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Fast paced, deception, lies, conspiracies, plot twists excellent One morning, while at her yoga class, Karen Friedman, along with everyone there, learns of the bombing at Grand Central Station At first, Karen feels horrible for the people involved in some way Until that same horror starts to sink in her husband had taken the train to work that morning after bringing the car in for servicing Trying not to panic, she tries to reach him but he s gone The first bomb was set off in the first two cars, and Charlie always sat in the first car There s nothing left of him to identify only part of his briefcase was found.A year later, with the kids away for the night, Karen is determined to watch the documentary on TV Just when she watch any, reaching for the remote to turn it off, whose face does she see But it can t be can it Is Charlie really still alive Nearly a week goes by when Karen finally decides she needs to talk to someone about this She won t tell the kids they were just as devastated as she was when Charlie was supposedly killed Recording the documentary on a DVR, she takes it to detective Ty Hauck.She had met Ty previously when he came to her home On the day of the bombing, he had been at a case of hit and run, and Charlie s name and number had been in the kid s pocket Ty s about the only one she can trust.And that s when the fun begins Ty takes a leave of absense, determined to find answers for Karen Conspiracies, lies, deception, Karen can t believe her husband of 18 years was even involved But the biggest shocker is actually finding Charlie and hearing his confession Only, it doesn t stop there Great book Had a hard time putting it down.Karen is a strong woman, in mind and body Determined, she wants to hear the entire thing from Charlie s mouth, face to face she and their children deserve that much Once she latches on, like a pitbull, doesn t let go.Ty has lived a hell in his past, one that he actually couldn t get passed, until he met Karen But with Karen in his life, he moves forward, looking to the future, feeling emotions deep down that he never thought he d feel again Just as determined as she is, he breaks laws he d sworn to uphold to get to the bottom of the whole matter, and it nearly cost them their lives.From bombs to hit and runs, to connections in between From plot twist to plot twist, conspiracies, lies and deception, this one had it all There was a little romance put in, but I felt it was like an on the side type of deal While I did feel something between Karen and Ty, it wasn t as strong a spark as it could have been I also felt that when the action starts, the dialogue suffered a little well, enough that I can t give this one a full five stars.Regardless, great mystery, great plot, enough action to satisfy, and emotions roll throughout Excellent read The editing and as a result the dialogue in this novel is atrocious There is simply no need to repeat characters names in every spoken line in a novel most people who read books are not idiotsReally Kieran Yes reader, I m afraid its true this novel is badly let down by the poor dialogue But Kieran I think, and Kieran don t hate me for saying this, but maybe you are being unfairly picky Kieran No reader I am not The festering dialogue weighs down a good story like a stone anchor, oh and Reader I really am not exaggerating You get the idea.And it really is a shame, because the book is ever so slightly too long as well predictable twists can be excused if you read up to them as quickly as you guess them, but when you see a twist coming 20 pages away you just know that someone needed to be a bit brutal with the delete key.Combined, the dialogue and length help to ruin what is an otherwise enjoyable adventure thriller The characters are interesting and likable, against all odds, and Hauck appears to be a solid foundation for a series 9 books signed up if only Gross gets a decent editor on board.The romantic twist is believable, the locations are well described, the storyline is wide reaching without over stretching and as mentioned the characters are well rounded and emotive its just that clunking script they re acting. #FREE E-PUB æ The Dark Tide ⚟ An Explosion Rips Through New York City S Grand Central Station One Morning, Destroying The Train Karen Friedman S Husband, A Successful Hedge Fund Manager, Is Riding In To Work Days Later, With Many Bodies Still Unidentifiable, Karen Resigns Herself To The Awful Truth Her Husband Of Eighteen Years Is DeadOn That Same Day, A Suspicious Hit And Run Accident Leaves A Young Man Dead In Karen S Hometown Of Greenwich, Connecticut Ty Hauck, A Detective, Becomes Emotionally Caught Up In The Case And Finds A Clue That Shockingly Connects The Two Seemingly Unrelated EventsMonths Later, Two Men Show Up At Karen S Home Digging Into Charles S Business Dealings Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Are Missing And The Trail Points Squarely To Charles With Doubt Suddenly Cast On Everything She Has Ever Known, Karen, With Hauck, Steps Into A Widening Storm