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Evenmere La Gran Mansi n narra las aventuras de Carter Anderson en esta casa plagada de pasadizos, pasillos, habitaciones y jardines, una casa que contiene un mundo entero Ante la desaparici n del se or de la casa, su hijo Carter ha de enfrentarse a las fuerzas del caos que intentan desequilibrar el orden establecido en el universo, presente en la figura del misterioso polic a y sus anarquistas La novela de James Stoddard es todo un compendio, un homenaje a m ltiples obras y autores, destacando entre ellos C.S Lewis Narnia y Mervyn Peake Gormenghast , pero tambi n est n presentes Lord Dunsany, William Hope Hodgson, etc Evenmere es un buen libro de aventuras al estilo m s cl sico, entre habitaciones imposibles, personajes heroicos y seres imposibles. I enjoyed this book, and although I didn t love it, that says of course about my own tastes than it does about the book.What I loved 1 The writing The writing is beautiful This is a leisurely, atmospheric, eerie book, and the writing is full of brilliant little phrases and metaphors and images If you love words, you will find plenty to entrance you in this book.2 The imagination This book does what good speculative fiction ought to do namely, it keeps you shaking your head and saying, Now that is a neat concept Flesh eating furniture A house which is the mechanism that runs the universe The Words of Power and the way they work There was plenty to enjoy here as well.What I didn t like so very much 1 CS Lewis said of The Lord of the Rings once that here are beauties that burn like swords , and I suppose that is what I am always looking for, especially in high fantasy I never quite know exactly why some stories elicit this feeling in me and others don t, though I have been trying for years to identify the particular element or elements in play When it comes to this book, perhaps it was that the characters and their dilemmas never quite grabbed me Or perhaps it was a feeling of shallowness in the worldbuilding not that this wasn t original, but I felt, as Douglas Wilson once said of George RR Martin s Westeros, that like Kantian ethics, the whole thing just floats, suspended from an invisible sky hook Where did all these civilisations living in this house come from, and what had shaped their histories, and where were they headed Or maybe it s unfair to ask a 300 page novel with much ground to cover, to provide a deep sense of realism to the multitude of story worlds across which it roams.2 I was faintly disappointed by the antagonist and the plot resolution I liked that view spoiler we return to the Room of Horrors, and that we see Carter confronting his own fears hide spoiler [Read Book] ☤ The High House ♍ Carter Anderson S Father Is The Master Of The High House, A Mystical Dwelling Filled With Twisting Corridors, Magical Books, And Secret Passageways As Master, His Father Maintains Not Only The High House, But The World, Keeping It Safe From Evil Mr Anderson Sends Carter Away For His Own Safety But When Carter Returns, He Finds That The House S Worst Enemies Have Invaded And His Father Is Nowhere To Be Found Such a good book I would place this book in my top 5 books of all time I wish Stoddard would put out. The most engaging fantasy book I ve read in a long time other than rereading my favorites The adventures take place a magical mansion that s miles across and wondrously contains several connected countries I love the house s ancientry and mystery The book has excellent character development and emotional engagement The detailed and often visceral descriptions draw you in I like how the countries are a strange hybrid of house interior halls, rooms, etc and outdoors fields, towns, etcThe book feels far older than its 1998 publication date, which is a compliment I wish I d read it years ago, and I look forward to the sequel I read the free ebook from OpenLibrary.QuoteCarter Are we mere puppets, our every action governed by forces beyond our ken Brittle Would you settle the question of volition and destiny in one hour, here in this room I cannot give an answer you would understand I will say only this we are free to choose our way, yet all is ordained. The High House by James Stoddard was an excellent book which came along at an inopportune time It is chock full of incredible imagery that will stay with the reader Points also for originality the underlying concept here is distinctive and though I imagine another author could duplicate it I think it would be the palest of imitations It is a beautiful fascinating idea I wish I could tell you about but as my custom is to write reviews without spoilers I will have to demur This is a great fantasy novel, however, I can tell you that. Originally published on my blog here in January 2000.Were it not for the prior existence of Peake s Gormenghast trilogy and Crowley s Little, Big, High House would certainly seem far original than it actually does Like these novels, its focal point is a huge house which has a strange magical