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Certainly quite a bit of variety to be found here Unfortunately there are a few rather sappy endings and describing one in a chapter heading as a deus ex machina doesn t really seem to help matters much.The whole New Arabian Nights business was I thought basically a whole lot of hoopla about nothing But A Lodging for the Night was interesting with its rather up in the air ending Providence and the Guitar was one of the best things here, with its joyous, optimistic mood The Maletroit story became a movie with Charles Laughton called The Strange Door Will o the Mill was a bit puzzling and hardly seemed to serve any purpose at all The Story of a Lie was fun, but suffered from the aforementioned coy ending problem Thrawn Janet and The Merry Men suffer from the fact that they weren t really written in English ugh, I hate wading through dialect crap especially when the editor provides precious few, if any, notes about what all that junk means The Body Snatcher is a wonderful bit of black humor Markheim was great indeed, like some newly unearthed tale from Poe, until it abruptly derailed at the end with all that silly philosophical dialogue stuff Jekyll Hyde was absolutely marvelousalthough the way it was structured, the last 30 pages or so only seem to serve as a footnote, and come off perhaps a bit anti climactic It s true I suppose that the final revelations are of a piece with the earlier proceedings, and serve to further the weird twistings and turnings of the whole investigation also of course the way Utterson stumbles upon the business is very much a part of the mood of the book, which is taken with skulking through the tunnels and byways of the human labyrinth But having the proceedings end with Jekyll Hyde s death, the way it usually happens in the movie adaptations, does have an undeniable satisfaction to it And the workings of the magic potion as in so much proto scifi don t seem to make terribly much sense if you really think about itfor example, why wouldn t the stuff just as easily isolate his absolutely good self But fables often have the advantage that such quibbles seem to slip into the background when pitted against the overriding concerns of the narrative.The resolution of The Bottle Imp seemed a bit cheap although, given the constraints, it was hard to see how it could be otherwise And The Beach of Falesa came off as rather long and slight for all those pages The Isle of Voices was certainly rather trippythough I m not sure I can say terribly much else about it Toward the end of his rather brief life Stevenson, like Tolstoy, seemingly felt impelled to forsake conventional narratives for folk tales.At any rate, in numerous places Stevenson s prose sings wonderfully well his leaps of imagination, within a paragraph or even just a phrase, can indeed verge on the breathtaking. (((FREE))) ↛ The Complete Short Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson: With a Selection of the Best Short Novels ↡ Scottish Novelist, Poet, And Essayist Robert Louis Stevenson Was A Writer Of Power And Originality, Who Penned Such Classics As Treasure Island, Kidnapped, And The Weir Of Hermiston The Editor Has Collected In Convenient Form Stevenson S Short Fiction, Including The Complete New Arabian Nights And The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, As Well As Ghost Stories, Medieval Romances, Farces, Horror Stories, And The South Sea Tales This Volume Amply Illustrates Stephenson S Wide Range And Enduring AppealLodging For The Night Suicide Club Story Of The Young Man With The Cream Tarts Story Of The Physician And The Saratoga Trunk Adventure Of The Hansom Cab Rajah S Diamond Story Of The Bandbox Story Of The Young Man In Holy Orders Story Of The House With The Green Blinds Adventure Of Prince Florizel And A Detective Providence And The Guitar Sire De Maletroit S Door Will O The Mill Story Of A Lie Thrawn Janet Merry Men Body Snatcher Markheim Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Bottle Imp Beach Of Falesa Isle Of Voices THE ISLE OF VOICESThe Isle of Voices or a bad dream.Keola is married with Lehua, daughter of Kalamake a sorcerer This short novel is set in some Pacific Ocean s island The bad dream starts with the first spell of Kalamake leaves become shining dollars, so Keola plans to stop working and share Kalamake s riches.The sorcerer disagrees and with the second spell abandons Keola in the ocean Keola is rescued by a ship and left in an island called the Isle of Voices In the Isle of Voices, invisible devils day and night you heard them talking with one another in strange tongues p.670 All tongues of the earth were spoken there whatever land knew sorcery, there were some of its people whispering in Keola s ear p.673 Eventually Keola is rescued again, this time by his wife.Sorcery or bad dream Neizmerna je tragedija to se jedno ovako kapitalno delo pojavilo na srpskom jeziku a ne samo to nije dobilo sve mogu e nagrade za izdava ki poduhvat ve je promaklo ak i poklonicima ovog autora.Naime, Stivensonove sabrane pri e pro itao sam jo koliko pro le godine na engleskom jeziku i nije mi bilo mrsko da im se tako brzo vratim u prevodu Ovde je re o obimnom dvotomnom izdanju koje sadr i ak i neke pri e kojih nema u originalu Prevod Milana Mileti a je izuzetan, taman koliko treba arhai an i originalan valja napomenuti da nas je isti ovek ve zadu io prevodom Romole i Srednjovekovnog maniheizma Kod ovakvih knjiga izdava i esto podlegnu smanjivanju fonta i margina kako bi smanjili i broj strana, ali ovde ni to nije slu aj Knjiga je tampana na debelom krem papiru, lepo dizajnirana, izuzetne a suptilne naslovnice to se samih pri a ti e, Stivenson je danas, na alost, upam en kao pisac za decu Ostrvo sa blagom i po jednom izletu u horor Doktor D ekil i mister Hajd , ali je njegov opus znatno bogatiji i zanimljiviji Obala Falesa, po meni njegova najbolja novela, mo e se itati i kao svojevrsno Srce tame i kao meditacija nad kolonijalnim imperijalizmom, ali i kao naprosto fenomenalno napisana avantura Olala je sa druge strane otvoreni oma nekolicini poovih pri a, naro ito Ligeji Prokleta D enet je izvrsna sablasna pri a s motivima iz folklorne fantastike Veseli momci nam nude sasvim originalan pogled na pirate i zakopano blago Paviljon na dinama je jedna od boljih pri a o opsadi A kad se sve storije okon aju, sti e se utisak da je Doktor D ekil me u slabijim boljim pri ama, te da ide na efekat iznena enja, koji je opet savremenom itaocu poznat.Proverite za to se Borhes ovom autoru rado i esto vra ao. There are 8 rather long short stories in this collection from Robert Louis Stevenson The last is actually 3 related storiesin one The first, of course, is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde andit differs some from the famous movie, actually suspenseful There are very weird circumstances in all these stories, andmost involve violence and murder in strange ways This isnot what I generally like to read, but the writing is so good,I liked them all. Just love RLS works so much Well, I haven t gotten to the RLS website yet to read of the stories that are in this book, so am basing my rating on those stories that I ve read I read The Body Snatcher, and a few others All very good RLS could really keep the reader engrossed adventure writing at its best Will update my review and rating when I m able to read. Just picked this back up a week ago or so it had been on my shelf for a long time and I had only read a handful of the stories previously Short stories and novellas aren t for everyone, but if they re for you read Stevenson His prose style is very dense and superbly evocative, and the stories are highly compelling Once you re 5 pages in, just try not reading to the end Each story the right size for breaks in filming, easy to pick up and not the sort of material that wears on you I don t know why I keep reading Robert Louis Stevenson because inevitably at the end I decide that it was mediocre and a waste, I guess I m an idiot for plot.