Of Hedge Fund Losses, International Scams, And Murder And As The Investigations Converge, These Two Strangers Touched By Tragedy Are Pulled Into A Deepening Relationship And Unwittingly Open The Door To A Twisted And Deadly ConspiracyWith Its Breakneck Pacing, Plentiful Twists, Compelling Characters, And Abundant Heart, The Dark Tide Confirms Andrew Gross S Place As A Master Storyteller At The Top Of His Game I m giving this book a 3.5 but because I really enjoyed the main character I added another 1 2 star Lots and lots of different reviews for this book from 1 2 stars up to 4 I have to say this was a very long story and a very detailed explanation to the main character Ty Hauck a good guy that seems to get himself in trouble and has to run and hide If you like police detective type stories you should like this one I feel that it is a promise for a very good series and I really am looking forward to reading the next one. Almost unbearably awful Only finished because i had nothing else waiting to listen to at work Written so poorly, repetitive, predictable Don t know why it has such a high rating why, Charlie, why Why, Saul, Why Why Ty Why This guy cannot write Publisher should not have let this one out the door.Husband dies in Grand Central bombing, but is he really dead Karen Friedman and cop Ty Hauck investigate. 3.5 stars Karen Friedman s husband Charles takes the car to the shop so he has to ride the train to work that morning to the hedge fund company in New York City that he owns and manages An explosion occurs at Grand Central Station and Charles never makes it to work as hundreds are killed Across town, Detective Ty Hauck investigates a hit and run of a young man and discovers Charles Friedman s name and phone number in his pocket Neither Hauck or Karen see a connection to Charles About a year later, Karen is visited by two men who threaten her and say Charles made off with 250 million dollars that they want back Karen contacts the man who mentored Charles and he says everything is ok with the firm s finances Then Karen discovers some disturbing evidence which she takes to Hauck.I like the books that Andrew Gross writes with James Patterson I liked the first part of this book best Gross tied everything together in the end but I bogged down a little bit before I got there. Kitab n arkas n okuyunca ok kar k bir konu gibi geliyor Okumaya ba l yorsun ama olaylar ve ki iler bir t rl oturmuyor Ama sonra h zlan yor ve seni merak ettiriyor Daha da h zl okuyorsun Tahmin ediyorsun Tahmine ok a k bir kitap Elbette tahmin edilebilecek ters k eleri var Ben de tahmin ettim o unu Te men Hauck ile Karen aras nda ili ki olmas ok kli e geldi Bir kitapta da ba rol detektif ile a k ya amay n arkada ya.Genel olarak ortalama bir kitapt. Meh A lot of build up for very little action I m giving it a 2.5 and I m rounding up because it s the weekend. This book appears to have been written by someone who a has English as a second language b has heard of both love and sex and has experienced neither c has a fascination with blood and how is courses through veins in many and varied ways d is writing for people with an IQ of around 50 ande is writing for people who have no critical faculties at all.Favourite horror line A surge of validation ran through Hauck s veins If you like this, I really don t know what to say The complete lack of critical facilities must make life difficult.On the other hand, you d probably like The DaVinci Code too It s similarly atrocious. Let me preface with the fact that I downloaded this to my Kindle during a free promotion period so I can t really feel cheated out of my money My time is another animal altogether The book starts off interestingly enough with a somewhat believable family, with a rich business man father, two kids and a homemaker wife whose life takes a turn for the worse after a terrorist attack on a subway I personally thought the terrorist angle was a bit lame, but i guess it served the purpose and since the story is set in the New York area it was relevant to pop culture and recent history Normally I m not a fan of the thriller conspiracy genre, but the first half of the book had me reading along at a decent clip wanting to see how events unfolded Without posting specific spoilers, the unfolding of this story in the latter half really ruined a decent start Karen, the main character mother widow is written well enough, as is her cop friend boyfriend Ty The remainder of the characters are poorly developed and are sometimes completely unrelatable Such as when Ty s daugher ages about 5 years when only 1 year passes in the story, and despite this rapid maturity, still cannot flip a pancake at age 13 About 60% of the way onto the book, Gross even abandons the characters of the children sending not only Karen s kids on a African Safari with grandparents, but even Ty s daughter is almost forgotten I finished reading this novel out of obligation to finish it, not out of enjoyment gained I can honestly say that this book was worth the price that I paid for it free Now how to get those wasted hours back.