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This was a super quick read it was not really scared but the end was not what I expected so that was a surprise If you like short little quick read ghost stories this book is for u It has a bonus short story at the end about and old house that was an orphanage The author talks about the book bring based off the short story at the end but I almost think the orphanage story would ve made a better ghost story I enjoyed it anyways so give it a go if this is ur thing. [[ Ebook ]] ☘ The Haunting of Gillespie House ⇗ Elle Can T Believe Her Luck She S Spending A Month House Sitting The Beautiful Gillespie Property Hidden Near The Edge Of The Woods And An Hour S Drive From The Nearest Town, Its Dark Rooms And Rich Furniture Entice Her To Explore Its Secrets There S Even A Graveyard Hidden Behind The House, Filled With Tombstones That Bear An Identical Year Of DeathIf Only The Scratching In The Walls Would Be Quiet The House S Dark And Deadly History Quickly Becomes Tangled With Elle S Life At The Center Of It Is Jonathan Gillespie, The Tyrannical Cult Leader And Original Owner Of The House As Elle Soon Learns Just Because He S Dead, Doesn T Mean He S Gone I am an enthusiastic fan of all things horror, but I have a special place in my heart for the haunted house There s nothing quite like a good haunted house tale I don t know why that particular genre is so attractive to me Maybe it s because your house is supposed to be your refuge, the place you go to escape all the rest of the bad things in the world The thought of it actually being the source for the most horrific things in your world is truly terrifying I thought this had some truly creepy moments I m officially a big chicken, and have never been good at being alone in the house Fortunately for me, it doesn t happen often There are prescribed steps I have to follow when staying alone, and these things allow me to sleep through the night in my suburban home with neighbors all around The thought of volunteering to stay alone in an old three story mansion in the middle of NOWHERE, with no one around for miles and the nearest help close to an hour away, is mind boggling to me In the same situation, I have no doubt that the first hint of dusk would find me locked in the bathroom, surrounded by knives, crosses, the Bible, and anything else I could think of that would enable me to fight whatever type of monster would show up Surely no self respecting monster would be able to pass up such a prime situation Elle is made of much sterner stuff than me She bravely enters rooms with furniture shrouded in sheets, ventures into the pitch dark basement, wanders the graveyard at NIGHT and just generally asks for trouble throughout the entire book I can t imagine wandering a house that size at night with all lights blazing she does it with a single candle How could it NOT be spooky under those circumstances I guess I give it three stars instead of four because she does make such foolish choices at times Also, although the scene in the mausoleum was pretty good, I just felt kind of let down by the cause I was creeped out BEFORE I knew the cause than after It s still a solid scary story, and just the thought of her situation the isolation, the slamming doors and scratching sounds sends shivers down my spine I tried but this is simply bad The technical writing part is okay It s just the story itself There really isn t a story here Everything is so forced and artificial to the point where you simply can t invest any There is a lot of disbelief you have to suspend when it s horror AND when it s ghostly in nature This book managed to totally overflow even that huuuge lake of suspended disbelief.Nothing the MC does is reasonable in any way It s so bad that it throws you out of the story It felt like the author had the story seed but simply didn t take the time to develop it correctly so everything she does is stupid By day 3 , I truly was like damn it why didn t that kill her For example, she s been in this house for 24 hours or so she s housesitting and she s been scared by scary noises she s heard We re told she s TERRIFIED So much that she flees the house and calls the homeowners So, hours after she flees the house she s talked back in by the homeowner old houses make lots of noises, etc , she is scared awake by a sound and a bad dream in the middle of the night We re told she s scared She can hear scary noises Remember that scared part So what does she do She decided, at 3am, to light a candle and explore this house she s supposedly scared of with ONLY A CANDLE She was initially thinking that someone must be in the house with her Who does this I rolled my eyes when she s inevitably scared and drops the candle, thus losing all light I saw this coming a MILE away It was so forced I rolled my eyes so hard I was afraid they d fall out.Or, not a couple hours later, she goes to a basement that has no lights who builds a basement with no lights Anyone Come on now There aren t even candle holders REALLY