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Read originally in May of 2010 Decided to reread before watching season three of BBC Sherlock which features the master blackmailer The short story puts forth some interesting ideas on the ethics of the grey areas of the law I think the break in may have been morally justifiable but certainly not the murder, however badly everyone myself included wanted that man to die Vengeance is mine, I will repay declares The Lord However, the case is still one of my favorites because 1 it involves a villain that actually turns the stomach of Mr Sherlock Holmes 2 it involves Holmes getting engaged albeit temporarily 3 it s just plain thrilling.My favorite paragraph was this I understood the joy which it gave him to be confronted with this green and gold monster the safe , the dragon which held in its maw the reputations of many fair ladies It was a chivalrous mission and the imagery of the safe as a dragon holding in its maw the reputations of many fair ladies captured this perfectly. It s fun to see how Sherlock and Watson ended up meeting each other, and seeing the first case they worked on together. @Download ⚤ The adventure of Charles Agustus Milverton ⚧ This Is A Story From The Return Of Sherlock Holmes II CollectionNo Case Is Too Slight For The Mental Powers Of The Great Detective In This Second Selection From The Return Of Sherlock HolmesA Young Girl Is Stalked By A Solitary Cyclist Whilst The Dancing Men Hieroglyphics Found In Norfolk Lead To A Sinister Connection With America Holmes Enters The Murky World Of High Society Blackmail In Charles Augustus Milverton And Finds An Abducted Student From The Priory School As Always, His Friend Dr Watson Is With Him To Assist And Chronicle These Cases 3.5 5 Holmes is procured by the d butante Lady Eva Brackwell to recover trading off letters from a blackmailer Charles Augustus Milverton, who causes Holmes aversion than any of the 50 odd killers in his vocation Milverton is the ruler of blackmailers and he makes his living out of extortion He requests 7,000 for the letters, which would cause an embarrassment that would end Lady Eva s marriage engagement to the Earl of Dovercourt Holmes offers 2,000, all Lady Eva can pay, yet Milverton demands 6,000 It is worth 2,000 to him to make a case of Lady Eva Holmes sets out to recuperate the letters by whatever methods essential, as Milverton has set himself outside the limits of profound quality. From BBC radio 4 Extra The Return of Sherlock Holmes To trap an evil blackmailer, the Baker Street sleuth dons a cunning disguise Stars Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. book5 in booktube a thon 2018 I really enjoyed this adventure of the iconic duo The Sherlock stories have captured my heart Love Lucy x Allegedly based upon the real life scoundrel Charles Augustus Howell which is why I read it Not really a mystery, and very short. In which the villain Charles Augustus Milverton is as dangerous as Prof Moriarty and is completely oblivious of fair play. A very mysterious story of my most favorite fictitious character of all time, Sherlock Holmes Charles Augustus Milverton, the most dangerous man in London is a loathesome blackmailer, preying on the weaknesses of his victims Lady Eva Blackwell asks Holmes to broker a deal with Milverton to retrieve some letters which would harm her impending marriage but Milverton only ups the asking price Masquerading as a work man Holmes discovers where the blackmailer keeps his victims letters and, with Watson, breaks in at night and destroys them They are interrupted by Milverton and hide A woman victim appears and shoots Milverton dead Holmes makes no attempt to stop her nor will he assist Lestrade in the subsequent murder case Considering the day and age in which these stories were written this is a very good and intriguing mystery The Serials like CSI, Bones relies heavily on forensics Serials like monk, mentalist, castle etc relies on hunches and unexplained guess work of leads But todays VFX graphics movie generation will not be able to appreciate the mystery.A very satisfying read Must read for all those who like a good mystery What sets apart Sherlock Holmes form Poirot, Miss Marple, Feluda, Byomkesh Bakshi and many others is that he explains everything logically Holmes doesn t rely on intuition, hunches or so called intelligent guess work Holmes is the best.