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Another good beginner s guide, as I begin living GF for who knows how long. This book contains her usual versions of doctored box mix recipes I was hoping the recipes would be as successful as her other books, but I found the results unsatisfying Although gluten free recipes usually come out disappointing when compared to the real thing, I was expecting better But this book seems to be just another jump on the bandwagon to cash in on the current trend. [Read E-pub] ☩ The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free ⚑ Thirty Million Americans Are Gluten Intolerant Or Have A Gluten Sensitivity, Eliminating It From Their Diets Because Gluten A Protein Found In Wheat, Rye, And Barley Has Been Implicated In Health Issues Ranging From Respiratory Problems And Abdominal Discomfort To Anemia, Anxiety, And Infertility The Food Industry Has Bullishly Taken Notice Gluten Free Baking Products, Including Cake Mixes From Betty Crocker, King Arthur, Whole Foods, And Others, Have Increased Sevenfold On Grocery Shelves In Recent Years, And The Number Of Other Gluten Free Products Has Grown As Well Were Introduced In Alone And Gluten Free Options Are On The Menu Of National Restaurants Like Boston Market, Chili S, Ruby Tuesday, Outback Steakhouse, And Others Now Comes Even Sweeter News For People Looking To Cut Gluten From Their Diets Anne Byrn Shows How To Transform Gluten Free Cake Mixes Into Rich, Decadent, Easy To Make, Impossible To Resist Desserts Performing The Magic That S Made Her A Bestselling Baking Author With Over Million Copies Of Her Books In Print, She Doctors Mixes With Additions Like Almond Extract, Fresh Berries, Cocoa Powder, Grated Coconut, Cinnamon, Lime Zest, And Naturally, All Gluten Free Ingredients And Voil Tres Leches Cake With Whipped Cream And Summer Berries, Almond Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes With Milk Chocolate Ganache, Caramel Melted Ice Cream Cake, Warm Tarte Tatin Apple Cake, Plus Brownies, Bars, Muffins, And Cookies Dessert Is Back On The Menu I love this book The recipes are simple, delicious and fun to make I particularly liked the explanation of ingredients used and a list of substitutions There is such a variety of baked goods and frostings that you can make a different one every week Several customers who are gluten free and they have loved the ones I have tried and have requested repeats Even those who are not gluten free have enjoyed themselves and commented on the delicious flavor. This book is okay, as are the results I had in the kitchen I remain frustrated that the recipes require smaller mixes This is going back to the library I prefer using the full sized King Arthur cake mixes and the recipes on their website. While I ve admittedly adapted the recipes in this book to my own specifications, the little tips and tricks for gluten free baking in the beginning and throughout the book are invaluable.I do not have a gluten intolerance, so before buying this book, I declined to bake any gluten free cakes With the book, I m much confident about it It s a great resource Good ideas for using a store bought gluten free cake mix Copied several recipes to try out Quite a few called for gelatin or pudding mix but only used half a package seems like the other half would be wasted if you didn t bake something else right away. Some good recipes, but I would modify most Ex almond cream cheese pound cake I would omit the almond But it has given me lots of ideas and made me very hungry lol and excited to bake as we enter Autumn The recipes sound absolutely amazing, and the book is packed full of tips and suggestions, as well as alternate versions of many of the recipes We have loved every recipe that we have tried so far, especially the Honey Bun Cake, Snickerdoodle Cake, the Cookies Cream Cake, and the Orange Cheesecake Squares My taste testers include both the gluten intolerant including me and those who can eat gluten, and all of them have raved about the cakes The directions are easy to follow I did not have much experience with layer cakes before this, and had no problem putting them together I have a waiting list of who wants what cake for which occasion now This is another in the long line of Cake Doctor books The recipes in this book are easy to follow, and taste great The only downside to the book is that it calls for either gluten free yellow or chocolate cake mix and then doctors those up But, anyone with a gluten or wheat intolerance probably has a cook book that includes a recipe for gluten free yellow and chocolate cake mix and can use that to make items completely from scratch.