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DNF Not for me interesting premise which the author failed to have fun with IMO 2.5Book source NetGalleyJason, Earl of Coventry and Lady Olivia had a hastily arranged marriage that neither wanted Olivia because she didn t want to be saddled with a man telling her what to do and Jason because he didn t want to be tied down Because Jason arrives drunk to their wedding then immediately heads back to London, when he decides to just have the marriage annulled he has a slight problem He can t remember what she looks like And since she left the country estate and is currently in London, but not at his townhouse, he needs to find her and fast Too bad he s already met her at a ball and just doesn t realize it Olivia does and she s determined to make him pay.This is a fast, slightly decent read with a sort of unique premise However, Jason is totally unlikeable Olivia is a great character at first , but I loathe him So this HEA didn t really sit well with me I think she could have done a whole lot better A pretty face and fine body do not make up for an ugly personality Ok, he may not be that bad to others, but like I said, I despise him Then Olivia gets the hots for him and all of a sudden, the fact he s a major douchebag gets a pass Ugh Others may like this story, but it wasn t really for me. #Free Pdf ⚶ The Elusive Wife ⚤ Jason Cavendish, The Earl Of Coventry, Is Trying To Discreetly Locate His Unwanted And Abandoned Bride Among London Society To Request An Annulment However, He Doesn T Remember What She Looks Like Because He Was Blind Drunk At His Arranged Wedding And Hasn T Seen Her Since The Fascinating Lady Olivia Has Captured The Earl S Attention Newly Arrived From The Country To Stay With Her School Friend For The Season, She Is Appalled To Discover That Her Husband, Lord Coventry, Doesn T Even Recognize Her She S Not About To Tell The Arrogant Arse That She Is His Wife Instead, She Flirts With Him By Night And Has Her Modiste Send Her Mounting Bills To Him By Day Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Too Bad This Woman Finds Her Husband Nearly Irresistible Ten a expectativas y no las cumpli , me encanta el romance hist rico y sobretodo esta tem tica, pero como ya he le do demasiado sobre ello, ya pocas me sorprender, a pesar que sta ten a un comienzo de premisa diferente, no me convenci de a mucho Sin embargo, se deja leer. Se nota que ltimamente necesitaba un cambio de g nero porque me he pasado a la poca Highlanders En este caso, est historia nos da a conocer a Jason, recientemente conde de Coventry de nuevo con los nombres, no os fij is jajaja al cual su padre, ahora que ha muerto, sigue manejando Al parecer, hay una cl usula en el testamento que dice que si quiere recibir la herencia completa, debe presentarse en dos d as en la mansi n de Coventry Major para casarse con lady Jane Grant Obviamente, nuestro querido Jason no se lo toma bien y para celebrar su ltimo d a como soltero se pilla la cogorza de su vida Es tal la borrachera que lleva que acude a su boda todav a ebrio y no ve la cara de su esposa Ay, pero cuando conoce a lady Olivia en su vuelta a Londres, Jason tiene que buscar a una esposa que no conoce para pedir la anulaci n y poder cortejar debidamente a Olivia pero la vida da muchas vueltas, y muchas sorpresas Maldito estupido Jason Eso fue lo que pens al principio Mi coraz n doli por Jane, que pasa, que se cre a que solo l sufr a por un matrimonio arreglado Pues no idiota As que me desquici todo el maldito libro, de hecho no le he dado las 5 estrellas precisamente porque Jason me pon a negra, coqueteando con otras sabiendo que estaba casado Y cuando hablaba con su amigo Drake, ah entonces ah si le remord a algo la conciencia Imbecil As que las idas y venidas de nuestro querido conde, cuando descubre la verdad sobre su esposa, el da o ya est hecho y es un gran NO, para l Obviamente Mi mayor problema con esto es que primero alarga mucho el momento de Jason de descubrir la verdad y luego, cuando ya la sabe, alarga much simo de nuevo para resolver todo Y eso de su primo al final, creo que ni hac a falta, fue drama innecesario A n as es un libro que te mantiene enganchada con las idas y venidas de los personajes, con las ansias que te entran de que el idiota de Jason descubra todo y le peguen un buen coscorr n Aunque solo tiene 200 p ginas a mi me pareci lo bastante extenso, creo que de haberla alargado m s la hubiese estropeado. Seriously disappointed that I didn t enjoy it Stupid blurb with its stupid false promises of greatness.I mean damn, I thought this was going to be that one bomb ass historical romance novel to end 