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There is the Human World and Then, There is the Animal WorldDo not let the book cover fool you This is an adult book I think middle school children might enjoy it as well I had forgotten the magic of cats, dogs and rats that speak to one another in a story It s like a whole other world is happening around our human world The animals in THE CITY HEROES by OMORUYI UWUIGIAREN are wonderful as all sorts of adventures happen in their everyday world Each story is poignant in some way whether it s the character traits of the animals or the underlying moral or theme of the story This is the second book I ve read by Mr Uwuigiaren Each book won me over due to the amount of detail and and descriptive passages I look forward to hearing from this author again very soon facebook.com omoruyiu Grapes, Southeast USA [Read Pdf] ⚆ The City Heroes and Other Stories from the Heart of Africa ♫ Tonight During Story Time Take A Trip To The Heart Of AfricaMake New Friends Including A Clutter Of Cats Otherwise Known As The City Heroes Follow A Pair Of Jungle Ants As They Rescue Their Friend From A Raging Storm Tag Along With A Country Boy As He Hunts Wild Birds To Prepare A Feast For His Father S Arrival Understand The True Meaning Of Mercy And Charity When A Stranger Is Caught Stealing Eggs From A Farmer Help A Baby Named Thomas Find His Way Home After He Strays From His Father S Boat Follow Blaize And His Newfound Canine Friend Thatcher As They Thwart A Group Of Kidnappers In Blaize And The Master Of EnchantmentBeautifully Illustrated Pictures Help Tell All Six Stories Including The City Heroes, The Jungle Ants, The Country Boy, Stranger On The Farm, Baby Thomas And Blaize And The Master Of Enchantment Encounter Adventures Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Learn About The Beautiful Country Of Nigeria, And See How Easy And How Fun It Is To Learn About A New Culture In The Heart Of AfricaThe City Heroes And Other Stories From The Heart Of Africa By Nigerian Writer Omoruyi Uwuigiaren Is A Perfect Introduction For Young Readers To Learn About The African Experience Suitable For Middle Grade Readers, The Stories Within The Collection Contain Messages And Themes About Forgiveness, Charity, Redemption And Loyalty All From A Decidedly African Perspective What a great book of short stories The stories are very different and unexpected and very enjoyable There are a lot of challenging lessons included in the stories as well as a lot of surprises Great book Thanks for the great read THE CITY HEROES by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a series of short stories introducing the reader to the lives of different characters in Africa, from animals to humans Lovely artwork throughout the book adds a nice touch, giving the reader a glimpse of what is to follow in that particular story We meet cats as they discuss their problems in life One story introduces the reader to a priest and his wife Then there are the jungle ants and their struggles to survive And so much Each story has a message, such as fighting doesn t solve anything and learn from one another and work hard, to name a couple The stories also gave me a glimpse into the lives of a different culture, that of Africa This is a delightful group of short stories to make a person thankful for his or her blessings The author gives the reader a good look at another world, that in some ways is much the same as my world yet also different Middle grade readers and even young teens should enjoy reading about the adventures of the cats, rats, and ants, while also learning about the people of another country, Africa This would make a nice addition to school libraries, public libraries, and your own private library. The City Heroes, the first short story in this book depicts the life of cats Author Uwvigiaren had brought the lives of street cats together is this heroic story One menace, Flinz, killed so many cats and caused heartaches for cats who wanted peace and to get alone with fellow cats and humans How can one cat be so vicious Uwvigiaren has many themes running through these six stories Courage, survival, friendship, destiny, hard work, forgiveness, death, strange coincidences are just a few The title was somewhat misleading to me.