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A wonderful introduction by Neil Gaiman and and an interesting foreword by the author got me excited to read this book, but I admired it than I enjoyed it While I did smile and even chuckle at times, it just wasn t my cup of tea It was clever but in my opinion not that brilliant, and I simply didn t find it emotionally satisfying or that entertaing It was just okay for me, though I did like it well enough I m very aware that this may simply not have been the right book at the right time, for me I think one issue is that I often don t like fairy tales I thought I d like this one though, and I did I m just not wild about it 2 stars I picked up this book thinking that this could be classified as just another children s book It does have many fairy tale ingredients yet it uses metaphors similar to those of Antoine de Saint Exupery in his unforgettable classic, The Little Prince 3 stars Some of the metaphors used by St Ex easily escaped me but most of them I was able to relate to my personal experiences Same is true here with James Thurber s 1950 fantasy tale, The 13 Clocks. The story is about an evil Duke who has been cursed together with his kingdom It is too cold everywhere This cold has frozen the hands of the 13 clocks in the palace The only warm hands belong to his nice Saralinda who is so beautiful that she is adored by many princes around the world However, his uncle the evil Duke would make all impossible demands to these princes Upon failing the demands, the Duke would knife the princes and feed their bodies to the geese Then came Prince Zorn of Zorna whole alias is Xingu whose is able to trick the Duke with the help of Golux Golux brings Prince Zorn of Zorna to a woman called Hangga whose tears turn magically to precious gems.The plot seems like an outright fairy tale, right Yes and no Yes, because the events are all make believe No, because the story is not told in a fashion that ordinary children would easily grasp For example, the way Golux speaks is kind of riddle like similar to how Gollum in LOTR would deliver his lines This can be confusing even to a grownup like me There are also some scenes that can be disturbing to children like the feeding of the human flesh to the geese, the kidnapping of Saralinda and the disappearance of the Duke at the end of the story can give a child a nightmare if there is no comforting adult to tell or explain the story to a small child.As a grown up, though, I really enjoyed reading this book It is also accompanied by colorful illustrations that made my reading quite memorable I like the hat that is indescribable. It is really Check this book out and see for yourself.I am looking forward to reading James Thurber now. @EPUB ⚜ The 13 Clocks  How Can Anyone Describe This Book It Isn T A Parable, A Fairy Story, Or A Poem, But Rather A Mixture Of All Three It Is Beautiful And It Is Comic It Is Philosophical And It Is Cheery What We Suppose We Are Trying Fumblingly To Say Is, In A Word, That It Is ThurberThere Are Only A Few Reasons Why Everybody Has Always Wanted To Read This Kind Of Story If You Have Always Wanted To Love A Princess If You Always Wanted To Be A Prince If You Always Wanted The Wicked Duke To Be Punished Or If You Always Wanted To Live Happily Ever After Too Little Of This Kind Of Thing Is Going On In The World Today But All Of It Is Going On Valorously In The Clocks I enjoy whimsy and fairy tales, but The 13 Clocks falls short in its attempt to blend the two I first learned of it in a discussion of Peter Beagle s The Last Unicorn, when it was reported as similar in style and tone Unfortunately, I found it a distinctly inferior tale, the vending machine version of a homemade chocolate chip cookie.More on why I awarded my unfavorable 2 stars at Once upon a time, in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill, where there were thirteen clocks that wouldn t go, there lived a cold, aggressive Duke, and his niece, the Princess Saralinda This was a fast and fun romp One part wicked to two parts whimsy, it s a book to delight all ages Children will love the story, and adults will enjoy the sophisticated humor and word play If you know anything about James Thurber, or maybe even if you don t , you ll appreciate how much fun he had writing this story In the Foreword he explains that he wrote The Thirteen Clocks when he was supposed to be working on another book He called this an example of escapism and self indulgence Sixty years later, it served the same purpose for me The funky and stylized artwork is entertaining, too When Zorn of Zorna dons his princely raiment, he looks like he s wearing a frilly tablecloth But it s a welcome change from the uniformity of today s computerized graphics. I ve read this several times and want to again, after seeing that Neil Gaiman and I actually agree on this tight masterpiece of word play and adventure and satire In case you don t know, I want to like Gaiman s work, but I don t.Another reread I really need a box set of Thurber s juveniles I get so much out of them every