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There are stories, and then there are tales.Windows are dangerous.A while ago I finished Uri Kurlianchik s Tales from an Israeli Storyteller, and it is a window The tales told are short stories by definition, but tales by what they show and don t show the reader There is so much left to the imagination, so many gaps to fill, futures to wonder about, possibilities to swirl inside your brain, it is a book that will stay with you for some time after you put it down if you let it.I am German The farthest I have ever travelled is Cyprus I barely have a hold on local folklore, not to mention foreign one This book showed me a wonderful world, filled with creatures, tales, mystic and magic, so unlike to what I know The flair is unique in all of what I have read to this day, and Uri knows how to capture a scene with few words, take the reader into the nightly streets of Tel Aviv, on a seat next to a Naga, or a place called Qumran from which I had never heard before in my life It makes me wish to go there and see for myself, yet if I could afford it I am unsure if I would dare.Because, you see, this book is a window It shows you magnificent things, that will capture you with their exotic beauty But a window, if opened, can be used to cross over both ways Full Disclosure I was a supporter in the IndieGoGo campaign that partially financed the creation of this wonderful book. [[ FREE EBOOK ]] ⇯ Tales from an Israeli Storyteller ↮ Tales From An Israeli Storyteller Is An Illustrated Cycle Of Short Stories And Novellas Born From Exploring The Most Iconic Locations In Israel This Is The Story Of The Israel You Don T Hear About On The News The Israel Where An Evil Rabbi Creates A Smartass Golem That Comes Back To Haunt Him During An Unholy Ceremony On Mount Meron, Where Talking Animals Search For Justice Among The Demons And Spirits Of Ein Gedi, Where A Bedouin Hero Confronts A Reportedly Evil Book In The Caves Of Qumran, And Where One Clueless Efreet Keeps Losing His Wife In The Negev Desert Until A Conscientious Policeman Comes To His RescueWhile Some Of The Characters Are Hard To Meet, All The Locations Are Real And Very Accessible, Making This Book A Guide To Some Very Cool Places As Well As A Modern Fantasy Setting Inspired By The Folklore And Mythology Of One Of The Oldest And Youngest Countries In The World Really good modern fairy tales in an Israel where the supernatural is part of everyday life A couple just blew me away like one based on the idea that the Jews and Arabs were using time travel to create their own pasts and the one where a djinn was looking for his human wife.And as I read I realized that some stories were tied together, up through to the last story from the perspective of the storyteller himself, and that just added to the richness of the book. Tales from an Israeli Storyteller offers a series of innovative and entertaining concepts, as well as a surprisingly eclectic array of genres mystery, horror, comedy, pseudo Biblical parables and I particularly enjoyed the epigraphs that precede most of the tales, made up of classic quotes juxtaposed with contemporary, cynical rebuttals it is this intersection of the mythical and the mundane that leads to the best stories in the book, marred though they may be by uneven plotting and the occasional distracting tangent Still, Kurlianchik does a solid job tying it all together. Grimm Fairy Tales of IsraelI thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories Some were a bit slow and required some slogging to get through For the most part that was not the case Throughout the reading I kept getting pulled back to the idea that this work is like the Grimm Fairy Tales but centered around Israel and stories from The Bible and The Torah. Tell me, what is the difference between loving everyone and no one This was fun I found the writing initially choppy at first but quickly got over it The stories are light colourful urban fantasy like tales of horror, magic and just weird shit in Israel. Subtly Brilliantby Cape Rust Dec 31, 2014Tales of An Israeli Storyteller By Uri Kurlianchik Genre s Fiction, Supernatural Publisher Murderous Rat Disclaimer While I was given a review copy of this book, at no time did any rats standing on the carcass of a cow threaten to block my entrance into the trap door leading to heaven Description Tales from an Israeli Storyteller is an illustrated cycle of 20 short stories and novellas born from exploring the most iconic locations in Israel This is the story of the Israel you don t hear about on the news the Israel where an evil rabbi creates a smartass golem that comes back to haunt him during an unholy ceremony on Mount Meron, where talking animals search for justice among the demons and spirits of Ein Gedi, where a Bedouin hero confronts a reportedly evil book in the caves of Qumran, and where one clueless efreet keeps losing his wife in the Negev desert until a conscientious policeman comes to his rescue While some of the characters are hard to meet, all the locations are real and very accessible, making this book a guide to some very cool places as well as a modern fantasy setting inspired by the folklore and mythology of one of the oldest and youngest