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Convincing and informative. Interesting arguments, but I m not totally persuaded that Nero was the beast of Revelation though he was beastly James Jordan has some interesting contrary arguments. FREE DOWNLOAD ☲ The Beast of Revelation ♱ Kenneth L Gentry S Scholarly Skills Are Evidenced In This Fascinating Book Who Is The Mysterious Person Behind The Number Who Is The Beast Who Has Perplexed And Evaded Prophecy Students For , Years The Reader Will Quickly Learn That The Bible Does Interpret Itself Gentry Employs This Method Throughout The Book And Exhibits Its Rational And Illuminating Effects Page After Page If You Are Weary Of The Hype Over The Identity Of The Beast And The Plethora Of Theories That Border On The Nonsensical, Then You Are In For A Most Refreshing Read I believe this is the book I read the first version, before its reprint in 2002 that first introduced me to the preterist way of interpreting Revelation This interpretation posits that most, if not all, of Revelation s promises were fulfilled in the first century I was utterly fascinated, and this book still holds a special place in my library.The book is a condensation of a much larger work by Gentry Before Jerusalem Fell It s broken into two parts The first half is a description of Nero Caesar and how he fits the beast of Revelation to a T The second half is an analysis of the dating of Revelation.Gentry concludes Revelation was written before the great war of 70 A.D., when Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple leveled by the Romans I came to disagree with him, as you may know from my own book Gentry describes his approach Holding to an unshakable conviction regarding Scripture s divine inspiration, I also afford its inherent authority, infallibility, and inerrancy Well, there you go, of course a person who studies the first century message of Revelation, and begins with the assumption that it prophesies the events it describes, would have to conclude that it was written beforehand.Nevertheless, Gentry is an interesting writer with a fascinating message That adds up to a very readable book, and earns it five stars.Gentry, himself, remains for me an enigma who refuses contact It s possible I ve offended him by contradicting his conclusions in my own book, but for whatever the reason, he won t entertain, for debate or even discussion, theories that contradict his own interpretation Because he pursues his scholarship in a bubble, his writings must be taken with a grain of salt, yet his perspective definitely deserves attention This is a book I m certain will make you think. Who is he Read this book and find out Excellent. 5 stars on meeting it s intended goal The idetification of the Beast and the date of Revelation More to my review when I have time to add. Gentry is the most thorough and convincing eschatological writer that I ve read His case for Nero as the beast and the early date for Revelation found in this book is airtight Strongly recommend. I felt that this was an excellent read In my opinion Gentry does a very good job of showing the identification of Revelation s beast, using not only Scriptural references, but also the writings of early church fathers as well as Jewish historians like Josephus I would recommend this to anyone who feels confused as to what Revelation is about or is just interested in reading it from a different, but Scripturally based, persepctive. I just love the way Kenneth Gentry writes So thorough, so succinct, and so Biblically faithful If you want to know who the Beast of Revelation is read this book.