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It s like if Stephen King and M Night Shyamalan had a baby and that baby wrote a book Towards the end you get this horrible, sickening feeling and then the twist comes and you get this gaping, mouth open wtf feeling It s well written and expands your mind but not a feel good, for the heck of it story. I really liked this It sucked me in right away I read about half of it this morning on the bus running errands, and then couldn t put it down once I got home I liked the twist ending, and while I ve read some reviews where people said they wished there had been some foreshadowing, I thought there was plenty The future parts of the book were very idealised and just made me kind of suspicious, but also I just had a feeling that it couldn t end so happily ever after I wish there had been a little reveal to the epilogue, but I don t feel that it was too sparse Leaving things to the imagination is a perfectly valid choice, even if I m like argh, I want to know return return I hadn t realised there was a film of this It seems to be completely different from reviews I ve read, but I plan to check it out anyway. a volatile score, started as an ok simple 3 stars, then got a twist that make it 4 stars, and a second twist brought it down to 2.A very poor character development in first part, that takes away complexity of the interesting second part.A nice character with deductive abilities and some nice game of mind strategy.An interesting final twist that makes you forgive the shortcommings of the book.An absurd expanded twist that makes you throw away the book unpopular opinion time the movie was better. I started out seeing the movie that this is based on I didn t realize ut was based on a book until my daughter pointed it out I found tge movie to be very dark gripping that stays with me and I often go back to watch it I still get those shivers and the metallic taste in my mouth when I do so.That being said, the book was slow, dry and the characters were flat no depth Everyone says that they don t see the twist that comes toward the end To me it was poorly executed I felt little to no emotion throughout, but wanted to finish it, thinking okay here comes the good stuff I am still left waiting for something that never happened. Fantastically dark and sinister The layers in this book leave the reader puzzling over it for a long time.I first read this book in 1993 and its darkness stayed with me for years A profound mind bender. |Book ♠ After the Hole ♰ On A Spring Day In England, Six Teenagers Venture To A Neglected Part Of Their School Where There Is A Door To A Small Windowless Cellar Behind The Door, The Old Stairs Have Rotted Away A Boy Unfurls A Rope Ladder And Five Descend Into The Hole The Sixth Closes The Door, Locks It From The Outside, And Walks Calmly Away The Plan Is Simple They Will Spend Three Days Locked In The Hole And Emerge To Become Part Of The Greatest Prank The School Has Ever Seen But Something Goes Terribly Wrong No One Is Coming Back To Let Them Out EverTaut And Eerie, Suspenseful And Disturbing, The Hole Is A Compelling Novel Of Physical Endurance, Psychological Survival, And Unforgettable Revelations Made All The Stunning By Its Shocking End La cita de la amiga que me presto el libro describe perfecto mi sentir En general es una historia m s o menos aburrido , predecible y floja Creo que hubiera pasado como un libro desapercibido de no ser por las ltimas 5 p ginas Esas ltimas 5 p ginas hicieron que este libro valiera much simo la pena I ll be blunt I didn t get the book.I came across The Hole while searching for another book Normally I m not fond of psychological thrillers, but the synopsis was intriguing enough to get me to read the novel.I was very taken aback by the constant flipping from the teens in the hole to third person to first person and so on I m not going to slam the author s choice, but for myself I found it hard to follow.I am also left feeling lost, confused and a little dissatisfied with the epilogue I believe I grasp somewhat of what it all means, but not enough to have me trying to explain it I ve seen comments there is a movie I m thinking that I ll check it out to see if the film will clear up some of my confusion.I always try to find positives as well as dislikes when I review a book, so I will say that by page 120 or so, I started getting into the story because a lot of the focus was on the teens in the hole The twist at the end, as so many have referred, was definitely startling In a good way.Overall, I m glad I read this book, but I m not sure it s one I ll recommend unless I know whomever I recommend it to is into this type of fiction and style of writing. The Hole is catalogued as crime thriller in our library and sometimes as teen fiction, though that may be on account of the teenaged characters and slim novella sized length but this book reads a little like a slow but chilling horror to me I literally got chills from the ending, anyway, and it made me a bit reluctant to turn the light out that night.Highly recommended for anyone who likes a dark but very slow paced story, not so much a whodunnit as a what s going to happen next It s very talky, and the jumps between time periods can be confusing you can tell that certain aspects of the plot are being deliberately obscured and the ending, when it comes, is very effective and stark.Two things sprang to mind while reading this the equally slow paced, lyrically weird and creepy Picnic at Hanging Rock make sure you also track down a copy of the final chapter, published separately , and the real life examination of a teenage sociopath in Dave Cullen s excellent Columbine.So good, in the end, that when I d finished I had to turn around and read a lot of the passages again to make a different kind of sense of them.