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This was a very different read from what I expected so at first I thought that it sets up a great storyline world and then fails somewhat to live to that potential, but the last 3rd or so of the book and especially its poignant ending made me reconsider and appreciate this one as what it truly is a mainstream character study disguised as science fantasy The character happens to be a mechanical girl called Mattie, but her creator a Mechanic with a damaged face and a past that slowly revealed leads us to understand his obsessions, and why he made Mattie intelligent, self aware, capable of feeling pain and pleasure including of a sensual type though maybe in not the usual ways and then later emancipated Mattie only to keep her rewinding key without which she will stop working after a while Just to visit him, Loharri the mechanic claimed, to make sure that Mattie will not completely forsake him, but of course there is much than that And Mattie joins the Alchemists, the rivals, competitors and sometimes enemies of the Mechanics, a strange self aware automaton in a city full of owned, lacking sentience and self awareness servant automatons and when she takes both an important project and an important noble customer, Mattie unwittingly gets embroiled in plots, revolution and much Highly, highly recommended but with the caveat above a very inventive world, but the focus is on the character study, Mattie, Loharri, Iolanda, Niobe, Sebastian, the Soul Smoker, the gargoyles, rather than on the workings of the world and such. I m not sure how to review this I think for most people this would be a three star book because it isn t EASY, but there is such beauty and strangeness to this, that I had to give it four stars, because I think for some people it will be a five There is something lovely about it.It s a very artistic book, the prose is very romantic and lush and plaintive, and it drew me in It s set in an alt steampunk ish world I never 100% understood and follows an automaton named Mattie, who lives alone but is controlled by the master who created her, who has to wind her heart every so often and won t give her the key Gargoyles talk in riddles at the start of chapters, there are factions against factions, a lot is going on and it s not told in a straight line often.It was strange because so much is confusing in this, but I feel a re read would add a layer of commentary The lead, the most soulful character, is mechanical which is so interesting You really do ache for Mattie, she cares so much, and being caught between the rising tensions of a society you are totally drawn in I guess this author may be Russian, which I totally get, it s very tragic and dramatic, haha.Again, it s not an easy or quick read, and is not that uplifting, but there s a lovely artistry that was refreshing and compelled me to finish and lingered with me Recommended for something different. [Download Book] ⚖ The Alchemy of Stone ♖ Mattie, An Intelligent Automaton Skilled In The Use Of Alchemy, Finds Herself Caught In The Middle Of A Conflict Between Gargoyles, The Mechanics, And The Alchemists With The Old Order Quickly Giving Way To The New, Mattie Discovers Powerful And Dangerous Secrets Secrets That Can Completely Alter The Balance Of Power In The City Of Ayona However, This Doesn T Sit Well With Loharri, The Mechanic Who Created Mattie And Still Has The Key To Her Heart Literally A Steampunk Novel Of Romance, Political Intrigue, And Alchemy, The Alchemy Of Stone Represents A New And Intriguing Direction By The Author Of The Critically Acclaimed The Secret History Of Moscow Power and control, society and structure, alchemy and engineering, machine and gargoyle This is a world populated by the strange and steampunky, with emancipated but maybe not really humanoid robots, and gargoyles slowly turning to stone against their will It s also a world in flux, where feudalism may be in the midst of being overthrown by industry, and that may be, in turn, challenged by the workers Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook First of all, this cover is amazing Secondly, at the top of the cover it says A Novel of Automated Anarchy Clockwork Lust.Tell me the last book you read that was billed as such.This is a pretty inventive story about an automaton named Mattie Oh, sure, another automaton story, she says Snooze But, no, really, this was a fun read Mattie is better than most automatons, definitely created to be superior to others, and, unlike other automatons, she is liberated She is still dependent on her creator, however, who literally holds the key to her heart the key is required to wind her up periodically Though liberated, her creator refuses to give the key to her, certain that if she has the key, she will no longer need him for anything, and then she will no longer return to him.Of course therein lies the biggest clue that she should definitely take that key and run as far as her metal feet will take her because he is a LOSER.There s this bit of class warfare going on as well, between the Mechanics like Mattie s creator, Loharri , the Alchemists like Mattie herself , and the gargoyles the well gargoyles who serve as sort of like the chorus throughout the story.This isn t just a story about how human an automaton can be There really is some heart here, you really do cheer for Mattie When her face literally breaks, you feel something Maybe because you can see a little bit of yourself in her, and you realize that even a female automaton can have to deal with the same issues that any woman deals with at some point in her life You want her to have her liberation and her fucking key, and you want Loharri to stop being a prick.This is the second book I ve read by Sedia, and I m really digging her I ll be reading of her.But seriously, look at that cover It s like Nine Inch Nails, but without Trent Reznor. I