2015 with This was supposed to be it for me people This book had so much potential, if only the characters didn t have the personalities and star factors of doorknobs From the way this was written it was like the characters didn t even want to be in the bloody book and were reading off a script that they couldn t quite decipher Jason stared off into space for a moment Ah, you mean the lovely Lady Coventry My wife The women i am legally and rightfully married to That Lady Coventry Conversation between Earl Jason aka fuckwit to best friend not so much a fuckwit Derek something So yes I DNF d it at 70%, I found twas not to my liking. A VERY GOOD LIGHT HEART ROMANCE I am very impressed with Callie Hutton s The Elusive Wife The story starts out as a typical Historical Romance with the old Earl John Martin Cavendish dying and ordering his son Jason Cavendish to marry Lady Jane Olivia Grant the old Earls Goddaughter If Jason doesn t marry Lady Jane in 3 days after his fathers death he will lose the bulk of money and property that is not entailed Lady Jane Olivia Grant has been told by her dying father that she has been betrothed to the her god fathers son and must leave Rome, Italy and travel to Coventry Manor to marry the new Earl Jason Cavendish Honoring her now deceased fathers wishes she finds herself at the alter facing an very drunk Jason They wed and Jason immediately returns to London He leaves Jane in the country Jason doesn t even remember what his new wife looks like When Jane arrives in London to visit her best friend and go to balls, routs and dinner parties Jason is enad with her Not knowing this is his wife he is determined to have her even though he is married Jane is using her middle name Lady Olivia and is very hurt when her own husband doesn t even recognize her and is constantly is trying to court her The funny part was Jason fell so hard for Olivia aka Jane that he decides to annual his marriage to Jane and marry Olivia Oh boy how funny it was when he realized that he was in love with his own wife But Olivia didn t think it so funny She took Jason on a very merry chase I Highly Recommend The Elusive Wife it was sad, funny and very romantic with a bit of adventure I really couldn t stop reading an read through the night to finish Its a very light heart and enjoyable story I loved all the characters I really felt like I was there A voyager into the past Very well written. When I read the blurb of The Elusive Wife it immediately reminded me of a couple of Shakespeare s plays, the premise sounded like his usual misunderstanding mixed up love comedies And while the story was nice, it could have been better.Even after his death Jason s father must make his son s life miserable in his will he gave an ultimatum according to which Jason either marries a girl his father chose for him or will lose his title and estate So after his initial adamant rebellion Jason surrenders but doesn t want to witness his own misery so he gets comatose drunk for his wedding That is how he doesn t remember or recognize the woman he married and can fall under the spell of a beautiful stranger he has no idea is actually his brand new wife.I really wanted to like this story better, but neither the characters nor the writing made it easy Both Jason and Olivia remained undeveloped, one dimensional characters I couldn t really root for, especially since their interaction lacked real passion and unrestrained emotion I thought their dialogues were affected.I also found that the hero discovered the true identity of the mysterious Lady Olivia too early, I would have preferred for the misunderstanding charade to go on for a bit and have a laugh at him being clueless and lovesick.Another complaint of mine was that Jason was in lust with Olivia, he was constantly going on about how he envisioned her sprawled out on his bed, felt his groin tightening upon seeing her neck, etc Ok, I get that his interest for Lady Olivia was sparked by her beauty and his physical reaction to her, but I would have loved to see some clues that it was than a physical craving, I wanted him to feel affection and love for her, but only his lust was apparent.Besides the romance aspect of the story I had some problems with the writing it could have used some smoothing out, a bit stricter editing to shape the words and narrative better Some lines were bumpy, they read stilted We will rest here for the night Don t try to do anything foolish It would bother me not at all to kill one of the tavern keepers Her mouth was nectar he sipped from, could become addicted to It was a nice quick story, but I just wanted to like enjoy it better Somehow Callie Hutton s writing