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A group of pilgrims venture into England to convert the people into Christians Led by Wilfred, the group challenges the Germanic people s living there and urges them to dismiss their Viking Gods When the people recognize Latin being spoken they realize they are encountering learned people Wilfred chops down an enormous oak the people see as the Thunder god and behind it stands a young firm tree which the people carry home to be decorated in the public hall with lights This story was good for me to read for the history and I enjoyed the writer s knowledge of the Viking gods and Germanic peoples The booming religiosity of the writing was a bit much but gave me perspective on the time period of the author s time and his purpose for writing the piece. This book is written in 1906 and some of the language is a little old making it a little hard to get into It is a short story that is not what you expect a the beginning, but has a nice ending. @Download Book ⚢ The First Christmas Tree: A Story of the Forest ã Henry Van Dyke Was An American Author, Educator, And Clergyman He Graduated From Princeton University And From Princeton Theological Seminary, And Served As A Professor Of English Literature At Princeton Between And In Dr Van Dyke Was An American Lecturer At The University Of Paris By Appointment Of President Wilson He Became Minister To The Netherlands And Luxembourg In He Was Elected To The American Academy Of Arts And Letters And Received Many Other Honors He Chaired The Committee That Wrote The First Presbyterian Printed Liturgy, The Book Of Common Worship Of Among His Popular Writings Are The Two Christmas Stories The Other Wise Man And The First Christmas Tree Various Religious Themes Of His Work Are Also Expressed In His Poetry, Hymns And The Essays Collected In Little Rivers And Fisherman S Luck He Compiled Several Short Stories In The Blue Flower Named After A Story By Novalis In He Also Contributed A Chapter To The Collaborative Novel, The Whole Family I downloaded this story from Project Gutenberg years ago and this year decided to buy a used 1925 printing of it, with illustrations and ornately framed pages It s a Christmas adventure telling the story of the seventh century Bishop Winfrid, later known as Saint Boniface, who confronted a pagan Germanic tribe on Christmas Eve, saving a young boy from sacrifice and defying the god Thor As the title suggests, events of the story lead to the establishment of the Christmas Tree as a symbol of the Christ child Winfrid s interpretation of the spiritual armor Ephesians 6 13 17 is exciting, contrasting the comfortable clothes of home with the rugged boots and gear of an outdoorsman Henry Van Dyke s story is historical fiction, based on actual accounts of the saint martyred in 754 AD. The edition I have was printed in 1897 and is just a beautiful little book The story itself is very old fashioned. 3.25 stars liked it This would be a dull and unmemorable read if it wasn t the beautiful and poetic language used throughout Pros You could read this book in under an hour The language and imagery are a stop and stare kind of brilliant If you re interested in attitudes towards religion in the late nineteenth century, this would be a useful read.Cons The storyline is pretty flat and very preachy There s a good chance it ll get on your nerves The non Christians are all evil aspect of the book makes reading it from a 21st century standpoint pretty cringe worthy.It s easy to see this book holding a lot sway in the late 19th century when it was published The heavily religious tone and all of the prejudice against non Christians makes it a bit of a painful read in a cringe worthy way when read from a 21st century perspective That being said, it also makes this book a particularly interesting source for contemporary views on religion especially when looking at its reception It s very short length comes in handy here as you don t have to spend much time unpacking the writer s agenda.What really makes this book worth a brief look over is its language Several times I found myself chewing over a particularly nice quote while writing it down in admiration The imagery goes a long way in redeeming this book s otherwise boring story, for example Withered leaves still clung to the branches of the oak torn and faded banners of the departed summer The bright crimson of autumn had long since disappeared, bleached away by the storms and the cold But to night these tattered remnants of glory were red again ancient bloodstains against the dark blue sky For this alone, I d recommend it to anyone who is a bit of a language nerd and loves them some imagery Though, don t expect anything groundbreaking from the story. I felt very uninspired by this little book about the first Christmas tree I was hoping for. I arranged my thoughts on this short story into a haiku In service of the lord,The bloodied and unrefinedMay still claim a place. First of all, I m putting this as a children s book on my shelves, even though I can t find any external source confirming that this is what was intended It simply reads like a children s book to me, starting with a cool, heroic figure seeing something special in a child and whisking him away to go on adventures Something about the writing also reminded me of The Wizard of Oz series, particularly all the lovely descriptions of the setting and how the people reacted to whatever character was in the spotlight Plus there is the cheesy feel good Christmas miracle plot though those are admittedly not only popular with kids , the length of the story, the very simple but exciting plot, and how it ended with the beautiful voice of the little boy from the first chapter being instrumental in converting another little boy, when until then the boy had done very little of importance in the story besides to serve as a lens through which to view the hero Anyway, it is overall a fun story to read for the season The plot is quite simplistic and predictable, but, well, it s a Christmas story I know a lot of reviewers took issue with the whole demonizing pagans part of the story, and well, I kind of expected to feel that way too but I didn t The pagans were portrayed with a fair bit of sympathy, not as evil characitures And yes, the pagan priest tried to commit human sacrifice but the ENTIRE rest of the tribe was portrayed as being AGAINST the sacrifice Which would still be offensive IF it was an inaccurate portrayal But it s not, because Norse people actually DID practice human sacrifice and the spread of Christianity is thought to be the factor that put a definitive end to it it may not have been widespread therefore, I can t really be offended by the portrayal of a religion, which currently barely exists except for some reason among white supremacists, committing human sacrifice in a period of time when they actually did, and being stopped by missionaries Funnily, for me the part of the story that didn t age well is the part where the hero lures a little boy away from his family.Anyway, overall this was a fun and short read for the season.I will say the author s other Christmas story, about the fourth wiseman, is better than this one, though.This review is also posted on readercoin