wanted to like it I really did I picked it as my choice for the book club, after all But after a promising start, I kept feeling like I was reading a sketch of a larger story, with an occasional burst of wonderful imagery, or a hint of a really cool idea I loved the metaphor of Mattie and her heart, and the key to her heart, which she could never quite possess and arguably, she sometimes seemed programmed not to want to actually achieve, all her protests notwithstanding The soul smoker was probably the only character I cared enough about to perk up when he was around, but then the scene would end without anything really happening I loved the homunculi, and their squishy, needy passion The gargoyles, too, intrigued me, but none of it ever fleshed out no conscious pun intended into anything I cared about By then end I didn t care about any of the characters, and in fact, the two human women had entirely interchangeable voices I felt like the war was some background noise but who won Don t know, don t care In spite of all that, I felt that the writing style was often beautiful and engaging, so much so that I didn t have a problem slogging through to the end which is usually the case with a book that I ve lost interest in So this book suffers from the opposite problem that books often have Great writing, mediocre story. I never thought I d encounter a book like The Alchemy of Stone It s something I can t describe in mere words.I m serious I can t find words to describe it but here goes my weak and unworthy attempt It s a heart breaking story, and yet it has many emotional and happy, at times, moments It shows a character s determination and strong will when everything falls to pieces It s a story of unshared love, pain and misery It s a story of hope and a lesson in life It s an unusual point of view It s a different side of fantasy It s a wonderful experience that made me have a smile on my lips and a hole in my heart.Ekaterina Sedia is an artist Reading her words is like taking a closer look to a highly detailed painting It was my first book from her works, and I assure you it won t be the last.I won t give any details about the story or the characters because anything I saw could be a spoiler I m not so cruel I won t take away the pleasure of discovering The Alchemy of Stone s magical world and characters I can tell you this Get the book if you re in the mood for something different Don t go near it if you re expecting an easy read and a happy ending Need convincing Here s one of my favorite quotes Spoilers ahead so there is still time to walk away Ready Here you go view spoilerMattie about gargoylesShe read the words below the picture and soon she was enthralled in the history of them of how they sprang from the ground, uncounted eons ago, of how they talked to the stone and grew it at first, shapeless cliffs shot through with caves and encrusted with swallows nests then, as their skill and numbers increased, they shaped the living stone whose destiny they shared shaped it with their mere will into tall structures, decorated with serpentine spirals and breathtakingly sweeping walls, into delicate lattices and sturdy edifices hide spoiler What a strange, lovely book I fully admit that I decided to read this book solely because it features gargoyles I kind of have a thing for gargoyles I m pleased to report that Sedia delivered far than just a favorite and sadly underused fantasy species.The Alchemy of Stone is set in the fictional city of Ayona, built by the magical efforts of the stone controlling gargoyles The Ayona of the novel is in the middle of a power struggle, between forward thinking, steampunky Mechanics and slightly mystical Alchemists Caught in the middle are the working classes, resentful of the power both Alchemists and Mechanics lord over them and of their often miserable positions in life So yes, it is sort of a take on the Industrial Revolution, and revolution in general It s a nicely constructed world, fascinating enough that I d be happy to see Sedia write books in this setting.But as interesting as Ayona is, it s a backdrop to Mattie s story Mattie is an automaton, an unusually bright one She s smart enough to long for her own independence, and to have become as emancipated from her creator as it s possible to be It s not enough She wants to be the only one in control of her own destiny, to literally hold the key to her clockwork heart in her own hands and no one else s It s Mattie s longing for freedom that drives the story, against her own construction and the will of her creator The allegory there is obvious enough that it doesn t need to be pointed out, and it s effectively, movingly written I do wish that the revolution happening in the background had been a bit than background, that we d been able to see of the wider story But I m also very, very happy with what Sedia did write, and with a perfectly ambiguous, open, satisfying ending. Do kids stare at you Not like they look at other adults just adults in a taller treetop world Unknown quantities Not them Not the other thems meaning adults Deciding to be afraid or not, or where to place you in budding perspectives Could be looks of judgement My little niece stares only to proclaim that my hair looks bad After loooong periods THAT S what you wanted to say I m sure she gets it from her mother She always hated my hair Still deciding who everyone else is Staring What do those looks mean Do you ever exchange looks with children right back Are they just a mini adult who will proclaim that your hair looks bad I always had a staring problem My ex once told me that kids stared at me because they sensed that I was one of them It depressed me very much, back then, because he really didn t get it The look is because the inbetween space is undecided The other is boring I do know how Mattie feels Looked on to complement, not as your own whole self Pulled along in