didn t flow smoothly enough for me, I don t know if it was mostly due to a less than stellar editing or the writing style itself, will have to give her stories another go to decide.Verdict The Elusive Wife started out well, I liked its premise, but unfortunately the characters remained shallow and uninteresting, and the plot took a turn for the worse by having recourse to the usual clich s With a bumpy writing, it didn t manage to suck me in and make me devour the pages I expected from it.Plot 8 10Characters 6 10Writing 6 10Ending 5 10Cover old cover 5 10 looks too photoshopped and not professional enoughnew cover 8 10 the new cover is a great improvement compared to the old one, bravo A SPOILERS The only redeeming quality about the hero in this book is the last couple of pages Jason, The Earl of Coventry is upset because his father is forcing him to marry I can understand being upset by this but I think our hero cough cough carries his upset to the extreme I developed an intense dislike for him through the book and the author expected to redeem him in the last few pages but it was to little to late for me..Jason the night before his wedding to a young lady he has never met gets drunk as a skunk and screws the innkeeper barmaid all night and heads off to marry the young lady still so drunk and unbathed from his fun and games he can hardly stand up.This young woman who who has no family or friends then has to watch her groom stagger off and sit at her wedding breakfast humiliated without him If things got better I could still have hope.Upon waking the next morning in his own bed hung over, still dressed and realizing he can t even remember what his bride looks like he orders his carriage and takes back off for London without even leaving a note When arriving in London he feels a pang of guilt for like 1.2 seconds and even his best friend calls him a real bastard and for weeks continues to all the balls and parties and not tell a soul he is married.The poor deserted, humiliated wife finally writes to an old friend to stay and goes to London to talk her husband When she finally sees him at a ball and he approached her at a ball he does it to flirt with her, he doesn t recognize his own wife The poor girl is so humiliated once again she gives him her maiden name.Mr Wonderful decides after seeing her a few times that he desires her so much he writes his neglected ill used wife for and annulment.He lets us know he likes her by explaining she isn t beautiful but she is..blah blah blah and when he is around her His pants swell or something like that He must have talked about his swelling manhood at least a dozen times I felt like yelling we know we knowmove on Those are the special words that show us his regard during this great regency romance other reviews have written When he finds out its her he is mad at her..huh Then he doesn t want the annulmentah no shitThen just toward then end he questions himself on whether he will tire of her and be faithful or not.then waalaa the last couple pages insta love and a promise of faithfulness I believe that Lord Coventry is Mr HEA for right now He has shown nothing but selfishness and unfeeling attitudes through most all of the book My kindle s life was at stake through most of this book. Setting Regency EnglandLadies adore handsome blue eyed Jason Cavendish,the Earl of Coventry even though he does need a swift kick in the rear end To hold his title and be eligible for his family s riches, he must marry Lady Jane Olivia Grant.Now neither of them are too thrilled with this arranged marriage, and Jason arrives at his wedding day intoxicated and soon flees after the vows are said In London later, Jason and Olivia are reunited, but he cant remember the marriage at all and has no recollection of his new wife.Olivia keeps her identity hidden but stillit hurts none the less because her attraction for him sizzles It s difficult for Jason to remember that sacred day, but even challenging for Olivia to keep her heart quiet The heroine, Lady Olivia is charming and the reader will embrace her instantly Jason for me was a different story, he kinda didn t win me over but the romance itself had a humorous twist to it The story was fast paced, but a little out of the ordinary for a historical, because a lady would never behave the way Olivia did wont give that away and it made it rather offbeat but still funny.The high steam factor in this story will appeal to book lovers who are interested in that than the plot itself, but for this reader I need Historical plot stuff to get it higher than a 3 star But there are enjoyable scenes where the characters actually have their clothes on D