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great series loved all the books The book takes place the night Gabe leaves and follows those he left behind Following their lives, we find out what happened when he was gone There are new and interesting characters Dina goes through trauma and life changing events, Sophie and Uri seem to butt heads a bit in this book, and Rampart is no In my opinion, action, love, and sadness are in this book than the others.I d definitely recommend it to those that have read the other books in this series.I must also add that I love the cover so very, very much The Lost Years by Wendy OwensThe Guardians Series Book 4 It is advisable to read this series in order On the night Gabe witnessed Sophie, his love, the girl he risked his life to save, and his best friend, Uri, passionately kissing, his world came crashing down, and he left Rampart Manor He felt he d been betrayed by his best friend ad he didn t want to stay and watch love develop between Uri and Sophie when Sophie didn t even remember who Gabe was He also felt Michael was not the father figure he d first thought him to be and he just wanted out.His friends were left behind to deal with an invasion and ever escalating warfare Gabe, in his own little world, knew nothing of what was happening with his friends He needed time to think, to heal and to become This novel tells what happens during the five years Gabe traveled, trying to find his peace and his place in the world It tells of Dina visiting the Oracle the night he fled and knowing what his needs would be, as well as so very much It tells readers about the lives of the characters central to the series for five very important years.This novel, of all the preceding novels, really showcases the author s talents Wendy Owens brings the characters full circle here in preparation for the upcoming grand finale and all that it holds This book is packed with emotions Readers will realize just how attached they ve become to these many characters It is at this point that readers realize how much they ve come to think of these characters as living, breathing entities The pain experienced by one becomes the reader s pain When one character acts foolishly, the reader may feel compelled to ask the character what she is thinking, and so forth Owens talent is extraordinary in this capacity Her character development is unmatched So much is packed into what seems to be so few pages when one is reading it The author has the amazing talent of creating a story that keeps reader enthralled, from beginning to end This ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.We re four books into a series now, so while as always I m going to give as spoiler free of a review of this current book, all bets are off for anything from the previous ones So if you re not caught up Go away Turn back Save yourself before it s too late In all honesty I don t know if I will spill anything, but this way I m covered Somehow this is the shortest book in the series by almost half, and it took me longer than any of them to read I think I was just savoring it because it was a treasure trove of information about the entire rest of the series.From the excerpt I expected for Uri and Sophie to also have a big chunk of the story focused on them but The Lost Years is primarily Dina s and Raimie too story Never fear though What we don t get in quantity, we get in quality as some doozies get tossed out for us in regards to Sophie and Uri What s with Seraphina Poor Haim reminds me of Ving Rhames, always the muscle in the background but never getting the spotlight Dina gets the bulk of this book though with a heartbreaking tale of all the wrong decisions for all the right reasonsI m hungry, he moaned I know, baby, I knowWe also get some peeks of the sketchy workings of the Council and I can t help but wonder how much of a hand they had in what happened at Rampart We re treated to a wonderful look at the human side of Michael If only he and Gabe shared something like this back in book one I think one of the year 1 classes should be ethics though, because there are a lot of liar liars with their pants on fire up in The Guardians See if you can spot the ginormous whopper No, not that one The other one The best thing about this book is that it put the final pieces into a lot of puzzles from the previous three books that really help put things into perspective We get to catch up with everyone and how they got to where they are from book three, before we take off into book five What I loved most about Wendy s Guardian series was the biblical knowledge in the storylines, and I also loved how she described the emotions of the characters They were very well developed.Wendy did an EXCELLENT job describing the settings, developing the characters, researching the history of Christianity and angels, and her grammar was good I related with Gabe emotionally in a lot of ways Keep up the good work I m loving this series and although this adds information and events critical to the story, I wish this particular addition had to it It feels like a lit of these events should ve been added into the other books rather than being there own book That said, it is a much needed fill in on what happened in the five year gap the other books experience and has a lot if great, deeply emotional content I m now eagerly awaiting book 5. Heart wrenchingthe Guardians Crown is an emotional rollercoaster ride which offers a beautiful ending to this amazing series even though good ultimately prevails, there were some significant and devastating losses I found the first book as a free book and was compelled to read the entire series I highly recommend this series. FantasticI cried so much in this book, it a very sad book But it s also amazing and I should not miss a beat I was very shocked what happened, especially since it had a happy ending. Okay we are definitely backtracking.This book starts with the misunderstood kiss that sent Gabe packing from Rampart We follow Uri as it unfolds Dina goes to see the Oracle before Gabe even leaves and things are foretold She learns some things about the council she s skeptical to believe When the Gabe thing happens as foretold she s shocked but glad she listened to Calypsa That tracking charm was how Uri was able to find him.That morning after Dina s sleepless night Uri and Haim come to ask if she knows where Gabe is she s reluctant but shares the info like he wanted her to When they go outside it s chaos, Baal s army is attacking It s gritty and bloody and scary at the sane time The battle is definitely well written and kept me on the edge of my seat I am really looking forward to seeing about Michael and his Oracle, and about what happens with Calypsa as well.Raimie, now this part was rough I have never, well hardly ever, had a somber feeling when reading but I had it just then.The fallen heroes broke my heart I really got immersed in Uri s battles I couldn t believe what Dina was doing but love makes you do crazy things And let me just say Poor Neru.Yeah so a lot of things happen pretty rapidly and I found myself speed reading.Let me just take a moment to say, I know how Dina s hair turned white and I cannot say I saw that coming, with Raime Seraphine is an intriguing character and I see now why this backtracking was so important.I think I know the weapons she protects..Her abrupt departure leaves Uri in sadness but her letter is something.The things Dina must do to right the wrongs are gut wrenching I am glad that we ended on a different leg of the journey I am so unbelievably in love with The Guardians series now I hurt from the pain and loss in this book, the decisions and mistakes it was indeed an EPIC read for me Thanks Wendy.I was shocked than once in this book My jaw dropped on multiple occasions I was floored emotionally and spent by the time I was done.So much packed into the 141 page ePub I read.I won t be forgetting about Rampart and The Guardians any time soon, this series will stay with me for a while, of that I m certain I am glad it came full circle and we got to end it with Gabe and Rachel ready to find the Guardians Crown.I am really glad I have book 5 `FREE EBOOK ↙ The Guardians Crown Part One (The Sacred Guardians, #4) ↠ Originally The Lost Years Was A Separate Book To Make The Series A Better Deal For Readers The Lost Years Was Made Into Part One Of The Guardians Crown And The Two Were Placed In One BookThis Is A Clean Book And Appropriate For Ages And UpGabe S World Was Forever Altered By The People He Came To Know And Love At Rampart Manor Although, It Wasn T Only His Life That Was Changed When He Made The Choice To Leave Them All BehindDuring His Five Year Absence, They Each Had A Battle With Personal Demons Dina Is Faced With A Moral Dilemma, The Path Of Good Leading To Certain Heartbreak, Or Evil, And A Possibility Of HappinessUri Meets A Mysterious Woman Who Seems To Have A Lot Of The Answers That He Has Been Searching For, And She Certainly Has A Place In His Heart, If He Can Only Hold Onto HerSophie Is Faced With Choices She Never Knew Would Be So Difficult The Question Now Is Will The Personal Demons Of The Remaining Guardians Of Rampart Be Too Much For Them To Overcome