time There s a mystery, and satire, drama, wordplay, and a layer of Thurberian melancholy under it all, providing a resonance, as in all four of these fables.I should reread Walter Mittey and see how similar to these it is. This was a wonderful, farcical Children s fairy tale that I would never have come across had it not been on Boxall s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list Reading this book reminded me of when I happily read Dr Seuss to my children, not really knowing who loved the books , who giggled the most, who said again , just glowing in that feel good emotion that only sharing the best children s books with them brought out in me How we missed this one is beyond me, I feel as though I ve short changed them.I m not exactly sure why the book was on this particular list, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and will doubtless read it again As an added bonus, this edition came with an introduction by Neil Gaiman, which is a treat in itself To rate it is difficult, what do I compare it to, other children s books, most of which I ve forgotten, or just on its own I guess I ll go with a combination of the two and hope I don t lead anyone astray. In The Thirteen Clocks, a prince disguised as a minstrel attempts to win the hand of Saralinda, the niece of an evil Duke who keeps her prisoner while killing most of the suitors who try to win her hand by setting impossible tasks for them to accomplish A crazy little guy called the Golux decides to help the prince in his quest.I liked this book, but here s what I got stuck on Why did the Golux help this prince, and not the other ones When it came down to it, the prince didn t really figure anything out The Golux pretty much spoon fed him everything he should do, and helped him figure everything out.I m not so sure that this was a prince worthy enough to win the hand of Saralinda I think she should ve gone off with the Golux at the end.What s wrong with me Everyone loves this book Did I miss something Or do I just hate traditional fairy tales where the prince rescues the princess even though he s a total dumbass Should I have read something else by Thurber before this I did understand and appreciate the wordplay in the book, but that was about it I enjoyed reading it, but don t understand what all the fuss is about I mean, I could probably have rescued the princess myself with the Golux by my side.That prince dude bugged me Up with the Golux click clack, he has a knackhis talent s in his wordsglips and glops, his story popseerie and absurdfrip frap, a pretty death capfairy tales must be darksnip and snart, and as for the artit s vivid yet quite starktick tack, the prince comes backbut will it all end well mips and mopes, just as I d hopedThe 13 Clocks was swell Oh my god, The 13 Clocks is genius How did this book stay off my radar for so long Who can I blame I only heard of the book because Neil Gaiman wrote an introduction I think to a new edition in which he highly praises 13 Clocks I ordered a copy from the library an older copy, without the Gaiman introductionour library system doesn t have the new edition yet and I read the entire text in about an hour, maybe a little less 13 Clocks reads like a lovely meld of The Phantom Tollbooth and Gaiman s novels in fact, Thurber s influence on Gaiman is startling The book is dark, like much of Gaiman s work, and Thurber clearly thinks younger readers can handle a little blood and guts But the book is packed with funny and inventive passages and Thurber s flawless storytelling shines through on every page For examplehere s a brief, spoiler free passage The Duke limped because his legs were of different lengths The right one had otugrown the left because, when he was young, he had spent his mornings place kicking pups and punting kittens He would say to a suitor, What is the difference in the length of my legs and if the youth replied, Why, one is shorter than the other, the Duke would run him through with the sword he carried in his swordcane and feed him to the geese The suitor was supposed to say, Why, one is longer than the other Many a prince had been run through for naming the wrong difference Others had been slain for offenses equally trivial trampling the Duke s camllias, failing to praise his wines, staring too long at his gloves, gazing too long at his niece Those who survived his scorn and sword were given incredible labors to perform in order to win his niece s hand, the only warm hand in the castle, where time had frozen to death at ten minutes to five one snowy night They were told to cut a slice of moon, or change the ocean into wine They were set to finding things that never were, and building things that could not be They came and tried and failed and disappeared and never came again And some, as I have said, were slain, for using names that start X, or dropping spoons, or wearing rings, or speaking disrespectfully of sin Brilliant If you want to remember why some books aimed at younger readers pulse with joy and energy, check out The 13 Clocks I m buying the new edition ASAP.