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I liked this one I didn t OMG LOVE it, but it was an engaging read Sometimes a little frustrating I mean, I get it, he s kind of at sixes and sevens with this whole slow to age and die thing, but he s so selfish and woe is me for so long I get why view spoiler Ignacia s a little pissed when he finally finds her hide spoiler A bit silly the plot had a lot of potential but it seemed like it was written for an audience with a very simply reading comprehension level. Mr Runcie captures all the enchantment and excitement of discovery In his capable hands, love, passion and the very scent of chocolate seem to peel from the page This is a sublime book, entwining the history of the Conquistadors and a magical journey to reclaim lost love all wound up with the magic that is chocolate A New World delicacy found by Old World travelers, chocolate has never seemed seductive, delicious, transforming than it does here in this lyrical tale of Diego de Godoy s dangerous voyage to bring back a treasure for a spoiled, aristocratic beauty and the native woman who captures his heart instead. The premise of this book and the synopsis of the plot was a good idea The book itself however flew through history and in my opinion, went too fast I wish the author was descriptive about things other than Chocolate what Diego was thinking, feeling, seeing, rather than just being descriptive about how many different ways he prepared chocolate. This book had an interesting premise but sadly never quite delivered in the writing A Spanish conquistador falls in love with a Mexican girl, but circumstances drive them apart When he leaves, she gives him a drink of enchanted chocolate which extends his life and slows his aging to allow him to return to her at a time when they can be together Consequently, he wanders through time with Pedro, his greyhound companion, in search of chocolate and love However, far time and attention is given to the chocolate in this book The descriptions of chocolate making, baking, experimenting and eating are rich and sensuous and instantly made me hungry In fact, the food writing is what makes this book interesting to read.The remainder of the plot does not fare so well The time travel element, surely an essential part of the plot, was made to seem almost incidental and there was no attempt to make it either logical or consistent That the main character did not react with any surprise or disorientation to the completely unpredictable passage of time, and so it comes across as a lack of development on the part of the author rather than a deliberate device The characters were mostly undeveloped, but this bothered me less than I expected as their appearances in the narrative were so fleeting I did enjoy Diego s brushes with real historical figures, painfully contrived as they were, but they seemed an incidental rather than integral part of the story Not enough was made of them, often they were unrelated to either love or chocolate, and so they did not really fit into the rest of the narrative Ultimately, I suppose it s difficult to write an interesting account of a man who very rapidly finds his own life uninteresting and repetitive. I can t abide books where the dog dies I found this a rich and intriguing book covering continents and centuries Love, passion, and best of all, chocolate In 1518 the 20 year old Diego leaves Seville bound for Mexico where he joins Cortes s conquistadors and falls in love with the beautiful Ignacia When Diego is ordered back to Spain, Ignacia gives him a parting gift a chocolate drink, the elixir of life, and the promise that If you are alive, then I am alive Never cease in your search for me But, returning to Mexico, he finds only her grave and so begins his wanderings, sometimes dictated by the forces of history, sometimes by his own whims Through an eternity of travel , he and Pedro reach Chiapas, the city of Ignacia s birth, where he discovers that time has slipped by a century Full of incident made piquant by the introduction of significant figures along the way, Diego soon finds himself locked in the Bastille It s 1788 and he swaps chocolate recipes with the Marquis de Sade Then on to Vienna to create sachertorte Fervent with questions, yet filled with despair about life s meaning, he begins his weekly visits to Freud And all the while, his droll scrapes punctuate his slightly overdone gloom On board ship to America, Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas solace him with talk of love and food The early 1900s find him once in Mexico, a man old in wisdom, but still virile in his ways. A compelling read I started off really enjoying it Then I thought it ought to be written at a slower pace rather than racing through the centuries Then I began to think there should be less sex and chocolate I enjoyed the section with Freud and their philosophizing on life, death and happiness Overall, I did enjoy the book, some parts were beautifully written and it is very qotable The principal advantage of chocolate is that it cannot be taken at speed It asks you to take time, to consider, to pause I agree, I replied It is best enjoyed in silence Read for Cook the Books virtual foodie book club.It took me a while to get into the book I wasn t particularly fond of Diego from the start as he is young, selfish, and not that appealing In fact, my favorite character turned out to be Pedro, his loyal greyhound I will never look at Hershey s kisses without thinking of Pedro I do like time travel and I adore chocolate and learning about food history, so eventually the story kicked in for me as Pedro finds himself living a very long life and wandering with Pedro from Mexico to Paris and then on to Vienna, England and America While on his travels, Diego has brushes with many diverse historical figures such as Montezuma, the Marquis de Sade, Sigmund Freud, Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas, and Milton Hershey which was entertaining and fun although at times maybe a bit too much Diego does grow some during his journey, but he never quite won me over completely Besides Pedro, the food descriptions were my favorite part and the book is filled with them see my Food Inspiration notes below Overall, although I didn t love this book, I think if you are a foodie and a chocolate fan and don t mind a lot of fantasy in your historical fiction, it is an interesting and enjoyable read that will have you reaching for the nearest chocolate bar You can see my review and a recipe inspired by the book here `READ BOOK ↾ The Discovery of Chocolate ⇯ A Young Spaniard Sets Off For South America In With Cortes And The Conquistadors, Propelled By His Love S Declaration That She Will Not Marry Until He Returns With A Special Treasure A Symbol Of Their Love That No Man Or Woman Has Ever Before Received But During His Travels He Falls In Love With Ignacia, A Native Woman Who Introduces Him To The Secrets Of The Most Delicious Drink He Has Ever Tasted Chocolate Their Passionate Affair Is Cut Short By The Chaotic Conquest Of MexicoSo Begins This Charming And Adventurous Story About The Magical Substance We Now Know As Chocolate, And Of The Passions And Obsessions It Has Inspired From Its Earliest Days Our Hero Later Discovers That His Lover Had Secretly Added The Elixir To Life To His Chocolate Drink This Allows Him To Travel Through History To Paris During The Time Of The Revolution, To Vienna In The Nineteenth Century, To Late Victorian England, And To Hershey Pennsylvania Accompanied All The While By His Trusty Greyhound, Pedro Unable To Die, He Searches To Recapture The Magic Of Ignacia S Chocolate And To Learn To Love Life Just As Fully Playful And Intelligent, This Is A Romantic Story About Love And Loss Inspired By A Very Enchanting Substance