countries in the world This book is full of so much much ness Kurlianchik and crew take us on a whirl wind tour of a land that many hear about but few know much about Yes the land in question is Israel a country almost as steeped in controversy as it is in history Like most folks in the US I have limited knowledge of Israel I ve studied its military history and the history leading up to its founding, but past that and my limited knowledge of the Jewish faith, I don t know much I was taught from a young age that to understand a society s current culture, it is good to study their past, especially their mythology, don t believe me I cannot tell a lie The mythological tour of this dusty land that we are given is location based Kurlianchik uses some very famous and sometimes infamous locations to reveal some of the myth and magic of a land that is shrouded in it I felt like I was being given a behind the scenes VIP tour through time and space There were words and terms and even concepts that I was not familiar with, but I still felt like a rock star There is a glossary at the end of the collection but in the future I d love to see a goyim edition that had foot notes on the pages as you read the stories to avoid having to flip back and forth to get some of the significance of items or places mentioned I read an electronic copy so it wasn t too bad but when the printed addition releases it might be a problem for those readers who want to ensure they are getting every last brilliant drop out of every story Included in this edition I would like to see a map that highlights a few of the notable locations featured in the book For people from Israel, these places must seem like the Alamo does to a Texan, but for a goyim like me, not so much Even with those suggestions I didn t feel like I couldn t follow the stories in this book I know that there were some cultural inside jokes that I missed, but I don t think they were there to exclude me There are so many gems in this collection and to review each story would take too long, but one of my personal favorites was The Scroll of the Rat This isn t a long installment, but for me it showcased the depth of cleverness that is contained in Kurlianchik One could almost call this the gospel according to rats or the commandments for rats or a theological view on rats and their worship habits But in his wisdom Kurlianchik just called it The Scroll of The Rat This entire story is so full of brilliant commentary about the interpretation of religion If you just take it at face value, it is entertaining, but once you go deeper, things get really interesting Many of the stories are longer and involved, but The Scroll of the Rat stood head and tails above the rest for me, individual results may vary After reading this book Christopher Moore s book Lamb came to mind Kurlianchik challenges his readers in each and every story He points out the beauty and the sometimes twisted views we gain from our beliefs He takes the myths and magic of a storied land and makes them feel modern and realistic The almost callous approach that some of the characters have when dealing with otherworldly beings was classic, and no one is Rabbi than the Night Rabbi I enjoyed reading these stories and I want to read I want to see how Kurlianchik handles some Lovecraftian stories, I want to read about the ex rabbi, turned paranormal investigator that he has yet to write The biggest change I would make to this book is the title Sadly I think it will turn some potential readers off, because they will associate any ill feelings they might have towards Israel with this book and miss out on some subtly brilliant writing.Note This Review First Appeared at www.popcults.com Israeli Storyteller is a book about Israel The Israel we all imagine it is a land of ancient creatures from various myths and religions, living side by side with modern society.What will strike you most about this short story compilation as it did me, is its variety and breadth It has funny stories, touching stories, sad stories, action stories, mystery stories Sometimes the protagonist is a human, sometimes it s a desert dwelling goat that worships Allah Underpinning them, and an implicit character in all, is the land The land of Israel, that has launched two major religions and was the site of a thousand Here the mundane and the fantastical meet and have great adventures together Or they end up in a Mexican stand off Depends on the story, I guess.All is masterfully written by Uri Kurlianchik and inspired by real locations in real Israel you can visit, so this book is somewhat of a travel guide if you wish it to be Beware of Djinns, though. This is a collection of fantasy stories taking place in the middle east Most set in modern Israel Kurlianchik s writing has a rhythmic flow which subconsciously leads the reader into his fantastic worlds These stories wouldn t work without it They require the reader to suspend all disbelief The modern is mixed with legend and fantasy, sometimes, even including Biblical history However, Kurlianchik pulls it off, even puncturing some humor through the third wall, yet always at the right time it seems I highly recommend The stories are imaginative and entertaining He s quite the undiscovered talent.