atmosphere The Gormenghast novels are far dark than either of these others Like Gormenghast, the High House is full of strange people and places in High House, these are often allusive.The High House comes under attack from the Anarchists, who seek to harness its power When the young child Carter, son of the Master of the House, is tricked into losing the keys by which the doors which should remain locked are kept locked, and vice versa he is sent away, to grow up in the normal world in which we live This is as much for his own protection as for any other reason, but when his father disappears some years later he has to return to search without much knowledge of the house and its customs.As as the House itself being huge, it groups together a large number of countries which are mostly allied with the Master against forces seeking to disturb the House and through it the entire universe, with which it is mysteriously connected As well as the dinosaur in the attic and the Room of Horrors which terrifies Carter as a child, these countries are inventive little pieces of fantasy There are subtle allusions to famous classics of the genre, such as the Narnia series.To say that High House is like the Gormenghast trilogy is to praise it rather than to put it down I suspect that, like Peake s work, its riches will be revealed again each time it is re read. Published in 1998, this is an excellent, relatively recent take on mythopoetic fantasy in the style of George Macdonald, Lord Dunsany, or E.R Eddison The language is accessible especially compared to Eddison there are no elves or dwarves, just humans although some are far from ordinary for example, one of the characters is the Biblical Enoch, now several thousand years old The main character is a young man, born and raised in a strange house but sent away in his adolescence, who returns as a possible heir and must set wrongs to right to identify his destiny The High House is practically a character itself, linking a set of fantastic countries and characters, all placed at risk by the machinations of the evil anarchists As it happens, nihilists would be a accurate term, but given that this came out the same year as the Big Lebowski, Stoddard was wise or lucky not to have named them that the Bobby wouldn t be as convincing if readers were constantly imagining him saying, Ve are nihilistsVe believe in nossing One limiting feature of the book is the lack of central, positive female characters there are a few women, admirable and otherwise, but for the most part, this is mostly a story about men s relationships with one another mentor, enemy, rival, ally, or brother The story takes place within a culturally Christian universe, but it is far from clear whether it is theologically Christian, another way in which this book feels modern than the books written by MacDonald and the writers he inspired C.S Lewis, G.K Chesterton As compared to the multi volume fantasy sagas now in vogue, this is fresh, engaging, and already complete, so there s no wait of a year or two required for the next volume to emerge I m now looking forward to reading the two subsequent books in the High House trilogy. I m about halfway though this one at the moment How can you not like a book where one of the characters is a talking dinosaur that lives in the attic High House has some pleasing similarities to the Castle series by John DeChancie but surpasses it in inventiveness. A tale of magic and wonders Set in a mysterious house that has a black river in the basement and kingdoms in its rooms, and a dragon in the attic that is also the last of the dinosaurs and the Behemoth and a serious danger to our hero, Carter.He was the only son of Lord Anderson s first marriage His mother dies, and he learns a few things about the house, like the Book of Forgotten Things and the Words of Power, and he sees his father, who is Master, setting out with the Tawny Mantle and the Lightning Sword Then his father remarries, to a woman named Lady Murmur, who is unkind to him, and positively cruel when his father is gone, especially after her own son is born.And then the Bobby appears, the leader of the anarchists who hate Law and Chaos equally, because they wish to destroy the universe and make it over again He tricks Carter into giving him some keys, and locks him in the Room of Horrors Later, he catches him again and throws him down a well Lord Anderson, realizing his entrance means there is a traitor helping him, sends Carter away and goes to search for the keys.Years later, Carter returns as a grown man, with the lawyer Mr Hope to the reading of his father s will his father not having been heard from in many a day He has been appointed Steward until the new Master appears, and Lady Murmur is bitter.The rest of the tale involves asking no than three questions, secret passageways, a porcelain duchess, a guild of burnishers who rule a kingdom, hunting with tigers, Carter s greatest fear, a woman tending her garden, winding clocks, and much Fantasy on a grand scale indeed.