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Brilliant book on Saturn from the Eastern system Must have in any astrologers library. The book was reminiscent of my childhood It greatly talks about the valor and forsightedness of rightous king Vikramaditya of Ujjayini which happens to be my hometown I take great pride in associating my life s journey with this historical town The greatness of Saturn is all about to withdraw from your normal life once a week or once a month, open yourself to the book and let Vikramaditya and Saturn live again through you. This guy knows about Indian Myths and culture than most Indians Again, a very interesting read. Honors to Shani in the highest making friends with reality. Brilliant read and experience This was a very well written book I strongly recommend people to read and experience this myth and understanding how The Mighty Lord Saturn and The Nine Planets impact every aspect of our lives Once you read and re read The Greatness of Saturn share it with your friends and loved ones and spread this life changing experience Lord Saturn will give or take what is right for your soul s progression Just surrender and pray for his graciousness I pay my humble respect to the great Lord Saturn and thank Him for giving me the opportunity to know Him through this book. A good read Myth busting and real view explained. This book is not just a usual non fiction work Author suggests few specific ways to read this for getting complete benefits from Shani Mahathma Best book to read if you are some one with a great belief in vedic astrology.Robert E.Svoboda s version of greatness of saturn has the main vrata katha along with a good commentary on Hindu planetary worship.Originally intended for western readers, the book is useful even to eastern worshippers. ^READ BOOK ⇱ The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth - Shani Mahatmya ⇯ The Shani Mahatmya Translated In EnglishThe Telling Of Mythic Stories Has Always Been A Powerful Form Of Therapy, Bring Healing To People Facing Adversity The Greatness Of Saturn Is Such A Therapeutic Myth, Told And Retold Through Many Centuries Taken From The Vedic Tradition, It Honors The Planet Saturn, Who Personifies Time, Limitation, Loss, And All Forms Of AdversityNo Person Goes Through Life Without Sometime Being Touched By Saturn This Book Presents A Classic Saturn Story And A Clear View Of The Cosmology From Which The Story Came As We Hear The Story And Come To Understand Its Context, We Experience A Deeper Understanding Of What It Means To Be Human