings and start asking questions and acting on it It s like he doesn t let himself be fooled He wants to He wants to believe that Ceci is being honest and that she s not hiding anything from him But he s cautious and wary too And I kind of love that about him Makes him even hotter in my eyes.Ceci is starting feel guilty about what she s doing She s starting to have deeper feelings and emotional involvement to Bentley that she s having second thoughts about hurting him and compromising Bentley and his father s company with what she s been doing However, no matter how much she feels that what shes doing is oh so wrong, she can t let go and stop searching for answers about that tragedy that happened years ago She needs answers and she needs to get it Ceci is one of the most confident, scarily deceiving yet vulnerable heroine I ve ever read How she s brave and determined to seek and get the justice she wants is admirable, and although how she went about it isn t the ideal way, I admire the fierceness in her to really pull the deception off.That s also to say that she s fierce when it comes to her relationships with other people, her family and her best friends, and now with Bentley What they have started as physical attraction, it s intense Combustible And Brooke made me want to be a gymnast Have I mentioned that yet Because really, this is kinkier and waaaaaaay panty dropping than Volume 1 Volume 1 has nothing on Volume 2 Bentley For reals Now, don t go thinking that this is all sex and no development whatsoever in the story The sex for me is enough It was not too much to make me sick of it, and not too few that I want But But with how extremely hot those scenes are, it feels like it s 2 chapters long when really it was not Brooke Cumberland wrote the second volume of Ceci and Bentley s story with the right amount of suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat and the perfect drizzle of sex scenes all throughout the book to keep the steam going.Stars 5 stars Recommended to Do you enjoy mystery Romance Hot scenes Forbidden love POV First person Dual POV.Series Yes 3 part serial.Cliffhanger Yes.EXTRA COMMENT That ending 3 3.5 StarsThis is part two of The Intern, a three part romantic suspense serial about Bentley and Cecilia.Their drama and attraction for each other continues We experience their highs and lows They have delicious sexy times together, and lots of them Bentley was his usual yummy, gorgeous self.Ceci continues her search for the truth but at what cost Secrets and liesWill it all come to the surface and have an everlasting damning effect on their relationship Only time will tell I enjoyed the second part of this story and once again the ending was brilliant Brooke Cumberland knows how to leave me wanting I m eager to see how it ll all end up If you like a short and sexy read with a story of suspense and drama than you should give this series a readEnjoy Complimentary copy provided by the author for an honest review. 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