Apparently the homeowners have EXCELLENT night vision , with only her cellphone we apparently forgot that we have a flashlight and candles , only to see some ubber creepy occult thing that says some nonsense about the old owners.Instead of thinking hey, perhaps they re just worried about all the deaths and thinking god has forsaken them like any normal family might , she decides she must go into the crypt out back to find this book that ll have secrets This girl has literally spent only like 48 hours in this house Only 48 or so hours and she s wanting to break into a freakin grave for mysterious answers.We get the knock out scene that s an info dump of past events and on and on.It s like one cliche after another Horror is filled with cliche s but the fact that everything is artificial, everything is forced, and there is literally no reason for the MC to be doing anything in this book that makes it a terrible read.Pass this one by. I so enjoyed this booked Elle can t wait to explore the secluded Gothic style house she is watching for a month At first there is scratching in the walls and a door that slams throughout the night Rooms full of abandoned furniture on the third floor The owner explains these things as rats and loose hinges But what s really going on My favorite part is Elle s adventurous spirit She does everything you are silently screaming for her not to do Repeatedly She makes the most ridiculous choices for someone an hour away from anyone At one point she explores a noise she heard in the house by a single candle including searching all of the creepy basement She has no qualms checking out an abandoned graveyard and mausoleum I found her wonderfully maddening I was slightly disappointed by the ending but I read thrillers for the experience of suspense and confusion, not necessarily the story A wonderful quick read Wow, this started out as a collection of cliches and ended as an exercise in bad writing Yes, that s harsh, but really the heroine in this does so many inexplicable things, it s ridiculous She has no reason to be invested in the house or its story, and she seems to ignore common sense and even simple self preservation with every action This reads like a rough draft of a rough draft. THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE, by Darcy Coates started out instantly grabbing my attention The atmosphere of the old Gillespie Mansion that Ellie is house sitting for the owners is a gothic style dream As the temporary caretaker explores the once glamorous building, she uncovers rooms full of beautiful, old fashioned furniture contrasting vastly to the efficient modern day furnishings a library that seems out of proportion somehow, and even a graveyard in the back woods.The little things that start setting our main character off were good at the beginning, but I couldn t help but notice that she d be brave enough to go exploring in the middle of the night one moment, while screaming and calling up her employer moments later It was this constant clash of her personality that held me back from really getting attached to her.While the rest of the story was interesting, and had a great, creepy resolution, I think I would have rated it much higher if the character had been consistent throughout the story.Overall, a great idea, but needed better flow with the telling of the tale, itself. Darcy Coates is one scary author, and her newest, THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE, is one SCARY story I love supernatural fiction and nonfiction above all else, but nearly as much, I love the revelation of monstrousness in human form THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE starts with human monstrosity, horrible acts perpetrated by an evil individual, and builds until supernatural evil, an all encompassing darkness, kicks in and takes over, in an unstoppable, aggressive, INTENTIONAL, fashion So whether you seek pure supernatural, or human monstrosity, or some inevitable combination of both THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE has your shudders covered Don t miss it. What is it that makes you want to read a ghost story especially late at night when a storm is starting and the wind is making ghostie noises Silly girl Great little read of a ghost story that was really of a novella Not scary as such, although that scratching noise had me going It ended up becoming an historical paranormal story that was creepy than anything.For sheer poop your pants terror, read the short story Crawlspace that the author has included at the back of the novella This was what The Haunting of Gillespie House was based upon Sorry, but trapped laying flat, with no breathing space as ghouls creep towards you, that wins hands down EVERY time o I really enjoyed the intense setting in this book Elle is house sitting for a couple for one month The Gillespie house sits all alone in a rural area of the town Elle is all alone in this huge mansion Is she really.alone Towards the end, the story line became confusing I was really hoping to enjoy this.