case you get in someone else s way Expected to make social mistakes It s an awful feeling It s the new people she meets that interested me Potential.The whispered thread going through all the voices I try to listen that speaks to me was ALMOST there Over what makes a person a person, what is a soul, men versus women, control Society blah blah I know the expected mistake feeling Is it wrong that I wanted the other voice to be louder I feel it was important I ve been looking for stories that have that thread for as long as I can remember I hold them inside when I find them hoping they ll be around at a time when another peice will fall into place Elizabeth Bowen s The Death of the Heart Portia is the apart kind of eyes and staring Gary Oldman dancing with the kids in Sid Nancy he s one of them Yukio Mishima s moments of all the same bodies in tangled limbs and laughing arms for a kid again festivities No eyes, no thinking One of them I have I don t have enough I want to figure this out The decision limbo To be afraid To be A part Whatever it is, you can t see what it is they see from those tall tree tops.Mattie is an automaton A machine A clunker Her heart is wound up and her creator, Loharri, has the key She s programmed to not be her own There are other threads, too It is hard to put all this together at once, free will and genetic make up How much is variables I inherited social anxiety from my mama it was bred further by being beaten into me that no one would ever like me If I have caffeine and forget to take my vitamins my depression is exponentially worse, and unmanageable before my period I am not myself How much is ME and how much is just diet Am I trudging through my mama s footsteps You are what you eat and mostly water It can make all the difference, those variables, in overcoming circumstances and how I was made Mattie was made to be a slave She was given enough of a mind of her own to not be boring She was made to look how someone else wanted her to look I fought bitterly to escape that, growing up Matching outfits, twins, that whole cliche was my life.Not everyone she meets is like Loharri and he wants from her than most But the staring The looks of difference and not knowing if you re going to learn to be afraid or not What do people want from others, anyway Girlfriends, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, fathers, children That s it Making children and then they are forever your appendage, delighting in reflecting back of one s own ego, kids say the darndest things, cute little dress up outfits But what about the rest of the kids Mattie meets the soul smoker The soul smoker took the job of hosting the souls of the dead until he dies and can lead them to wherever the dead goes because he had no other life Her foriegner friend, mistrusted because she is different Her not really a friend client, Ilonda The feminism thread was beside the point really, I felt It s like picking one oppressed group from history and saying that no one else had it bad They COULD have all been in it together, if they didn t decide to mistrust after the staring moments I wasn t too interested in Ilonda the courtier who would only hire other women Too fun loving girl and, like Mattie, I don t easily connect to that type because I don t know how to behave the same way Peasants had no jobs and were replaced with machines The childhood objectification thing was over all The gargoyles holy shades of Meredith Anne Peirce s The Darkangel Trilogy here who made the city but have been forgotten in the greed of the mechanics like Loharri seek out other lost souls like themselves Kids staring to other kids staring Almost Mattie falls in love with their feeder, Sebastian another persecuted foriegner who doesn t see her past his own mechanics desire to take apart someone and see how they might work for them I made that They are in my image Child of god, machine, flesh, stone Made of something else Still itself.The ending was kinda bullshit.Pardon my foul language and potential spoilers But bullshit.Mattie is dead to the world without a key to her heart Sebastian who felt she was an object suddenly decides to wait by her side Why did Sedia go for the gothic imagery shit Did she think it was a haunting image of the tragic metal and whale bone girl with a guy waiting by her side Now mortal gargoyles flying over head to protect her while they still live It wasn t Another book that pisses me off going for the rotting romantic image instead of what would have meant something Into the Forest pissed me off enough for 2011, thanks Why don t they ever listen to me The gazes look away Mattie doesn t get the chance to learn her definitions of friendship and love through experience, make her own variables I didn t care as much who the parents were WHY did they stare at Mattie and decide she was a cute little machine but then sit by her side at the end The gargoyles had been honest in their whispers of staring, before Now they owed her Sighs Sedia did quite well writing Mattie s chemical balances Now what about the experience Bullshit Four stars because of the voices of Do you really love me all of the time The it is asked the less you are sure if you don t How it feels when you are told you are soul mates when you don t know what that even means Sedia got some stuff right If only that was the asking I had wanted A truly beautiful novel Mattie s journey into humanity will touch all but those with hearts of solid stone excluding the gargoyles, of course, who adore and protect her In many ways, Mattie, an automaton, is the most human character in the book the one that most of us will be able to identify with, care about, and, perhaps, fall in love with Her innocence and desire to become truly emancipated drive her story as she contends with life s ups and downs, and the machinations of others Poignant, wonderful, and heartbreaking I adored this book.