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Nice easy read and an eye opener to what life would of been like in that era I liked how the characters had their own stories Great friends but such different lives Enjoyable read. Two young girls trying to survive very difficult circumstances and each take a different path Their tenacity is admirable even if you don t agreed with each of their methods. Seriously not dat impressed but really good book. A Taste of the Raw Struggles for SurvivalThemes of friendship, family, poverty and survival are wrapped with integrity, faith, and perseverance.Through personal struggles and challenges the lives of two best friends evolve from youth into adulthood Living in one room shacks with an external water pump and privy for a community ofnear a dozen plus families the reader discovers blatant poverty.Child labor, pollution, limited resources, food, and the use of laudum are a few of the obstacles in the girl s path to survival.A revealing story with an historical perspective of the early industrial era The laborers, the immigrants, and the impoverished endure the ruthless factory standards, the poor wages, the accidents, and the long work days to survive. This was my first ever step into historical fiction And I really enjoyed it But only because it was set in places I could associate with I was fascinated in how the people lived back in the 1800s and how they were treated too This really was an enjoyable book which I shall always remember reading. I enjoyed this book The poverty people endured at that time was horrific I didn t like the way the author told us the thoughts of the characters all through the book instead of leaving it to their actions to tell the story Especially since these thought were sometimes expressed in language that would not have been used by an uneducated factory girl However, it was an enjoyable story and lots of research had gone into the writing of it. Another marvellous book I can t believe how lucky I have been with my recent choices Besides being enjoyable reading, it is very informative as I was born in Yorkshire where the book is set and have been very interested in delving into the lives of my ancestors Even though the book deals with a different class than my mother s and father s families were in, it still informs about the societal events taking place there in the reign of Queen Victoria.The Doorstep Girls were Grace and Ruby who were 15 when the book opens and live in Hull They work in the difficult conditions of a cotton mill on the banks of the Humber River, where they started at the age of 9 Their families were so poor that they had to go out to work in order that they could all eat and have a roof over their heads Grace has been encouraged to read by her father and as they couldn t afford books, first he would read news items to her and later she was able to read them herself Consequently she is well informed, intelligent and thinks about the disparities between her local class and that of the managers and owners of the mill.Matters come to a head when she, Ruby and some of her women co workers are told that they have been put on short time and told to come anyway the following day to pick up their pay She doesn t feel this is right and that they should be given their pay right away then leads the group to the manager s office to protest this and asks that their wages be paid out They are and this small victory brands her as a trouble maker.Fairly shortly she asks her father to take her to hear some of the speakers who speak to any who will listen about the workers plight Grace is inspired by this and decides to talk about her views on the same the following night She decries the necessity of young children having to work, the harm done to young boys when they are sold by their families to chimney sweeps, the fact that many women who lose their jobs become prostitutes in order to eat and have rent money, the foul conditions of their rented premises which, when there is a heavy rain will have water flooding into the houses under the doors She goes on to mention that often these homes will have several families living in them and that the despair people feel knowing they are powerless to rise out of these conditions drive them to drunkenness or addiction to opium or the laudanum which is made from it.The next day she discovers she has lost her job, again because she is a trouble maker After looking for work she eventually is able to take on two part time jobs However her clear speaking and logical presentation when talking to the crowd have brought her to the attention of some Feminists and Suffragettes who invite her to accompany them on a speaking tour in other parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire Their aim is to make workers in other towns take a stand for their own rights and to inform others who come to these rallies of what the lowest worker class must put up with.Although this does happen over night, Grace finds that her eloquence has impressed various people who are able to help her better herself and in a very satisfying ending Grace and Ruby are able to look forward to a much happier future. They will say that in the matter of the heart, everyone gets what they deserve This is a little different from my usual reads, being set in the 1800 s and it being a novel not set on one dramatic or inclusive storyline but a few small ones I found this a pleasant enough read, however have only given 2 stars as it is a very slow paced novel and took me almost a month to read Overall a nice enough story but for me it didn t have enough going on to keep me hooked. (Epub) É The Doorstep Girls ä Ruby And Grace Had Grown Up In The Slums Of Middle Court, The Poorest Place In Hull Friends Since Early Childhood, They Had Supported Each Other In Bad Times And Good But Their Two Families Were Bound Together By Than Friendship, And Secrets From The Past Threatened To Make Their Hard Lives Even Difficult This book gave me a lot of insight on what it was like to be poor and in England These people really suffered It was a little depressing but I guess I needed to read it One girl ended up prostituting herself and she prospered then she married the man she had loved forever so she turned out to be pretty happy The other started an establishment to help other poor girls so she also prospered