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I wasn t sure how i was going to feel about this book but let me just say one chapter into in and i had to finish it to the end Scarlett and Michael characters who you are rooting for Both have an understanding of what each other are going through and are a perfect match for one another The book is a well written story.by the author and the sex scenes will have you grabbing for some cold water i recommend this for anyone looking for a steamy romance with fun loving characters. @Download Book ì The Black Chapel (The Chapel Series, #1) ï What Would You Do If A Sexy Billionaire Asked You To Marry Him Just For His Money Scarlett Hates Her New Job As A Stripper, But She Can T Afford To Quit Or She Ll Lose Her House And Won T Be Able To Afford To Pay For Her Dad S Chemo One Night, The Handsome Billionaire Michael Manning Visits The Club And Shows Interest In Samantha Scarlett S Stage Name Scarlett Is Immediately Attracted To Michael, But She Refuses To Date Anyone She Meets At The Club On Sunday, Scarlett S Friend Drags Her To Church, And To Her Surprise, Scarlett Meets Michael Again He Doesn T Realize She S Samantha From Last Night And Asks Her Out But Scarlett Would Never Have Guessed What He S About To Propose On Their First Date Michael Needs To Marry Before His Mother Dies Of Cancer, Or He Ll Lose His Entire Inheritance He Presents Scarlett With A Deal Where She Ll Receive Half Of The Inheritance If She Marries Him Within Two Weeks And Divorces Him After His Mother Dies Scarlett Agrees To The Deal But Soon She Develops Feelings For Michael And They Begin A Steamy Affair Serious Problems Arise When Michael Continues To Show Interest In Samantha, Thinking He S Keeping It A Secret From Scarlett And When Scarlett S Pretend Mother In Law Has Her Followed To Work, Scarlett S Secret Could Very Well Cost Her The Billion Dollar Deal And Her Relationship With Michael Sexy, fun and quirky I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an entertaining, steamy read It s fast paced, the build up between the characters is palpable and the love scenes smoldering hot It s kind of a cross between Pretty Woman and 50 shades The lead character Scarlett keeps making decisions that get her in trouble But when she falls for the sexy billionaire, things are about to change Would love to see it made into a movie I think it would make an awesome Romantic Comedy the romance was wanting but I did enjoy the way Scarlett was able to juggle being two people at once without getting the lies mixed up That was entertaining as all get out And her dedication to helping her dad even though it was a degrading experience gave her a bit of dimension But I must confess, it was crystal clear it was a ploy to make you care about her character because if she didn t have that going for her, she would have fizzled out for me That was really the only thing I liked about her.I kinda think Michael should have know it was Scarlett once he kissed them I mean, he doesn t even mention it, which I just found weird And frankly it made me think he was missing a few sandwiches short of a picnic Now, the sex scenes were on point and I m glad I read this book, but the characters were just too flat for me to really care about them or what happens to them The plot is shallow to begin with so I guess I should have expected it.So, I will not be reading any of this series because the ending had too many loose ends that I felt should have been tied up in this book in stead of leaving them hanging to entice you to read the next one This may sound weird but it didn t feel like an authentic ending It felt unoriginal Maybe I read to many of these types of books because it felt trope y and while I love a good trope, this one just was okay. FREE on today 10 31 2017 Scarlett is a young woman with overwhelming financial obligations due to her dad s cancer and mom s death, that leads her to take a job as a stripper Michael Manning is a young man from a very wealthy family whose mother is also dying of cancer He meets Scarlett in two different places, as two different people First he falls for Samantha, the dancer at the club But he also meets Scarlett in church when she goes to support her BFF Annie while she sings in the choir Michael is in need of an insta wife before his mom dies, or she ll give everything to charity While he s trying to convince Scarlett to be his wife until his mom is gone, he s trying to start an affair with Samantha he doesn t know they are the same people It s an interesting premise cheating on his soon to be wife with.his soon to be wife who he doesn t know is also a stripper An interesting little love triangle As Scarlett starts to have feelings for Michael despite knowing they will only be together for a short time, she realizes he s a cheater and isn t sure she wants to go through with the deal except her dad needs chemo so she needs to do this for him I really did like the idea of the story, but there were a few things that just threw me out of this fantasy view spoiler First off, Michael is willing to split his inheritance in half with Scarlett 3 billion worth This was just not believable if he offered her a couple of mil, that would have been okay, but no one would give away that kind of money Next, no one does a background check on her Really Finally, they have unprotected sex I m sorry, but even though Michael didn t know Scarlett was a stripper, she knew he tried to pick her up in a strip club And she lets him near her without a condom hide spoiler 3.5 out of 5Billionaire Michael meets Scarlett in a church and they start to date It doesn t go well at first but then he proposes that they marry so that he can inherit his mother s 3 billion dollars She will then get half after his mother dies They start a relationship but it s all businessthen it s all pleasure but they re both kind of screwed up Scarlett works as a stripper called Samantha at The Black Chapel and Michael is obsessed with her She wears a mask on stage to hide her identity While he s busy screwing Scarlett he s seeing Samantha on the side He s also emailing her so he s cheating on Scarlett with herself Weird Neither knows what they really want and neither can be honest with the other It ends with things completely up in the air which was frustrating I did like it enough to keep reading so that s a plus. They say you either live to work, or work to live One implies you love your job, the other that you use it as a means to an end Or to make ends meet And when you are on a stripper s income to pay off mortgage, chemotherapy and student loans, you put your self loathing on the back burner and fight for your survival.Until a billionaire comes with a proposition always heard in reverse he actually WANTS you to marry him only for the money, which he will split with you in half How would you possibly refuse such a business deal Not to mention, he s gorgeous to boot However while you both seem attracted to each other, he is also mercilessly hunting your alter stripper persona And his mother won t give up the inheritance so easily before she runs a full background check on you Can you say complicated I am once again surprised that I enjoyed a relatively vanilla yet full on romance book The writing was fluent and very nicely structured, and the first person narrative, albeit one sided, didn t hinder too much the emotional portrayal of all characters involved And what a lively bunch of characters they were As always, points to the Best Friend who speaks with the voice of reason, and kudos to the Monster in Law who isn t too proud to admit her mistake, and plays everyone to the very end like the master puppeteer she is. My LORD Where to start This book was full of everything Drama, heartache, romance, passion, love, witty characters and ended perfectly Cliffhanger, but all 3 are out now so no worries I LOVED this book I couldn t put it down until I finished itsadly just breaking because I passed out next to my kindle Loser Maybe, but moving onI am definitely a huge fan now of Marilyn and can t WAIT to finish these books in the Chapel Series Easily one of my new favs