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Just one word WILL. [[ Free E-pub ]] ⇧ Clockwork Angel Manga Taster (The Infernal Devices, sampler) ☔ A Prequel To Cassandra Clare S Mortal Instruments Series, The New York Times Bestselling The Infernal Devices Is The Story Of Tessa Gray, A Sixteen Year Old American Girl Traveling Alone To Victorian London Who Runs Afoul Of The City S Sordid Supernatural Underworld Rescued By The Shadowhunters Of The London Institute, Tessa Quickly Finds Herself Caught Up In An Intrigue That May Very Well Destroy Her New Friends Including The Two Enigmatic Young Men, Jem And Will, Who Have Taken Her Under Their Wing Will collapses This is another Manga remake of a popular young adult novel This is becoming a and popular thing to do So far I ve enjoyed that ones that I ve read which is why I keep picking them up, such as with the Clockwork Angel Manga When I got the first chapter I just had to read it I was surprised that I wanted to read the Manga in the first place since I didn t enjoy the actual book I couldn t really get through the whole thing I honestly thought it was just so boring It was the same thing as her other series just during the 1800s, and I m a huge Mortal Instruments fan Yet the cover of the Manga and the hype just got to me I have to say I really enjoyed the first chapter Even though it was so short The manga moved at a much faster pace then the novel It was easy to get caught up in it The artist also did a great job The outfits and dresses that they had in 1878 looked great I loved the detail, you could tell when it was taking place The facial expressions were also great I really can t wait until the whole novel comes out in October I ll be taking a trip to the book store that day. cool JEM insert heart eyes Got this from free comic book day awhile ago and I still own it and love it This little taster was very exciting and makes me want immediately I ve not yet read the actual books so this was a useful kind of insight into the plot in the beginning I did spot one wording mistake, and because it isn t really long enough for me to judge fully, I ve given it four stars I love the style of the drawings and I love Manga, so I m really sure that I ll love the rest when I get it Teehee. FIRST THANK YOU WHYYY.JUST WHYYY.A CLIFFHANGER.WHYYY.Okay Nuff with the Whys, lol Then again, it s a sampler and I haven t read the book so puts on to read list Oh wait It s already there Long agonizing months then for summer so I can go look for it at the county library.